10 Best Call Recording Apps for 2023

call recording apps in 2023

Call recording apps are popular and have been used for many legitimate reasons. People have different reasons that compel them to use these call recorders for legal and security reasons. In most countries, it is illegal to record someone’s calls and only permitted to record calls of underage kids and employees. Recording someone’s calls can be difficult, but call-recording apps have made it easy. It allows you to record calls remotely and discreetly from any device.

Call recording can save kids and businesses from many threats. On the internet, when you search for a call recorder, you can find many apps, but not all of them work as you want and do not give good recording results. Most apps can waste time and money by providing you with complex installation processes and technical errors. But installing the best call recording app will not take you to a complicated situation. That’s why we have researched and listed the top 12 best apps for call recording on iOS and Android.

Top 10 Calls Recording Apps In 2023

Finding the best call recording app can be challenging, but we will provide a list of apps to help fulfill your call recording purpose. All the apps mentioned below have all the qualities the best call recorder should have. These apps provide users with an easy-to-navigate web portal to easily find all the monitored data. You can listen to all the call recordings in a clear voice whenever possible. It will upload all the observed data in an organized, easily found way.

TheOneSpy Leading Call Recorder App

TheOneSpy is the best call recording app for monitoring every incoming and outgoing call on the targeted device. It enables its user to record calls in hidden mode. Your targeted person will never know that their call has been recorded. It is best for parents and employees for security and to maintain the best service for the business by monitoring what their users are saying on the call.

Moreover, it also provides you the features of tracking every social media account of your targeted person. Installing the TheOneSpy call recording app into the device will start recording every activity your targeted person will do on their device. It operates smoothly in the device and does not impact performance. Users can use it without technical problems, as it is the best call-recording app.

Top Features Of TheOneSpy

  • Monitor all the social media account
  • Enable its users to block apps, calls, and websites remotely
  • Capture every typed keystroke
  • GPS tracking of the targeted person
  • Can recover all the deleted messages
  • Provide its users easy installation process
  • Monitor browser history to see the activities of your targeted person
  • Alert user if suspicious activities get detected
  • Provide daily reports of activities
  • The surround listening feature lets one listen to all the conversations in the device’s background.

O.S. Support

TheOneSpy can support cell phones and tablets running Android and iOS devices. It provides you no-jailbreak and rooting solution for monitoring.

Android iPhone(No –Jailbreak)
6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.1, 10, 11, 12 & 13 iOS 11 up to 13.5 devices


TOS Premium Monthly
$50per month
TOS Premium Quarterly
$36.7per month
$15.42per month

Note: iOS plans yet to consider, the prices will be shown shortly.


OgyMogy is the best cell phone recording app for recording calls on any targeted device. It lets you record calls remotely and provide every advanced feature needed in today’s era. Apart from this feature, OgyMogy provides many other phone monitoring features that provide complete insight into every activity of your targeted device. It has an easy installation process that is easy for every user. With the OgyMogy, you can experience the best monitoring features that help in protecting children and businesses from every possible issue by informing you about every suspicious activity.

List of other Features

  • Record calls without limitation of time
  • Provides you with the accessible user web portal
  • Screen recording feature help in knowing what is happening on the targeted device
  • Monitor social media accounts, messages, calls, and uploaded posts
  • Track emails received and delivered
  • Gain complete insight into the browser activities with a time stamp
  • Locate the real-time location of your targeted device
  • Geo-fenced features give you an alert when your targeted person crosses the fenced area

O.S. Support

OgyMogy is compatible with tablet and phone devices but must run with operating systems such as Android & iOS; otherwise, it does not support cellphone devices.

Android iPhone (No-Jialbrealk solution)
6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.1, 10, 11, 12, & 13
 Coming soon


$43per month
$105per 6 month
$125per year


Flexispy is one of the advanced monitoring software that provides users with the best call recording feature. Users can record any desired call. After completing the recording, it will quickly transmit it to the online dashboard, where they can easily listen to all the recorded calls without accessing the targeted device. Besides call recording features, it provides all the other qualities that need monitoring. It includes monitoring social media accounts, web history, sent/received messages, and more.

More Features

  • Monitored all the calls and missed calls
  • See what your targeted person is communicating in the messages
  • Location tracking feature allows you to ensure your targeted person is in a safe place
  • Keystroke feature helps in decoding the passwords
  • It provides the list of installed apps on the targeted device

O.S. Support

Flexispy is compatible with cell phones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Overall some Android and iOS versions do not support the advanced features of Flexispy. You can check the compatibility from their official website.

