Homeless Nights of Youth & Yet Another Christmas

Homeless Nights Of Youth

Parenting blunders are behind the face of every homeless young child and you would have tears in your eyes listening to tragic stories of homeless nights of youth and yet another Christmas is ahead. Behind every homeless young teenager or youngster who is about to throw away or runaway by choice is because of physical, sexual and emotional abuse from society and including parent’s ill parenting manners? The modern society and the contemporary piece of technology in terms of cell phones and gadgets and cyberspace and social media have given so much freedom to the youngsters to make their decisions on their own.

Obviously, the dark side of technology and parent’s negligence of digital parenting is destroying the youth in every aspect of life. On the other hand Expectations of the parents from their children without doing the effective piece of parenting to be benevolent, nothing but foolish approach. Homeless nights of youth, facts are the horrible and painful thing is parenting blunders have forced them to spend this very freezing Christmas nights on the streets.

National Runaway Switchboard Report About Homeless Nights of Youth

The report of National Runway Switchboard says almost 1.3 million homeless teens living unsupervised on the streets. They are living in abandoned buildings, with friends and strangers who they met online or in real life with the reference of mutual friends. These underage youngsters are more likely at risk of pedophiles, sexual exploitation, psychological disabilities, and substance abuse. However, approximately 5000 homeless youth die every single year just because of the negligence of their parents as a result of sexual assault, illness, victimize by stalkers, bullies back and forth and due to suicide. Moreover, young female teens get rejected by the parents because of unwanted pregnancy without realizing their parenting responsibilities.

Stats show that:

  • 1 out of 7 children & teens run away from home between ages 10-18
  • Teens and tweens between the ages 12-17 are more likely to be homeless due to lack of parenting
  • 75% of teens runaway are females
  • 6-22% of teens got unwanted pregnancy & runaway or throw away
  • 20-40% of teens become homeless because of being gay, lesbian, Bisexual and transgender
  • 46% of teens are living homeless nights on streets due to physically abused
  • 17% of teens and children run from the homes due to unwanted forceful sexual activities one of their family members
  • 75% of youth runaways dropped from schools


In the United States, 20000 children trapped in prostitution by human trafficking networks and 40% of homeless are under the age of 18, according to the Covenant house report.

Homeless Nights of Youth & Their Christmas

When families get to gather at meal table or at the church on this very Christmas it is easy to forget that every child is not so lucky to enjoy the happiness. There is youth that is homeless and unfortunately, they have to live on the streets to bear the lives of everyday challenges.  They live without having a pair of shoes, without warm blankets, jackets, shelter, but to face vulnerabilities in terms of hunger, bullies, sexual predators, and child traffickers.

All it happened due to ignorance of their parents who did not perform an effective piece of real life and digital parenting. Moreover, parents have let them be rebellion, victims of real life & online bullies, stalkers, obsessed with sexual activities.  Ultimately parents through them out form homes or they have chosen the way to run from the house by choice just because of the parental negligence. Most of the parents did not have realized it was them that need to take the responsibility to protect them from dark world side. Obviously, homeless youth on this very Christmas would miss their homes and parents and wish to live a life like humans to whom someone wishes merry Christmas.

Why is Youth Becoming Homeless or Runaways?

Lack of digital parenting

Parents that don’t bother the importance of parenting online, but always ready to buy their kids and teens contemporary smartphones, gadgets and computer machines connected with the internet. Moreover, they don’t realize how teens and tweens are using their devices. Furthermore, they don’t realize to whom their children are talking online, but to focus on what they are doing in real–life. However, in the modern world digital parenting is as much important as real-life parenting.

Parents need to guide youth about the Netiquette of the cyberspace and as well as social media in particular. Lack of parenting online creates social gaps between parents and children and they try to find out love and friends online. Ultimately, the chemistry between parents and youth fade out with time and teens and children get trapped by so call friends in terms of bullying online, become the victim of stalking, sexual predators and even to the pedophiles. At the end of the day, parents become rebellion and parents get started blaming their children and they may kick out from homes or they run out form homes by choice.

Unsupervised Online Dangerous Activities of Youth

The modern wire world has led our young generation to an artificial digital world where they perform dangerous online activities. Parents usually don’t bother to pay their piece of attention and the ultimate results are staggering. Almost 20% of parents don’t monitor what their children doing online and 90% parents have just spoken to children about staying safe online, according to parents surveyed by BBC in England.

They don’t bother what kids and teens on text messages, cell phone calls, social media apps audio and video and text conversations and shared multimedia. So, young kids and teens get involved in self–Obscenity, meet strangers online and then get involved in blind dating and even in uncommitted sexual activities. Moreover, even youth are used of using sneaky texting codes to convey a message to meet a stalker or sexual predator in front of their parents and they don’t even get to know to whom they are going to meet.

Feuds Got Pretty Intense Between Parents & Children

The use of technology creates an imminent sense of isolation between parents and children. Continuous parenting negligence tends children to spend their time online using cell phones and gadgets over the internet. Today youth have become tech–geek and they try to find out friends, and lovers and even plan for parties and stuff using social media. Ultimately, feuds got pretty intense between parents and children due to a lack of trust and attention. Parents just lash out at their children instead of giving them care, love, and attention and do digital parenting. At the end of the day, teens prefer to make their own decisions whether wrong or right such as dating, sexual activities, drug abuse, and other dangerous activities. Resultantly, parents make another mistake and kick out them out from the house or youth decide to runway from the house by choice. So, youth that is going to have an upcoming Christmas mostly is the victim of lack of real–life and digital parenting efforts of their parents.

Consequences of Living A Life of Homeless Youth

  • Homeless youth are more like at high-risk behaviors such as unprotected sexual activities
  • They may have multiple sex partners or get involved in Sugar daddies trends due to lack of food and money
  • Drug abuse is a very common factor among teens living on the streets
  • They got health issues including severe anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and low self –esteem
  • Lack of clothes and shelter and may get involved in criminal activities
  • Almost 40% of African American youth and 36% of Caucasian homeless youth sell drugs, marijuana, for money
  • Got dropped from schools and colleges due to tuition fee, transportation and not having a proof of residence
  • Prostitution is a very common thing among homeless youth because gay, lesbian, transgender or questioning and are more likely to exchange sexual favors
  • They have to experience more violence on the streets

Would Parents Want Their Teens to be One of The Homeless Youth?

Obviously, not, then do what you should do! Use parenting methods that should be effective to raise your kids and teens educated and well mannered. All this is possible when you give time, care, and love to your children and you will impose parental control on youth real life and digital life activities. Don’t let anyone exploit your child mentally, physically and emotionally. If someone does, then you may be one of them whom teen would run away or you yourself thrown away from the house. Put your energies to guide your kids and teens at a very young age.

Make your space in the heart of your children before someone horrible does. Use filters and parental controls on their cell phones and social media activities and get to know what they are doing in your absence in the digital world and keep a hidden eye where they go and to whom. Don’t lash out at them; make them understand what is good and what is vulnerable. Realize parenting responsibilities especially in terms of parenting online.


TheOneSpy has been the Voice of homeless children. Now it is directly conveying a message to parents at very before an upcoming Christmas. It is always emphasis parents to impose digital parenting on kids and teens online activities before they become rebellion.  We give the message to the parents doesn’t ignore the youth. Build your trust with youth and guide them for the challenges of life with love and affection. And lastly;

Merry Christmas to all of you

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