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Don’t let your kids be prey to online predators & rescue them 24/7

Why are Parental Controls for Monitoring Kids Must Keep Up?

Kids are walking alone at night. Strangers are cracking a crib into your houses and playing with your kids alone. It is happening through kids’ access to smartphones, the internet, and social media. So, kids are easy prey to online predators, explicit content and potentially risky activities. The TheOneSpy kids monitoring solution prevents parents lock up all electronics and bubble wrapping their children with parental controls. Bring our electronic shield that traces their digital footprints with, features like screen time, installed apps, GPS location, keystrokes logging, VoIP call recording, screen recording, call logs, and live camera streaming.

What Makes Phones so Lethal & What Went Wrong with Teens?

Here are the things that have made cellphones so lethal, and young teens are obsessed with the following activities no time ever before. Parental control app to monitor children is the best solution for their safety.

Excessive Screen Time

Maybe your child spends too much time every day staring at the screen. An average teen spends 1 to 7 hours on the screen to search, watch and use age-inappropriate content. The TheOneSpy monitoring solution for kids helps parents keep a cautious eye to prevent any harm to their child online.

Screen Time

Block apps to limit screen time on the cellphone


Remotely take phone screenshots back & forth

Screen Recording

Record phone screen videos in real-time to see activity

Encounters with Predators

Do you know Videos games, social media chats, and instant messengers supporting online predators have become hunting grounds for them? Young teens have direct encounters with online predators like stalkers, cyberbullies, and sex offenders. Don’t let anyone prey on your child anymore online with parental monitoring app.


Get every keystroke applied on a cell phone

GPS Tracking

Track live location & see on Google Maps

SMS Logs

Spy on text messages sent/received with schedule

Sexting & Sextortion

The crisis of sexting and sextortion among teens is at a breaking point. 45 Million Inappropriate videos and photos are on the internet of teens. Parents can control their phones and stop them from sexting and from recording nudes to share with anybody with kids monitoring software. A few years back, sexting was an issue, and now sextortion is a pandemic.


Control microphone to record surroundings remotely

Camera Bug

Control phone cameras to record surround visuals

Live Camera Streaming

See live in phone surroundings using phone cameras

Adult Content, Online Dating & Violence

Teen virtual connections are rising due to online dating platforms and social networking apps. They are obsessed with adult sites, groups, and hookup apps and often see the violent content online that affects them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Parents can monitor teens to prevent them from age-inappropriate content and revenge porn with parental spy apps for kids.

Installed Apps

View installed apps list on target phone with names

Browsing History

Spy on cellphone browsers to see visited sites & bookmarks

Tinder Spy App

Spy on Tinder to see online dating activity on a dating app

TheOneSpy Features that have made it a Trade mark for Kids Monitoring

Block Unknown/Strange Calls

Block incoming calls on a cell phone device remotely with monitoring software.

Password Chaser/Cracker

Crack passwords on a cell phone to unlock the phone whether a pattern, pin, and digital passcode.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

Record WhatsApp screen active on a cellphone and watch real-time activities by recording videos.

Facebook Screen Recorder

Watch live Facebook chats, messages, chat logs, audio, and video call logs with an FB screen recorder.

Instagram Screen Recorder

Monitor shared photos, videos, messaging, and chats on Instagram with a screen recording app.

Spy on Signal Messenger

Monitor signal private messenger app VoIP calls activity using VoIP call recording app.

QQ Messenger Monitoring

Read and monitor text messages sent and received on IM with QQ messages monitoring.

Recorded Phone Calls

Download the data of recorded calls using the TheOneSpy kids monitoring dashboard.

Calls History

Monitor calls the history of incoming/outgoing on any cell phone device with the schedule.

Discord spy App

Spy on Discord VoIP communication app to record and listen to VoIP chats with the discord spy app.

VoIP Call Recording

Record and listen to audio-video Voice calls on social networking apps and save data.

VoIP Call History

Spy on Voice call history on another phone with the schedule and without rooting.

Digital Monitoring & Safety Solutions for Your Child with TheOneSpy Parental Control App

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Know who the are talking to All Day

Know Their Wearabouts

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