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6 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Phone Monitoring Needs

TheOneSpy is the best discreet monitoring app. Its enhanced functions assist users in tracking and recording the kids’ and workers’ actions from anywhere and anytime. It has a dozen features that allow you to track the device effectively. Users can use it without complicated steps on Android, iPhone, Windows, or MAC devices.

call recording

Record, Listen & Save

It allows recording phone calls, VoIP calls, surround sounds to listen live and save them on secure panel.

facebook screen recording

Social Media Monitoring

Keep an eye on social media accounts like FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder, Wire, etc. Monitor messages, voice notes, & calls.

gps location tracking app

Location Tracker

It allows GPS tracking & monitoring of route maps and allow to create a fenced area for target device.

monitoring features
spy screenshots

Snap & Watch

Record real-time screens of the device and get a complete insight into their device activities.

screen recording of the cell phone

Behind Door Activities

The live spy360 feature enables you to control the front & back camera and Mic to listen to the conversation and screen sharing.

voip call recording

Record VoIP Call

It is the first non-rooted VoIP call recording app that secretly records WhatsApp, FB, Wire, Line, IMO, and voice calls remotely & secretly.

Our most popular features

With TheOneSpy, you have many exclusive features that allow you to check the activities of the targeted device remotely. It provides you with complete access & control over the targeted device. The best part is that it operates on the back end of the device in completely hidden mode. The following are some of the powerful features.

Call Recording & Logs

Listen to and record phone calls, and check the caller’s complete details, including the number, name, and timestamp.


Monitor Social Media

Monitor every social media account activity, including IM chat messages, VoIP calls, and voice notes.

Live 360 streaming

Watch the surroundings of the targeted device and listen to what they are saying with another person in real-time with live Spy360.

Mic & Camera Bugging

The most demanding feature “Mic & camera bugging” to listen and watch recordings remotely and discreetly from the target device.

Track GPS Location

You can track cell phone location promptly, using route maps, precise location, and GPS history with TheOneSpy.

Monitor Photos Gallery

Get insight into their saved multimedia and access their photos, screenshots, and music files easily.


Keystrokes Logging

Keystroke logging captures every keystroke on the target digital device. It can record key logs of text messages, instant messages, and chats, passwords, and emails.

Screen Recorder

The OneSpy screen recorder remotely records targeted cell phones and desktop screens and saves the recorded files on a secure control panel.

Password Chaser

Chase the passwords on any cell phone, like digit pass codes, patterns, and social account passwords.

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Revolutionize your spying instinct with social media apps

Monitor and track on activity of most popular apps. It intends to track audio, video call logs, shared photos, videos, screen recording and shared locations.






Facebook messenger



Twitter / X


Get access to all features for parents, employer and companies

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Android Spy Software

Supports all smartphones and tabs running Android OS versions 6.1 to 14.0


per device

Features you’ll love

  • Live Spy360
  • Call recording, history, location, logs
  • Listen to Phone Surroundings
  • MIC & Camera Bug
  • Social Media Call Recording
  • Social Media Messages
  • Password Chaser
  • Keylogger
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Live Screen Recordings
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Internet History & Bookmarks
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Web Filtering
  • App Report
  • Screen Time
  • Geo Location Tracking
  • Installed Apps and Block / Unblock
  • Device Info
  • Remotely Operation

Including 250+ Features more…

iPhone Spy Software

Compatible with all iPhone, Supports all versions of iOS 7  iOS 13.


per device

Features you’ll love

  • Call recording, history, location, logs
  • Listen to Phone Surroundings
  • MIC & Camera Bug
  • Social Media Messages
  • Keylogger
  • Capture Screenshots
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Internet History & Bookmarks
  • Web Filtering
  • Geo Location Tracking
  • Installed Apps and Block / Unblock
  • Device Info
  • Remotely Operation

Computer Spy Software

All windows models running upto to windows 11 are supported.


per device

Features you’ll love

  • Bugging
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Social Media Screen Recording
  • Browser Screen Recording
  • IM Recorded Voice
  • Block/Un Block Configure Installed Apps
  • Password Chaser
  • Keylogger
  • Location History
  • Internet History & Bookmarks*
  • App Usage Report
  • Screen Time
  • Network Connections
  • Web Filter
  • Device Usage Report/li>
  • Device Info
  • Productivity
  • Set Preferences For Uploading Data
  • Web Based Control Panel

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Covert & Sound Free Actions

TheOneSpy do monitoring activity in secret and does not make noise that alert the target.

Impossible To Unmask

It is impossible to unveil TheOneSpy on target device, because it is temper-proof.

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