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Track A Phone Remotely with World's Best No Root Mobile Phone Tracker

Mobile Tracker Software is Loaded with:

  • Mobile GPS location tracking with route map history logs.
  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS)
  • Remotely Read WhatsApp, Facebook & other social media apps
  • Live screen recording of cellphone screen activities.
  • Record surrounds conversations, voices & sounds
  • Track a phone calls frequency either missed, received or deleted
  • Live call recording & listening incoming & outgoing calls
  • Track internet history, bookmarks, and phone calendars
  • Spy on keystrokes of messages, passwords & conversations
  • Personal mobile phone data back-up & safety for lifetime
  • Remote control options to restrict target device usage
  • Remote screenshots capturing from the target device

Top Mobile Tracking Features

Why TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker is Trendy App in the Surveillance Industry?

Real-time GPS Tracking
Route Map History
Live Pinpoint Location
Mark Restricted Area
Un-Restricted Area
Expert Support

How TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker is Exceptional in Services?

TheOneSpy Makes Mobile Phone Tracking Easy for Parents & Business Owners by adding Recording, Monitoring & Tracking Features

Mobile Tracking is Sailing & Secure for all Users: TheOneSpy phone tracker has made the seemingly complicated tracking activities of parents and business owners effortless. They don’t need several products to know what is going on children and employee’s devices respectively. You can use it at the time and place of your choosing to protect children from digital dangers and to keep an eye on employee’s activities. It works secretly and performs reporting more than you imagine. The addition of exceptional features has changed the course of traditional tracking of mobile devices. You can use features likewise live screen recording, View 360 live streaming, live surround listening, GPS location tracker, IM’s chat tracking, VoiP call recording, keystrokes logging, password chasing, and many more.

Location Tracking Features

cell phone gps location tracker
Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

Track the GPS location in real-time with the target movements on a Map view under the user dashboard.

mark restricted area
Mark Restricted Area
Parents can mark any forbidden/disallowed area on the map to get the notification when child visit the restricted area.
location history phone tracker
Route Map History Tracking

Monitor the route map history of the target cell phone and observe most visited places  and paths over the Map.

Geo Fencing
Geo Fencing

Mark safe and dangerous areas on the MAP and get notification when target go outside or inside fence.

Cell phone live GPS
Phone Location Tracker

Track location with and without GPS of the targeted cell phone and monitor whereabouts remotely with TOS location tracker.

Im social media monitoring
Expert Support 24/7 Live Chat

An expert is online 24/7 for the online chat support to help the user in emergency and technical issues.

TheOneSpy Keeps your Privacy and Protect Cell Phone Data from Theft, Lost & Stolen with Advance Mobile Tracking Features.

The phone tracker works under complete secrecy and remains hidden on the surface of the mobile device and protects the data stored on the device to the fullest. It provides data protection with data backup facilities, the moment the target device user has made additions in cell phone memory it will clone the data and shift it to its online control panel. No matter what device version you are using it supports it and the target device user won’t able to find its visibility on its device. Therefore, covert tracking activities are impossible to trace and you can retrieve the lost or accidentally deleted information remotely from TheOneSpy control panel.

Data Tracking Features

data backup remotely
Data Backup

Backed-up all your precious data on an online secure control panel. Such as cloning all the data of user’s smartphone.

surveillance on android multimedia
Photos / Videos

Create back-up of all the multimedia files such as Photos, videos, downloaded images or messenger’s media files.

password chaser
Password Tracker

Chase password set on the target cell phone such as home screen lock digital passwords, & pattern passwords.


bookmarks monitoring
Browsing /bookmarks Tracking

Track all the visited websites, online social networks, saved bookmarks, Browser History and every activity happened on cell phone browser.

android device information
Device Information

Cell phone detailed information such as carrier name, battery usage, GPS On/Off, Model, IMEI, Wifi, & Storage capacity.

tos desktop monitoring
Screen Recording

Record short videos in a loop of 5 sec to 1 mint of the target cell phone screen activities and save over the secure panel.

emails mobile phone tracker
Emails / Messenger Chats

Track all the incoming and outgoing emails & Text chat such as SMS, Messenger Chat, Group Chat, sent and received messages.

screenshots spy app

Capture screenshots of the targeted mobile screen remotely with multiple screenshot with single command option.

remote control commands
Remote Operations

User Control panel allows the user to perform Mobile tracking remotely via TheOneSpy dashboard.

Voice Monitoring & Tracking Features Make TheOneSpy Most Demanding Mobile Tracker App

Mobile device tracker has a collection of tools but when it comes to voice tracking features. All of them got huge appreciation particularly for live call recording, voice messages tracker, surround recording and live surround listening. Any activity that occurs on the target device in terms of voice or sound user can record and listen to it in real-time and further download the file from dashboard. You can listen to live incoming and outgoing phone calls, remotely connects target device microphone with TheOneSpy control panel listen to live surroundings of the device. Besides this, users can get the logs of voice calls sent or received in instant messaging apps with the time schedule.

