Capture Screenshots Remotely on Your Targeted Windows PC

By using Screen Shots feature monitor window device remotely, and capture screenshots of each activity on window device.

Now make an access into the window laptop device and capture screen shots in order to know each and every single activity of your target window device. TheOneSpy enables you to control the window computer/ laptop device with utmost efficiency.

How do Screen Shots feature works?

First, you need to install the computer monitoring application in your target window computer/ laptop window device, after the completion of the installation; you will be enabled to capture screenshots of each activity happen on your window device and get all screen shots information on your dashboard.

How to install TheOneSpy windows screenshots capturing software?

If you want to spy on someone’s computer machine running with windows operating systems and further you want to capture screenshots remotely. Simply Install TOS monitoring software on the targeted device. After you have ended up with the installation process you need to activate it on the target device. However, before you go for the installation you should keep in mind that target device should be compatible with the spy software for windows. In addition, you have to get access to windows tracking app online control panel. Now you need to visit the features and activate the screenshots. It will capture screen activities screenshots and further you can send multiple commands to capture more than one screenshots at once.

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Benefits for parents

Parents who don’t want their young adolescents use their window device especially in their absence, having important documents in the device.  Therefore, parents can control the device screen shots remotely and enable to get the complete info of every single activity on their single electronic control panel.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals can use it to examine someone remotely by using screenshot for windows app. You can install it on the target device if you are going to examine someone on windows related to computer activities. You can remotely capture screenshots of all the activities and get to know what target person was doing on the windows PC screen.

Benefits for Employers

In business enterprises employees often have company-owned electronic window devices and employers authorize their employees to use these particular window devices where ever they want. However, employers always willing to know that what exactly their employees do on the company’s owned electronic equipment in the shape of window devices, so TheOneSpy computer monitoring software enable them to capture every single activity by capturing the screen shots.

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