How Bossware Evolves Techniques to Track Employees?

bossware evolves techniques to track employees

Are you a boss of a business organization? We are sure that you have a spy mind. Over the recent years, work has transferred from industry to the information age. So, techniques have changed to track and monitor employees using new technologies. Employers want to keep an eye on their employees for the safety and productivity of the business. Bosses don’t believe in and trust their employees, and they do believe in BossWare. So why are bosses lurking around the techniques and technologies that track employees in secret? The lack of engagement, productivity, honesty, and goldbricking activities has made employers get their hands on the tools that gather information on business devices.

What is Bossware?

Generally Speaking, BossWare could be any Software that enables Users:

  • Install it on the target cell phones, PC, and computer devices
  • It gathers information on the target device using keystrokes, apps activity, screenshots, bug microphones, and cameras. Moreover, it captures passwords and monitors chats, messages, emails, and passwords. It delivers the data to the boss via its web-based web portal.

Techniques to Track Employees that Evolved over the Years:Bossware

Here we discuss the three different ways of employee monitoring that bossware evolves over the years. These techniques were Unproblematic

Techniques to Track Employees in the Past

  • Applications and tools that only collect information like time spent on apps and visited websites.
  • Gather information on computers like time spent on computer devices to measure productivity.
  • Updates about the violations of the employees on business devices
  • Productivity report of employees
  • Keeping an eye on business documents

Techniques that Deserve Attention

Here we discuss the second phase of the monitoring technology or bossware that brings the attention of the business professionals to track employees for business safety and productivity.

  • Monitoring of employees online activities on laptop and desktop devices (live, online, recording, and offline tracking)
  • Capturing screenshots of business devices
  • Live video recording to monitor screen activities like browsing history, chat, emails, and many more.
  • Email monitoring & when and whom email has sent
  • Social media and messaging apps tracking
  • Remote spy on computers, mobiles, and PCs with or without request
  • Documents tacking –when target person has opened business documents, copied and sent

Advance Techniques Bossware Evolves ever to Monitor Employees

There is following techniques of employee surveillance that evolves in current era. These are the top notch techniques that every bossware should have to monitor and track employees during business hours.

  • Hidden and undetectable employee monitoring applications that give no clue to employees
  • Tools to take over mobile and PCs microphones and cameras to track employees
  • Block and filter websites and webpages on digital phones and computers
  • GPS tracking tools to track accurate location, and location history of cellphones and PCs

Why do Bosses want to Become Invisible CEOs?

The cyber-world is merciless, and today it has made bosses become invisible CEOs on business-owned devices. Every employer is in the race of employee monitoring, and they want to know every move of their employees on the business devices. Business organizations invest a handsome amount on phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices for the sake of productivity. Digital operations have become necessary for every business organization.

Employers want to Monitor Employees for a Variety of Reasons that are Following:

  • To increase business productivity
  • To prevent goldbricking activities
  • To detect stealing of intellectual property
  • To measure working hours of employees
  • To deal with the cyber-attacks on business
  • To catch email scams & prevent malwares

These are the reasons that force employers to become invisible CEOs of the business organizations. So, they try to find out the best bossware that works on business devices. It keeps updating them about the employees during working hours.

The pandemic has forced employers to allow their employees to work from home and encourage employers to install Employee tracking software business devices. The COVID-19 has brought Bossware boom worldwide, Said Brian Kropp, vice president for Gartner’s HR practice.

When the pandemic spread, more than 16% of companies worldwide use new tracking software on business phones, laptops, and computers to perform remote-tracking Kropp, further talked about his research on post-COVID-`19 business trends. Nowadays in July number has risen to 26%.

Business firms are moving towards the passive monitoring of employees. They want to listen and watch their employees and want to become invisible CEOs. Employers want to talk less and less, Kropp further added that. The pandemic and the rise and the rise of data breaches, online attacks, and disgruntled employees have accelerated the usage of bossware. You can say that the pandemic has brought the future into the present.

Bosses are in Electronic Warfare with Employees

Every employer wants to monitor and spy on the business device. On the other hand, employees want to know whether the boss is watching them. There are mixed opinions when it comes to tracking employees using Employee monitoring software (bossware). Employees these days are aware of their employers’ monitoring.

So, they try hard not to get caught and want to know when they are watching them. Employees have a different opinion as well on tracking them in secret. Few say it will boost their productivity and build their trust with their employers. Few say monitoring tools on business devices decrease productivity and make them constantly nervous.

Therefore, employers use techniques that have evolved over the recent years in the shape of bossware. Employees try to avoid surveillance on their devices, but hidden and invisible applications empower bosses to monitor employees during working hours. We can say that bosses are in electronic warfare with employees.

It could be critical for the employee’s privacy, but employers can legally track employees with or without consent by tracking business-owned devices.

How do Bosses Track Employees?

Employers are using many techniques to track their employees with advanced, hidden, and undetectable monitoring tools.  The tracking apps have evolved over the years, and today we have the following ones.

Bosses lurk towards bossware to track employees’ activities. They want to do surveillance on business phones for many sneaky activities. They want to record live phone calls and read messages with chat conversations. They want to block websites, capture screenshots, keystrokes, and want to listen to the surroundings. Bosses can become invisible genies on business devices and know what employees are up to during working hours.

Popular Bossware You Need to Know for Tracking Employees

Bossware is a collective name of those applications that spy on business devices to monitor and track employee activity. Hundreds of spyware are available on the web, but you need to choose the best one in the business. You can use the best brassware to capture keystrokes, social messaging apps, screenshots, screen recordings, and browsing history. You can further track GPS location, location history, and surround recording. You can use choose TheOneSpy to monitor and track your employees.

TheOneSpy is a boss of all brassware that is packed with the following products to do surveillance on employees during working hours:

These are the popular monitoring applications to spy on business devices without them knowing. For example, you can install these apps on the target device to monitor employees in real time.


Employers want to remain transparent with their workforce by tracking their productivity and make sure of business safety. Bosses can use TheOneSpy as “bossware”. It creates accountability and gets rid of performance lapses to boost productivity. The tracking software guarantees you the safety and productivity of the business.

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