Refund & Return Policy TheOneSpy Application

Our refund policy does not apply to those users who don’t have physical access to the target device.

You can claim a refund within 14 days if you are not fully satisfied with TheOneSpy services or purchase. However, refund time will be subject to starting since you have made your purchase, and further refund policies will be applied in accordance with the conditions outlined below. Moreover, the customer needs to discuss the logical issues about the services with the customer care representatives to get professional and technical support to address their concerns.

Partial Refund Conditions

TheOneSpy customer can make a refund request within 14 days of purchase in response a partial refund will be entertained if your request falls under the following conditions:

  • In case of a device compatibility issue, a 50% partial refund will be offered for the price of the Remote Installation Support add-on.
  • If the target device is activated with Antivirus or antispyware and the customer is not willing to remove it, 50% of the amount will be refunded to the purchaser.
  • If TheOneSpy customers won’t be able to access the target phone and issues remain unresolved, 30% of the purchaser’s amount will be refunded.
  • If the customer is unable to cancel the subscription, then a 30% refund will be offered and the further user can use the rest of the services and also get 30 days extension of TheOneSpy services.
  • If TheOneSpy customer care team does not respond to the customer’s queries within 24 -48 hours, and the customer doesn’t want to prolong the services, 50% of the amount will be offered.

No-Refund Conditions

There would be certain conditions for TheOneSpy customers. If the refund claim requests don’t meet or are beyond the limits, then no –refund will be offered

  • The TheOneSpy customer care team refuses to refund if the team has evidence that the product has been consumed and in case the customer asks for a feature once going through the website and misreads the list at the end of the day.
  • For Renewal Users: our policy does not include a refund provision. Once the renewal has been processed, it is considered non-refundable.
  • Refund will not be processed if the customer has mistakenly got the subscription or says, “I have changed my mind.” Furthermore, if the target device no longer has internet access due to odd reasons.
  • The customer won’t be able to get a subscription to the TheOneSpy plan once a refund claim is made or the customer has not followed the TheOneSpy installation guidelines properly. Furthermore, the refund will be refused if the customer is supposed to monitor web browsing history or private Incognito mode.
  • Our license suspension policy does not allow for refunds. Once a license has been suspended due to any violation or the days of the service have expired, then the associated fees are non-refundable.
  • The target device runs with any operating system other than Android phone, MAC, and Windows, and if the purchase has been made, TheOneSpy won’t be responsible for a refund.
  • If the technical issues have been resolved by the customer care team and the customer doesn’t update the application on the target device.
  • In case the customer won’t able to install the Team Viewer QS app on the target device for remote installation support due to poor internet on the target device or the target device has no access, then no refund will be refused.
  • The TheOneSpy application work under complete secrecy means no sign of detection on the target device. So, there is no other chance for the customer making claims application is not undetectable for having a refund.

Chargeback Policy

If you are going to purchase, it means you agree to the terms and services given below

Usually, chargebacks happen in case your payment card provider has reversed the transaction to return funds if your claims are false.  However, there are plenty of other reasons for chargebacks we are fully aware of the facts.

If someone has made a payment via the website and at the end of the day claims for a legitimate charge by putting a chargeback without authenticity or making a false statement. We retain the right to make your blacklist on our platform in accordance with the evidence we have had to refute your false chargeback request.

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dealing with unmerited chargebacks

TheOneSpy requests that buyers first contact our customer care team rather than directly go for a legitimate dispute with the bank against any transaction. In-case buyers have made a legitimate dispute with their bank without contacting our team, then you are going against our terms and conditions.

The Billing Policy

The TheOneSpy billing policy for the users has been explained in such a way that it could ease the payment and access methods. The policy will regulate the day user has signed up to get the TheOneSpy services. There could be particular conditions that are unknown, and at the end of the day, policy gets changed or amended. However, all the changes being made in the policy will be informed to the users. The moment the information has been provided about the new policy, it will be followed or implemented instantly. The policy is as under:

  • All payments are collected via Credit Card, Master Card, and as well as through Visa.
  • If the user is supposed to use Credit Cards, the complete fee is subscribed through the Card badge, and the taxes shall be added.
  • CyberSource/HBL is the authenticated e–commerce merchant for mainly. The user’s particular transaction will come as “TOSAPP*Paddle/OneSpy*AskNet*NexWay/ OXI*CyberSource*” on your credit card statement.
  • The user account will be terminated immediately, permanently, or temporarily in case of any outstanding dues or non–payment reasons.
  • If the customer care team asks the user for the payment, it will get expired within 24 hours, and at the end of the deadline got ended the account of the user will be terminated permanently unless the user pays the payment.
  • If the payment information of the End User alters, we should be informed about the changes via an E–mail while all the outstanding dues are the user’s liability.
  • If the payment information of the particular user gets changed, then he/she needs to inform us via Email. However, all the outstanding due payments are the liability of the user.
  • TheOneSpy doesn’t offer auto–renewal option in case the user’s account needs to renew. Once the user’s account expires, the user will have to deal with the renewal process similar to the process he/she has done at the time of purchase. Users can easily do it through its control panel or the Buy Now page on TheOneSpy’s official webpage. You can contact the customer care team for further assistance with issues in the renewal process.

—- Last Update: 4 August 2023.