Cookie Policy - All You Need To Know

Type of data we gather & how we use it

The only information or data we get that related to the marketing or crucial for daily updates and for multiple offered promotions. In addition, we also collect the private information in terms of email ID, contact number, name and last but not the least address. However, latter would be given at checkout page, and to use it for the creation of an account. None of the data would unveil to any third party, and will entertain as unknown states.

Advertising or marketing material

In case we haven’t secured your opt-in consent to receive such information, we will not send you any marketing materials or personal data. You can opt for unsubscribing from these materials any time by following the instructions included in the e-mail, or send a reply with a specific request.

Let’s suppose we are unable to safeguard your opt-in consent to seek data, we are not going to send you any kind of advertising or retail material or private data. You can choose to unsubscribe from this materials when needed any point of time through given instructions mentioned in the email, or give feedback with respect to particular request.

What Are Cookies & Log Files?

The reason behind usage of cookies, is to use it as technology as the core part of our website’s stats report. It is basically a small unit of text or file that is been saved on your PC via website to monitor multiple things to enhance your web experience. As for as cookies is concerns it does not contain data, but it delivers user –friendly interface on the website to the users and it works as an integral part of security of the internet and lastly online experience of advertisement. We collect and arrange information based on stats through which pages got visitors, to know about downloaded, internet hosted domain name and specific counties and counties of the visitors. Moreover, it deals with the address of a website being visited abruptly back and forth visitors coming on

On the other hand we used to of using web server log files as well and we get the advantage in terms how many visitors have visited Further, we use it for the evaluation of our website stats and technical aspects to enhance it more. Therefore, we place the pages in a more expressive and user –friendly way to make the websites easier to understand usefulness of the pages for our online visitors to the fullest. Therefore, it is all about traffic on our website but not about the information of visitors that comes handy in our focus.

Google Analytics is a tool that helps us out to understand the worth of our marketing, and last but not the least user –friendliness and efficiency of our website. However, if still enables to understand about the cookie you can visit to get more information about it, visit

Links To Other Websites

Users or visitors may have find out that the pieces of advertisement and content material on our site particularly linked with many other websites and services in terms of partners, sponsors, advertisers, retailers, and licensors and many others alike. We are not responsible for content or particular links that pop –ups are shown on the sites and as well as for the services rendered by other websites that linked with our website. Moreover, the links on the websites or services with respect to their particular content, links could change time to time. Therefore, these particular websites and services possibly would have their own identity in terms of privacy terms and customer care policy. When it comes to browsing, interaction with all others websites, linked to our website, it means it is the particular site has its own customer care roles and regulations. In addition, if you will provide personal information, it will be used with respect to its privacy policies. Therefore, give your best while reading the privacy policy of a particular website.

Security of Information

We opt –in only particular data gathering, store data and put all the processing and security roles and regulations in order to make sure the privacy of your confidential information. The information would consist of username, password, the information of particular transactions information and plenty of other sorts of information in terms of data on our domain against illegal access, changes, disclosure and destruction. In addition, we will perform state of the art security levels to give protected transmission of data between your PC and with respect to our services and storage of the information on our tech –systems. However, none of the storage of the data over internet is fully protected to the fullest. Therefore, we can make sure as written on concrete but we are confident and guarantee you the security of your private information given to use through cyberspace.

Right Against Personal Data

The customer can claim and has right to ask us to provide a piece of statement regarding the private data we process of yours.  In addition, customer can delete the information and as well as rectify when needed, and lastly you can back off your hand from the consent you have given us for processing your private data, and even can remove your identity from our mailing list as well.

Contact US

If you have any sort of quire with respect to our information policy, you can simply contact us without hassles [email protected]

Control Cookies Usage

Disabling all cookies could significantly affect your web browsing, rendering it impossible to take full advantage of all of our Site features. Be informed that some parts of our Site require your accepting cookies for it to work in a proper mode. Cookies can be removed or declined by changing your web browser settings any time you wish.

Keep in mind that most of the browsers enable you to block cookies that contradict with your particular preferences. If you find it out handy, you can ignore and don’t accept cookies, and further you will be notified while receiving new cookies and you can simply disable the cookies existing cookies. Moreover, you need to know about that disabling the cookies would create hassles in web browsing, and doing this activity also affect dealing with features of our website. Therefore, there are particular parts of our websites that requires accepting the cookies from your side, to make use of it in a gentle way. However, cookies are easily removable, disable; you just need to change the settings on your web browser. In addition, you can visit for further information.


Pay your attention fully: it would be taken as serious violation with respect to the United States Federal/state to install surveillance tool, such as TheOneSpy software, on someone’s cell phone or on any other device without having consent or you don’t own the target device for illicit and intrusive surveillance. Therefore, you have to get the consent of the target device user that he/she is being under constant surveillance. Therefore, if you don’t consider about dos and don’ts of the privacy, you will charged with severe criminal penalties. Therefore, you need to take your legal adviser in confidence with respect to the legality of TheOneSpy software in your particular jurisdiction right before you are going to download and supposed to use TheOneSpy software.