Block Internet Remotely When the Target Person Driving - TheOneSpy Drive Safety Feature

TheOneSpy user can block internet access on the target phone while the target is driving. Blocking internet access allows you to stop every activity associated with cyberspace. Users can prevent instant messaging on social networking apps, chats, VoIP calls, media sharing, and distracting notifications. Moreover, you can prevent emails, browsing activity, and other risky activities behind the wheels.

Block Internet While Driving Remotely with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is the best cell phone monitoring software that works on cell phone devices. It allows you to block internet activities to prevent phone usage while driving remotely.

TheOneSpy Internet Blocking Feature in Nutshell

It is one of the advanced and lifesaving features of TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software. Everyone these days has become obsessed with cell phones and the internet. Internet blocking feature can save the lives of your close ones, and you can stop them using a cell phone connected to cyberspace behind the wheels. Users can block the internet on the target phone to dismantle every activity in IM like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, and others. Moreover, you can stop target phones from connecting with cyberspace. It is handy to stop a person driving person from getting distracted behind the wheels.

How Block the Internet while Driving Useful?

Youth is crazy to copy fast and furious series. They are also addicted to cell phones, the internet, and social media no time ever before. Therefore, they want to spend time on social messaging and browsing activities. Phone obsession is making teens use the internet while driving. Parents can stop teens from using the internet while driving with TheOneSpy internet blocking feature. Employers can block their employee’s internet on official devices and vehicles. Otherwise, be ready to sign their life insurance policies.

Block Internet on the Target Phone Without Root

You can block internet access on rooted and non-rooted cellphones with TheOneSpy android monitoring software. Users can use it on the target phone to block internet access to protect users from distracted driving.

rooted non rooted android

TheOneSpy is Best for Blocking the Internet while Driving

It is remote cell phone spy software that you can use on the target phone to prevent phone users from using cyberspace behind wheels. However, few things have made the application the best internet blocker software.

Prevent internet while driving

Users can block internet on phone behind wheels

Block internet activities

Block social media, browsing activity, emails & others

Block social media remotely

Users can block skype, WhatsApp, Facebook & other IM’s

block unblock internet remotely

Use TheOneSpy dashboard

Use online dashboard to block internet while driving

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Subscribe to the TheOneSpy app

You can subscribe to TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software and choose a license by visiting its webpage.

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Get physical access on the phone

Users can access the target phone to configure TheOneSpy software on the target cell phone device.

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Get access to the web control panel

You can use the password and ID to access the online dashboard. Further, activate features, like blocking the internet while driving.

TheOneSpy 3-minutes installation Guide

You can configure the TheOneSpy application on the target device, and it will take a few minutes using the steps given aside:

User's Review

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Andrea Angel

TheOneSpy is the best lifesaving app for distractive drivers, and you can install it on your underage teen’s phone.

boy sign

Jason Timothy

You can protect your loved ones that are obsessed with phones and use them behind the wheels with TheOneSpy.

girl sign

Eric bishop

You can remotely block internet access on employees’ phones to prevent cellphone usage while driving.

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Helen Mackenzie

It is a remote feature that can prevent your loved ones from brutal and fatal accidents.

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

Yes. TheOneSpy is one of the best applications that empower you to disable your internet while driving. It can remotely block the internet connection when your loved one is driving a vehicle and using the internet. You can use the feature to block the internet.

You can restrict your phone while driving by using an internet blocking app. TheOneSpy is one of the few apps that allow you to disable your phone behind the wheels using its online dashboard. Users can activate its best features, like blocking the internet and text messages behind the wheels.

Technical Questions

TheOneSpy is the best application that empowers you to block the internet, text messages, incoming calls, and others behind the wheels. Users can block social messaging activity on trendy IM and restrict web surfing. Further, you can prevent emails and activities that require an internet connection.

Yes. TheOneSpy is a life saver app for many users. It empowers you to block live incoming calls, internet, and text messages behind the wheels. Users can remotely access the dashboard and activate features that block internet connection on the phone.