Why You Need to Monitor Their Calls?


The many ways in which you can monitor people’s calls is one of the biggest reasons for you to get TheOneSpy. Once you install our software in your target device(s), you can easily listen to the calls taking place on it live, intercept them, or even record them. That’s a lot of monitoring equipment for you in just one feature.

Monitoring Their Calls is a Win-Win for Everyone

Whether you are a parent or employer you can use this feature to immense benefit. Parents who are looking to protect their children from bad company, you can check whom they are talking to every time they are on a call. You’ve got nothing to lose: if what you hear is good, your faith in your child would increase manifold, but if there is something wrong with their conversation, you can take appropriate steps to stop them from doing something that can harm them. Everybody admires liberty, but at the end of the day, everybody also wants their loved ones to be safe, healthy and happy – even if it means a slight intervention on your part. We understand that all the employers out there have to keep a very sharp eye on their employees for the benefit of your company. It really does matter to the company whom its employees are contacting and for what reasons, but it is nearly impossible to supervise them personally, 24/7. It’s better than to just check out whom they are calling by listen to live calls recording yourself, without riding their back all the time. All you need to do is install TheOneSpy on their devices and listen to what they are saying and to whom. Caught them ratting? You can even record the entire conversation and report their behavior to your company’s owners.

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