How TheOneSpy Cell Phone & Computer Monitoring Software Works?

It would be very hectic job to do to keep an eye on someone, is not it? If you are thinking about to monitor anybody, you may go for following:

  • You may purchase expensive equipment
  • You may hire a private detective
  • You may chase someone on your own
  • Get access to their stuff
  • Investigate about their friends

However, all above mentioned activities would cost you a lot without having guarantee

Or you may go through the target person cellphone and waiting for the chance to grab the phone places idle at someplace to get valuable information.

But it seems impossible to do in real –life

Well, gone are the days, with TheOneSpy unobtrusive mobile phone spy app, you would be able to monitor someone phone remotely, within short time and cost you few pennies in a day!

It is not a magician work, it is piece of tech & here how it does work:

1) How you can get started with TheOneSpy

The first and foremost thing you need to know that TheOneSpy does work on cell phone you wish to monitor. TheOneSpy is fully compatible with all versions of android, Windows, MAC and even on all type of networks.

From the moment you have come to know that phone you wish to monitor is compatible with TheOneSpy, to the moment you make your mind and get the license online. You can purchase it through TheOneSpy page.

Once you have got TheOneSpy subscription, you just fulfill the installation on the phone you want to monitor. You can have simply installation by repeating the steps visiting How to install TheOneSpy page.

2) How does it work?

After Installing TheOneSpy App, the entire phone data is uploaded onto our cloud. It takes just 5 minutes for the first time, if you have stable internet connectivity. after that, every data and logs is uploaded in real time.

Your entire settings and preferences, along with the target phone’s data is saved on the our cloud. it gathers all the data from the target device and uploads it as soon as any new device activity takes place.

All the monitoring data, with logs and details, can be accessed anytime by signing in to Console/Dashboard.

3) How to Control TheOneSpy?

You can send commands from the member area to control the target phone, such as backup, Bugging, start/stop application etc.

all your desired settings and preferences are then recorded onto the centeralized secure cloud in order to perform in accordance with your given command.

The Servers re-direct your commands to the target phone for execution.

4) Speedy Tour

TheOneSpy is the best than the rest! User can send command remotely from TOS app to the target device and execute monitoring on devices with more than 150 features. Look down some of our features and its working.

Login to TOS app

Once you are login to TOS you can monitor data completely, simply use credentials and make a tap on sign in to get started.

My Services

You can see all of services that you have purchased in terms of list places in “My Services section, alongside the complete information and activation code. You can easily switch over the list and change every single service name. Make a click on “Control Panel” you can visit your persona account web portal.

Online web portal

Online dashboard unveils tabs such as call log, surround monitoring, spy360, email monitoring, text messages monitoring, and call recording, GPS location tracking and many others alike. Placed at the left side of the screen! Every single tab can delivers you monitored data uploaded from the target phone with accordance of the features.

Call logs

You just need to tap on call logs, you will see the real –time call recording, contacts names and number and incoming outgoing phone call logs.

Text messages Log:

When it comes to text messages logs, make a click on SMS logs and you will be able to see text messages sent/received with time stamp.


Make a tap on contacts and you will see saved contacts on target cell phone alongside name, number, email address and numbers.

Browsing History

You can monitor internet web browser history alongside the URLs with time stamp and number of visits on single website.

Recorded Calls

You can record and listen to the live incoming/outgoing phone calls on target cell phone device.

Recorded Surroundings

Remotely control MIC and cameras of the phone to record surround Voices and Videos and capture images respectively.


You can see all the appointments made by the phone user in this particular section.


You can monitor photos stored in cell phone gallery, the moment you make click on chosen images, you can see a full size photo.

Geo Location

You can track current and exact Geo –location of target phone alongside the GPS location history.

Geo Tracking

You can see the location history on the MAP, which tells address and all the locations would be pinpointed on the MAP.

Remote Control

You can use this tool to control your target phone remotely, and further you can also send Push command on the target phone to execute monitoring activities.

remote control dashboard buttons


You can simply maintain the data and further you can change your personal info using this particular section by tapping on “edit”.

Customer Support

You can ask any sort of question to have our assistance related to our services and write questions at given space.