Android iPhone iPads
Compatible with 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 & up to 11. iOS 6.0 up to version13.x devices iOS 6.0 up to version 13.x


$29.95per month
$14912 months
$34912 months


Mobistealth is a popular call-recording app that can record any call on the targeted device. Users can record any call that they want on the targeted device remotely. This helps in knowing what is your targeted person planning to do, and you can take necessary steps according to the plan. It helps especially for parents who want to know what is happening in the life of their children, and if anything is wrong going, they can control the situation.

Other Features

  • Track social media account
  • Monitor where your targeted person is
  • Monitor the live screen of your targeted person
  • Record and block calls
  • GPS tracking
  • Visited website monitoring
  • Keylogging

O.S. support

It supports all mobile phones and tablet devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

Android iPhone
Android OS 2.3 & above 10. 9.3.5 & earlier jailbreak & All iOS versions No-jailbreak


$149.9912 months
Pro x
$179.9912 months


Mspy is the best call monitoring software with all the advanced features and lets you record any call without physically accessing the targeted device. This is useful for parents and employers who want to record all the calls on the targeted person. You can have complete insight into what your employees communicate on the calls during working hours. This is the best call-recording app that allows you to record calls without the knowledge of the targeted person.

Best Features

  • Mpsy lets you record all the VoIP calls from both side
  • Users can track the search list on the browser
  • Enables its user to capture a screenshot remotely
  • Help in locating the exact location of the targeted person
  • Monitor the multimedia saved in the device

O.S. Support

It is compatible with cellphone devices running with Android and iOS devices.

It is compatible with cellphone devices running with Android and iOS devices.

Android iPhone
5.0, 6.9, & up to OS version 12 iOS 7 up to 9.1 (jailbreak) for Non-jailbreak compatible to all versions.


Premium 1 Month
$69.99per month
Premium 3 Months
$39.99per month
Premium 12 Months
$16.66per month


The Hoverwatch call recording app is one of the best apps that allow you to record all calls on your phone. It works in stealth mode and secretly records calls without the other party knowing. It does not miss any call and records each call in its entirety. The Hoverwatch call recording app is an excellent choice if you’re looking for one that can secretly record your calls. It records all calls, works in stealth mode, and syncs recordings to the cloud.

Other Features

Top features of Spyzie

  • Records all calls on your phone
  • It works in stealth mode.
  • Syncs recordings to an online account.
  • The app allows you to filter recordings by contact name, phone number, duration, date, etc. You can easily find any call recording.

It is compatible with all the mobile and tablet devices running with Android and iOS devices up to the latest versions.

Compatible with android 4.0 up to 9.0


$24.95per month
$49.95per month
$149.95per month


Truthspy has the real call recording app that empowers you to get access to the target cellphone device and start recording live phone calls on the target device. You can record all incoming and outbound calls on the cellphone device and send the data of the calls to the web portal where you can listen to it in real-time. It further has dozen of mobile spying features that empower you to spy on the phone activities to the fullest.

Other Features

Let’s get to know about the other features of TruthSpy that are best for cellphone surveillance from any place and from anywhere.

TruthSpy is compatible with mobile phones and with the other gadgets like Tablets devices running with Android and with the iOS devices.

Android iPhone
It support android 7 up to 13+ Compatible with iOS 4.1 to7.1.2


1 month
$42.51per month
3 months
$24.79per month
12 months
$38.85per month


SpyEra is a popular call-recording app that secretly records incoming and outgoing calls on your cell phone. The app will run in the background without needing to be opened. When a call comes in or is made, SpyEra will automatically start recording and save the recording to your device. You can then log into your SpyEra account online to access, download, and manage your call recordings.

Other Features

Some of its key features include:

  • Records in stealth mode without the other party knowing
  • Records surroundings during calls using the phone’s microphone
  • Allows you to schedule call recordings or record calls automatically
  • Downloads recordings locally so you can access them anytime
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices

OS Support

It is compatible with the mobile and tablet devices of Android and iOS operating systems.

Android iPhones
It supports Android OS version 8.1 & above. iOS 11.3.1 & above


1 Months
$89per month
12 Months
$380per year


The CocoSpy call recording app is an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for recording your calls on Android and iOS devices.  It is call recording software packed with all the advanced call recording features. With this application, you can listen to all detailed calls from your phone remotely. You only need to install the app into the device of your targeted person, and you can listen to calls from your user web portal.

