remote call recording software

Remote Call Recording App

Automatic Call Recorder – Android Phone Voice Call Recorder App to Listen and Record Calls

This advanced phone call recording software allows the user to monitor live calls on the target Android device by listening, recording and even automatically record all the incoming and outgoing calls.

Record and Listen to Live Voice Calls with Remote Call Recording Software

TheOneSpy hidden call recorder enables you to listen to all the calls received on and made from the targeted device. As well as recording and interrupting the live calls, the user can track the contact information of the person who has made the call or to whom the call is made

Best call recorder for Android allows the user to:

  • Listen to live inward and outward calls
  • Record inward and outward calls
  • Intercept the live calls
  • Track information of the person who has made the call or to whom call is made
  • Spy phone conversation recording and Store on an online account

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How to use the Call Recording feature?

Once you successfully install the TheOneSpy tracking app on your target device, the phone conversation recorder will automatically start recording calls. These calls will be stored in your TOS hidden call recorder dashboard that can be accessed with a username, password and obviously an internet connection.

Why you need this Phone Call Recorder?

Want to know what your employees are talking about on their phones and to whom? From whom your girl is getting endless calls? To make sure with hidden call recorder that your teenager is not in contact with a predator and your employees are not revealing company’s confidential information to competitors, all you need is TheOneSpy voice call recorder and its Call Spy feature.

Parental concerns

Parents have plenty of parenting concerns especially to seek information about kids and teens longs cell phone calls all day long on their cell phone devices. Stalking, bullying and hookups are on the rise and teens may get trapped. So, parents are desperate to listen to the live phone calls of their children to make sure to protect them from all types’ dangers that could happen through mobile phone calls.

Parental control solutions:

Now parents can remotely record and listen to the live phone calls and further save the recorded phone calls data on TheOneSpy online control panel. They can use secret call recorder software to get the job done once they have been installed call recording app on their children cell phones. Therefore, parents can get to know to whom teens are talking all day long and the motives behind making long cell phone calls.

Business protection Concerns

Business organizations have major concerns especially when their employees are dealing with the clients. Customer care employees don’t briefly discuss the solutions of the issues clients have suffered with, ultimately business got damaged and it impacts badly on the brand name. All it happens when an employee talking to the client on company’s owned gadgets and mobile phones. So, executives really want to listen to the employee’s behavior on company’s owned digital devices to trace the root cause.

Business protection solutions:

TheOneSpy call spy app empowers business owners to record real –time mobile phone calls secretly and save it to the electronic dashboard. It means, it helps out bosses to make employees accountable for their misdeeds while dealing with customer via phone calls. Now rise up productivity of your employees by tracking live calls while they are dealing with the customer’s complains.

Concerns of Individuals

People who are in a relationship and they really want to build trust with their partner rather than to building suspicions due to lack of faith. Ultimately, things went wrong no matter how much a person is loyal with their lover. Furthermore, other loved ones to whom you care about to fullest, you really want to know why their phone is busy in making random phone calls.

Solution for individual’s concerns:

People who want to build or strengthen their relationship TOS phone call monitoring app empowers them to record and listen to each other mobile phone calls with proper consent. Moreover, they can also record and listen to cell phone live calls of their loved ones to stay updated about their daily cell phone activities to the fullest.

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