Best Employee Monitoring Software

Need to spy on an employee's phone? TheOneSpy has all the spying tools you need.

  • Tapping their phone calls
  • Tracking their exact location via GPS
  • Spy on emails, messages and messenger chat on cellphones
  • Track live screen activities of employees on company’s PCs
  • Perform surround recording on laptop & desktop devices
  • Record live phone calls on company’s owned mobiles & tablets
  • Filter time wasting websites on employee’s computer devices
  • Get data backup for all the information stored on devices
  • Control cameras of PCs/Smartphone’s to make sure employees presence
employe data monitoring

So, spying on employee’s activities on business owned devices consists of various forms given below.

  • Employees tracking on PCs to prevent internal threats of business
  • Surveillance on employees devices to protect intellectual property
  • Monitoring of employees on laptop/desktop activities to boost productivity
  • Workforce monitoring for the prevention of time wasting on business owned devices
  • Spy on company’s owned cellphones & computers to know inefficient employees

Why to Perform Staff/Employee Monitoring?

Employers want to know how productive are their employees and what sort of activities they perform on business owned digital devices. Employers also want to know how employees are using their mobile phones, tablets and laptop desktop devices. Furthermore, they want to know whether employees are using working hours productively. However, they want to prevent time-wasting habits, internal threats, data breaching and suspicious activities of the staff for business security. So, Employers have to sometime perform surveillance on their employee’s activities especially on the company’s owned digital devices likewise, smartphones, tablets, and computer devices of the various OS. It consists of multiple tech solutions to gather information about employees’ activities on digital devices and the location of the employees.

Fulfill your Responsibility to the Maximum with TheOneSpy App

Your company put their faith in you when they put you in charge of your employees. It’s your job to reward their trust by making sure none of the employees working under you are behaving in an unprofessional manner. A part of that, of course, is to ensure they are using their official equipment responsibly and fairly. How can you make sure of that? Until recent times, there was nothing you could do about it. But, now, you can. You can install (software) on their company-given phones and tablets and start spying on them in multiple ways. If they are good, responsible employees – good enough, you should respect them for that and know who deserves the next promotion. If they are not… you know what to do with them. It’s a win-win situation.

TheOneSpy Employee spy software

Why should the Employer use TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Software?

An employer can use Employee surveillance software for the sake of business enhancements and productivity of employees in working hours. Furthermore, you can monitor employees each every single activity on the company’s devices from time to time. You can track, record and listen to the internet communications of employees to avoid unwanted leakage of the company’s confidential assets. You can control the laptop devices cameras of your company to know where the employees are at the moment and what he/she is doing. Further, you can record surrounds conversations of employees in the surrounding region of employees PCs and digital mobile phones.

An employer can monitor sent/received emails on business owned computer devices and track the location of employees deployed in the filed due to various reasons. So, apart from spying on employee’s data you can gather information and protect valuable data stored in the devices having data backup facilities. You can catch employees who used to waste time in working hours and delay assigned tasks and further catch fishy activities of dishonest employees. Leave all the negativities you can assess even those employees who are engaging and determined to give their best for the company.

  • Employers can spy on emails sent/received
  • Employer can have data backup for stored information on PCs
  • Employer can filter time –wasting websites on PCs & smartphones
  • Business owner can monitor the logs of social media conversation of employees
  • You can perform live screen –recording of computers & cellphones in real –time
  • Remotely capture screenshots of digital devices provided to employees
  • Track all the keystrokes applied on the PCs and smartphone
  • Track GPS location of employees in working hours to acknowledge their presence
  • Record & listen to customer service cellphone calls,

TheOneSpy Maneuvers on Employees Devices Nothing Left Unattended

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring software comes in handy for what?

Employers love to get the maximum growth of their business entities. So, an Employee surveillance app is the best tool of its kind that can perform cross-functional activities. You can use it for the safety of your business from cyber threats and as well as threats within. Further, get real-time working activities of employees to avoid their excuses that can lead you to lack of productivity at the end of the day. Beside an employer can set its commands to get atomization regarding what employees are doing in working hours. So, you will get a report on whether employees are wasting time or working hard enough to be productive. Moreover, you can kick out those employees working against the company and trying to leak the secret information. So, you can spy on emails, communication, social media communication and whether they are working at a certain point where they have been deployed. So, from the time they enter the office and Login Company’s owned phones, tablets, and computer devices, you can command and control all the activities they used to perform.

How to Perform Employee Monitoring?

You want to get rid of worries of business productivity, time-wasting & suspicious activities of employees and many more? Just get your hands on the TheOneSpy Employees surveillance software and install it on target cellphone, tablets & laptop/desktop computer devices respectively with the accordance of the OS. It is packed with more flexibility, powerful features and with multiple solutions that enable you to know all the activities of employees on the company’s owned devices. You can perform surround recoding, email monitoring, screen recording, capture screenshots, web filtering, GPs location tracking, and track social media activities of employees on the company’s owned devices. Employers can get to know real-time activity reports of employees on business-owned devices and catch disgruntled employees using spy software for employees by recording live phone calls and control MIC and cameras of business owned digital devices.

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