Workplace Supervision Redefined (Employee Monitoring Guide)

Workplace supervision

Like a possessive and caring mother, an employer always looks after the best interests. They would occasionally install different methods of supervision to keep an eye on the smooth daily functioning of their company. Over the years, workplace supervision revised phenomenally, and many different ways of supervising employees have come up. Revised practices mean an efficient working environment and hence increased profits. With technology ruling the world today, workplace supervision has adopted multiple modes within the technological realm. One such perk is employee monitoring applications like TheOneSpy. It helped small-scale businesses and made it easier for large-scale companies to keep tabs on their workers more efficiently. Here’s how TheOneSpy monitoring application has redefined workplace supervision.

How Workplace Supervision Possible?

TheOneSpy monitoring application is one of few businesses monitoring applications that can redefined workplace supervision in a very effective and productive way; Here are the following ways you can use to monitor your workplace & staff.

Tracking Current Location

This feature is especially beneficial for employers running a company that provides services like food delivery and other goods.

Occasionally we hear employers complain that their employees are not delivering on time or wasting fuel and resources when they should be at work.

Moreover, delivery service is only good if it is prompt and efficient. To make this happen, Install the employee gadgets to track their whereabouts while in the field. Here are some benefits of this feature:

  • Optimization of routes that take less time and are clean.
  • Understanding the time spent on unnecessary stops and layovers.
  • Log in time from workstation to delivery address to increase optimization.
  • Track real-time location of business-owned vehicles and employees.
  • Track routes of your staff that adopt while delivering the goods.
  • See the location of your employees virtually on the Maps.
  • Check the daily and weekly location history of your employees.

Use Geo-Fencing & Get Alerts via Email

Geo-Fencing is a feature of TheOneSpy that enables you to create a virtual circumference around the prohibited and allowed places for your employees while they deliver goods to clients. Users can view when your employees enter or leave the fence and send email alerts. You will know whether employees have entered an allowed place or prohibited one.

Bugging Phones & Gadgets

No workplace in the world does not encounter different rifts between employees. Although taking sides is not appropriate and well received, but is always logical to get to the bottom of all issues.

One way of doing this is by bugging phones and understanding the conversations behind doors in hushed tones. The secret discussions are those which would not reach the ears of employers. Another benefit of listening to hidden dialogues understands the employees’ nature and personality.

Employers can drive many other things of employees, such as sneaky behavior like employee loyalty, willingness, and general attitude towards his employer and the company. A disgruntled employee will never do well but bring more harm.

Listen To Business Phones & PCs' Surroundings.

Workplace harassment fights and conspiracies are on the rise. Employers can redefine workplace supervision with employee monitoring software. You can take over business-owned phones, PCs, and computer devices to hack cameras and microphones in real time. Further, connect the cameras and microphone with the TheOneSpy dashboard to get live streaming on the business devices’ surroundings. Employers can watch live surroundings on cellphones, record videos on computer surroundings, and record and listen to chats, voices, and sounds. It would enable employers to listen to the hidden chats of disgruntled employees and the arguments exchanged between them.

Keeping Tabs On Sent And Received Emails

Company trade secrets may not always be patented, but they are not necessary to guard. Understanding and keeping a general tab on the correspondences that employees have with other competitors outside the office realm is important. Moreover, employers must be well aware of what is being discussed and shared and in what manner. This can also help employers understand the employee’s level of soft skills and how to enhance or upgrade them with different training and seminars.

Block Websites Time-Wasting Websites

The business community can increase business productivity unless they control the goldbricking activities on browsing activities. Employees are more likely to visit online shopping websites, use social networks, and play games to waste working hours. Employers can filter unnecessary websites to prevent employees from browsing time-wasting sites on phones and computers. You can use the URLs of the inappropriate websites and paste them into the filters of monitoring software.

Data Backup Facilities On Business Devices

Employers and the workforce are more likely to save files, documents, and business intellectual property. So, rise in the rise in cyber-attacks, external and external data-stealing activities are easy to manage with the data backup facility. If your business devices lack data backup, you must redefine workplace supervision with the data-backup feature of TheOneSpy. You can use it to back up the intellectual property of a business on business-owned devices, like cellphones, tablets, windows, and mac.

Capture & Record Keystrokes Applied On Business Devices.

Keystrokes logging is one of the best tools employers are using. It captures hidden chats, deleted messages, and chats on business-owned phones. You can sneak a peek into the passwords applied on business phones and computer devices to check whether they are strong or weak. Further, capture email keystrokes, messages keystrokes, and IM keystrokes in real time. You can supervise your business phones and PCs to read non-verbal communication and check email content discreetly.

Limiting Unnecessary Internet Usage

The internet is by far the most used avenue to waste time. Having fast servers and corporate internet packages in the workplace makes it all the more interesting for employees to surf the net to their content. Different ways to abuse the internet at work include:

  • Downloading heavy files like movies and shows.
  • Playing games that require a secure internet connection, like counterstrike and others.
  • Spending hours and hours surfing through social media sites.
  • Uploading or downloading other multimedia that might bring through malicious software that could potential harm the servers.
  • Sharing trading secrets with potential competitors through malicious sites and chat rooms.

Limit the internet, and employers should warn employees what it can and cannot be used for.

This can be done through the TOS monitoring app that blocks websites that cannot and should not be accessed through the workplace internet. Monitoring applications use different keywords to block these sites.

Moreover, workers can be allowed a specific time for surfing the internet on their own, like during lunch break or after official work hours.

Limit the bandwidth during such times, which means unnecessary, downloads and uploads cannot happen.


While it is necessary to make workers feel comfortable within the working environment, giving them unnecessary access to different terminals should not be allowed. Work optimization is the priority and achievable through many modes other than unsupervised work environments.

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