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Track rooted, non-rooted & jailbreak Mobile Phones, Know The Truth By Tracking Their Phone Devices Discreetly!

tracker cell phone
social media tracking

Social Media Tracking

Monitor social media messages, calls, multimedia, and posts.

track images

Track Images

Keep track of saved or captured images from targeted devices.

location tracking

Location Tracking

Track real-time GPS & whereabouts of targeted users.

track phone activities

Track Phone Activities

Monitor calls, messages, browsing, and app usage to get device usage logs.

geo fencing


Restrict locations and receive alerts on breaking the fence.

call tracing

Call Tracker (Voice & VoIP)

Monitor incoming/outgoing phone calls & VoIP calls discreetly.

Ultimate Mobile Tracker, Compatible with Android & iOS.Highlighter2

The mobile tracker app provides many solutions. They can help you track each activity of the various phone devices. All the features will work well. They will give you a complete report about your targeted device’s activities. Now, parents and employees don’t need to worry. They don’t need to worry about the explicit activities of their kids or employees.

Our mobile tracker works with all smartphones and phone operating carriers.

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Location Tracker Services

Leverage the power of GPS location tracking services to safeguard children by monitoring their real-time location and simultaneously enhance business efficiency through GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and location history.

data monitoring

Data Tracking Services

Data tracking services provide insight into device usage to monitor and record different data, including call logs, web browsing history, app installed, app usage, shared photos and videos, message conversations, and more to ensure kids’ safety and protect business-sensitive information.

voice monitoring

Voice Monitoring Services

Discover the capabilities of our voice monitoring services, allowing you to effortlessly record and listen to audio conversations, including calls, voice notes, and ambient sounds.

mobile location

Mysterious Features That Track Mobile Location

Experience the power of TheOneSpy mobile tracker app for seamless and discreet monitoring of device location. Elevate the effectiveness of targeted user surveillance with advanced tracking features. Stay informed in real-time with precise GPS data and comprehensive route mapping. Enhance your monitoring capabilities effortlessly with TheOneSpy.

Live GPS Location

Monitor the phone’s real-time GPS location on maps.

Location Tracker

You can track the location of the target phone without using GPS.

Route Map Tracker

Track routes map your targeted person uses frequently.


Create a geofence to get alerts when they leave or enter a fenced area.

Recognized App to Track Data Stored on Mobile

Track, store, and access with confidence using TheOneSpy’s mobile tracker. Benefit from secure monitoring, comprehensive data storage, and precise device control. Keep your information safe while effortlessly managing targeted devices. Experience unparalleled reliability and advanced features with TheOneSpy.

Password data

Get every password applied on the target phone.

Remote operations

Monitor installed apps, Remotely lock-unlock devices & many other remote-tracking operations

Browsing data

Get visited sites & bookmarked data on a cellphone.

Smartphone Info

Sync device info like GPS, Model, storage, IMEI and phone battery status.

stored data track
record voice conversation

Record Voice Conversation with Expert-backed Mobile Tracker

TheOneSpy can track and monitor voice-related activities on another cellphone, offering unparalleled capabilities. Our app provides advanced voice tracking features, including recording live phone calls with exceptional clarity. Stay informed with real-time audio surveillance and comprehensive voice monitoring tools. Enhance your security and oversight with TheOneSpy’s cutting-edge technology.

Call Recording

Record live phone calls incoming & outgoing using a call tracking app on the target device.

Listen & Record Surround

Remotely control the phone’s microphone and connect it to the dashboard for recording and listening to the surrounding sounds.

voip call recording

VoIP Calls

Record & listen to one-sided Voice and video calls on popular instant messaging apps.

Camera bug

Takeover target device cameras front and back to record a series of short videos of surroundings with TheOneSpy.

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