Voice Monitoring Features

Bugging surround recording app
Spy350 Surround Recording

Record surroudings sounds and voices with Spy360 surround recording features. it can record 30 sec to 30 mints voice/sound files in MP4

spy video camera app
Video Media Files

Video media files shared and received on instant messengers or downloaded from internet on the target phone.

remote call recording software
Call Recording

It can record all incoming and outgoing voice calls, Phone conversations of both sides and upload on secure panel.

mic bug
Mic Bugging / Stealth Listening

Bug into the mic of target cellphone and listen what sounds and voices or conversations happening around over the targeted device

switch android device single license.
VOIP Calls / Voice Messages

Record all voice messages sent and received through any Instant Messenger installed on target mobile along with VOIP call logs.

camera screen record
Camera Bugging (Front / Back)

Live Stream, Watch and Record the surroundings and whereabouts of the targeted cell phone with cam bugging feature.

TheOneSpy is the Most Powerful and Advanced Mobile Tracking Software!

TheOneSpy mobile spying app protects children's online safety and secures your business secrets with unbeatable and unlimited tracking tools.

Best Phone Tracker App without Permissions

Most of the users looking for free mobile tracker apps but when it comes to the android tracker app it happen to one of the best phone tracker app without permission effectively. You can track a phone you owned without permission all you need to set it up on the target mobile device. Seemingly, cell phone tracking is difficult without permission. If tracking could have been done without permission then the target device user won’t allow you to get access to the device to unveil activities no matter what device belongs to you. TOS cell phone tracker software is the best tool in business to spy on calls, messages, chats, social media apps, GPS location tracking, and remotely block inappropriate activities without permission.

Cell phone spy without access to the target device:

You can track cellphone devices remotely without having access to the target device with TheOneSpy Mobile tracker software. However, at pre-stage, you need to install it on the target device and then activate it. Besides, you don’t require physical access to the target phone. You can directly get ingress to the target devices and spy cellphones without access to the target device to the fullest. However, the user has to remember they cannot use a phone device tracker for intrusive and illicit surveillance on someone’s mobile device unless you own a device. Otherwise, the user needs to have the consent of the target device user, because without consent it would consider as unlawful act and lies under privacy breaching activities.

Clone & Track Android Mobile without Access to The Target Device:

Phone tracker software makes users clone and tracks an android phone without access to the target device. It means the user can shift or transfer data from one cell phone device or tablet to another device easily. Moreover, you can clone mobile devices to know hidden activities of the target user but you need to install a mobile tracking app on the target mobile phone then you can clone and monitor every single activity or transfer data using TheOneSpy mobile tracker app dashboard. You can listen to live cell phone calls, read text messages, chat conversations, screenshots, screen monitoring, spy on emails, and surround recording. Furthermore, users can retrieve data of mobile such as contacts, music files, videos, photos and others alike.

Phone tracker software provide you tracking facilities that don’t exist ever before

You can monitor any kinds of mobile and tablet devices once you have installed the best cell phone tracking software on the target device. No matter at what position the target device is present you can get to know every single activity happen on it verbally and as well as non-verbally. A mobile device tracker gives you an edge to expose all the hidden activities via an online control panel.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?

How TheOneSpy Protect your teens and business assets in 4 steps

how to start theonespy app.
how theonespy works?

1- Select Your Plan

select your package and the period you wish to purchase TOS for, select your package and the period you wish to purchase TOS for

download and install theonespy step 3

2- Get TheOneSpy Monitoring App

Through a secure payment method, you get an efficient, reasonable and trustworthy online payment process and our customer experience a smooth and protective transaction while shopping with TheOneSpy.

download and install theonespy step 3

3- Download & Install within 30 Seconds

TheOnespy apps installation process and Activation key are user-friendly. Activation key and installation guide steps are available on user control panel. Just hit the downloading link provided in an email after subscribing TheOneSpy monitoring app for Android and follow the installation instructions. The installation procedure will start automatically.

start monitoring secret surveillance step 4

4- Get Started with TheOneSpy

It empowers you to spy on Android device remotely & monitor all data logs of your particular device by just logging-in through a secure control panel.


  • Get back all removed or accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages
  • Track social messaging apps and instant messengers on un-rooted phones
  • Gets access to the activity logs of the target device using the Mobile Viewer app
  • Uninstall application remotely via an online dashboard
  • TheOneSpy Now supporting Android 10

Supported OS

  • It is compatible with the contemporary Android devices starts from 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, & now with Android 10.
  • The Android cellphones of different leading manufacturers likewise, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG, HTC & Sony are supported apart from TCL devices. Besides, TOS Phone tracker is compatible with all carriers.

Common Questions

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You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?