Keep Track of your employee's Activities

Need to spy on an employee's phone? TheOneSpy has all the features you need.

  • Reading their text messages
  • Tapping their calls
  • Operating their microphones and cameras  from a distance
  • Gaining access to all data on the phone
  • Tracking their exact location via GPS
employe data monitoring

Stop being fooled: Ensure fair usage of your office equipment today

Employees all over the world confess to using their official electronic equipment for all sorts of purposes they would not like their bosses to find out about. From careless usage resulting in their devices’ short life, to cyber misuse, to sharing corporate secrets with other companies – they do it all. So why are you keeping mum about it? Take action – start spying on them, today!

Fulfill your Responsibility to the Maximum with TheOneSpy App

Your company put their faith in you when they put you in charge of your employees. It’s your job to reward their trust by making sure none of the employees working under you are behaving in an unprofessional manner. A part of that, of course, is to ensure they are using their official equipment responsibly and fairly. How can you make sure of that? Until recent times, there was nothing you could do about it. But, now, you can. You can install (software) on their company-given phones and tablets and start spying on them in multiple ways. If they are good, responsible employees – good enough, you should respect them for that and know who deserves the next promotion. If they are not… you know what to do with them. It’s a win-win situation.

TheOneSpy Employee spy software

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