Other Features

  • No Rooting or Jailbreaking Required
  • Instant Call Recording Alerts
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Spy on SMS
  • Keystrokes
  • Track Web history
  • Track SIM location

OS Support

It is compatible with all kinds of Android and iOS cellphone devices.

Android iPhone (No-jailbreak)
It supports Android OS version 9.0 and above. Compatible with all iOS devices


$39.99per month
$49.99per month
$69.99per month


TrackMyFone call recording app allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls on your mobile device. It provides encrypted and secure storage for your recorded calls in the cloud. This app also gives you detailed call logs and an advanced search feature to quickly find your recorded calls. TrackMyFone call recording app is an ideal choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet robust call recording solution. With strong security and storage features and detailed call logs, this app has all the functionality you need to record and manage your calls confidently.

Other Features

Key features of the TrackMyFone call recording app

  • Stealth mode allows secret call recording without the other party knowing
  • Records both incoming and outgoing calls automatically
  • Saves call recordings to the cloud for access from anywhere
  • Call recordings are encrypted and stored securely
  • Detailed call logs show call duration, timestamp, contact info, and more
  • Advanced search to find specific call recordings by date, time, contact, or keyword
  • One-click call recording with no pre-configuration needed
  • Compatible with Android and iOS and tablets

OS Support

It supports all types of Android cell phones and iOS devices.

Android iPhone
Compatible with 4.0 up to OS version 8.0 Compatible with iOS 6 up to 11.4


$25per month
Premium 3 Months
$453 months
Premium 12 Months
$70per year

Call Recorder - ACR

ACR Call Recorder is one of the best technical call recorders today. This tool provides its users with an easy-to-navigate user surface where they can conveniently start recording any incoming or outgoing call. This software offers its users two options: automatic and manual call recording. Users can also list contacts with whom they want to record calls. You can even exclude call recordings of specific call recorders. Cube ACR does not access the recorded calls on your device, even though these do not have copies of your recorded data. That is why if you have any critical data, you need to backup it occasionally.


Starting from
$6.993 Days Free Trail

Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

Otter Transcribe voice notes are designed to record Zoom and Google Meet meetings on other platforms. It helps in better understanding by transcribing what has been said in the meeting. It is the best tool for understanding complex lectures and seminars by recording and transcribing them using artificial intelligence. This helps in engaging in discussions and becoming more productive than ever before. With its advanced features, you can better understand the lectures and seminars. At the same time, classes take real-time notes so you can understand better and engage in the meeting.


Starting from

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast call recorder app is a famous call recording app that is easy to use. Millions of users have downloaded it, and it has a good rating. It offers two plans, free and paid; in the free version, you can access its limited features, such as it only allows you to record calls of only 30 minutes. You can buy its paid subscription to unlock its advanced features for the best call recording experience. It does not require you to root the device like other apps.


Pro Version

RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC call recorder provides simple features that help in recording calls. Users can start any call recording by clicking on the call recording options. For a better voice, while calling, turn on the speaker so that later you can listen to a clear voice. RMC android call recorder is a free app. You may have to watch ads to use this. Moreover, it also provides you with a passcode feature. You can protect your call recordings by enabling the passcode protection feature. You can save the call recordings in “important and unsorted” folders.


This is Free


OpenPhone is the software that is designed for the recording of your important calls. It provides you with features with different pricing plans. It is simple to use; you only have to tap the button to start your call recording.

It does not limit you to recording the call at a specific time. You can record the call for as long as you want. You can make a list of particular call numbers that you want to record. You can share your call recordings with anyone with just a single tap.


Starting From
$13 to$20

Rev Call Recorder

Rev call recorder is the future of practical call recorder applications. It can help you record important details like interviews, business, and personal calls. It records your calls and enables you to understand them effectively by providing transcriptions. It offers you the gateway to transcribing your recorded conversations. This way, you can easily understand and engage in the discussions with clarity.  It provides an easy-to-use and user-friendly dashboard where you can manage your essential call recordings and listen to them.


Rev Call Recorder is free with no ads.

TapeCall Pro

TapeCall Pro is the best way to save essential calls. Many users have used it, and they trust it. It is easy to use and provides a separate folder for every call recording. You can record every important call, whether incoming or outgoing. This way, you can record every essential detail and crucial information just by clicking the recording button. Any person can use this app effortlessly and can record and share the recordings with anyone.


Starts From
$9.99Per Year

Call Recorder - IntCall

Call recorder-intCall is an app that allows you to record international and local calls. It is specially designed for the iOS device where you can record your calls without the knowledge of another person. This app provides a clear voice, ensuring you do not miss any critical information regardless of distance. This app lets you record calls clearly, even if someone calls you from another country. You can use this app easily and listen conveniently to calls.


Staring From
$7.99 to $94.99Per Year

NoNotes Call Recorder

You may want to record every vital call to avoid missing any notes that matter to you. NoNotes call recorder is an app specially designed for iOS users and provides a sophisticated platform to record every important call. It saves every recorded call in an organized way to easily find the specific recording. This call recorder provides users with an intuitive interface and extra recording capabilities. You can transcribe your recording to quickly understand what the other person is saying. It is essential for noting important lectures and meetings. Record your call with clarity for a better understanding of discussions.


Starting From
$0.75Per Minute

Google Voice

Google Voice is a powerful call recorder with all the advanced features you need to record important meetings. You can use this on your iOS device, and it enables you to capture those conversations that are important to you. When you tap on the recorded button, it will notify everyone that the recording has been started. You can enable the automatic recording and also can decide when you want to record a call.


Free Call Recorder App

How secret call recording apps works on Android?

You must install a call-recording app to record calls on your Android phone. The call recording app will ask permission to access your phone’s microphone and storage to record and save the calls. You’ll have to grant these permissions for the app to function. Some apps offer discrete recording notification settings so the other caller is unaware the call is being recorded.

Once installed and permissions granted, the app will automatically start recording your phone calls. Most offer options to turn recording on/off for specific contacts or phone numbers. The recordings are saved directly to your online user web portal.

How call recorder software works on iPhone

Call recording apps are designed to record calls. It helps you in recording calls on your iPhone. You can listen to recorded calls later on the user web portal. The apps save the recordings to their online servers so you can access them later.

On iPhone to record, you can use applications like the Google Voice app to record calls and other methods that help in recording calls. You may require the permission of the target device user while doing an activity of recording calls on the iPhone.

For cellphone call recording, which call recorder is best to choose

You should use the call recording app, which is best for call logs, phone calls, VoIP call history, and I.M.’s VoIP call recording, enabling you to block contact from calling. You need to select the app with all these different features to record calls on the cellphone easily. When determining a call recording application, several factors should be considered:

  • Compatibility: Before buying a subscription, ensure the app is compatible with your mobile device operating system (iOS vs. Android) and version. Some apps only work on specific O.S. versions.
  • Pricing: Compare different apps’ pricing and subscription models to find one that fits your budget. Some offer free trials, one-time fees, or monthly subscriptions.
  • Customer Support :Look for an app that offers multiple support options like live chat, email, phone support, and an online knowledge base or forum. Well-supported apps will have an active customer service team to help when you face any issues you encounter while using the app.
  • Additional Features: Consider what other features would be helpful to you, such as screen recording, Surround recording, monitoring social media accounts, Geolocation, I.M.’s call recording, and remote features that enables you to block contacts, applications, and websites. The right app will have a good balance of essential call recording functionality and valuable additional features tailored to your needs.  TheOneSpy is the best application that has all the necessary features mentioned above.

What to look for choosing call recording software?

When evaluating call recording software, several factors should guide your choice.

  • User-Friendliness: Select an app with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. The app should provide an easy installation process, with clear options for users of all technical abilities. Look for an app compatible with your device’s operating system, whether Android or iOS, to ensure full functionality.
  • Price: Call recording apps range from free to paid subscription models. Free or low-cost options may contain ads or limit features and storage. Paid apps typically offer enhanced functionality, customer support, and security for a monthly or annual fee.
  • Invisible and Undetectable: For privacy and compliance reasons, you may prefer a call recording app that runs in stealth mode, invisible to the caller. Some apps can record calls in secret without notification to the other party. However, secret recording is illegal in some areas, so check your local regulations first.
  • Reliability: Select a reputable app from a legitimate company to ensure reliable, high-quality call recording and customer service. Read reviews from independent sources to evaluate factors like call clarity, security, and overall performance.


In conclusion, with call recording apps, you can choose which calls on your phone you want to record and access for later use. There are dozens of call recording apps for Android and iPhone that are available on the web, but when it comes to choosing the best of the best, you should get your hands on TheOneSpy. It will give you an exciting experience that no other application has provided to anyone.

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