block internet while driving

Block Internet while Driving

Weave a web around the world wide web__ Block their access to the internet while driving:

A blessing such as GPRS can be an evil in disguise. It gives free access to the internet on mobile devices. Well, that’s actually helpful when it comes to connecting to the web at school, office or at the market. It lifts away the restriction of keeping close to the internet device. Once the access is misused such as when driving a car, the results can be fatal!

Parents tend to be overprotective. At times, this can be suffocating to teenagers. They lack the authority to defy their parents while at home but they feel free to negate advises as soon as they step out of the house, in a car or with their friends. They do so, on the pretext, that their parents have no tangible way of reaching out to them when they leave the premises of their house.

With TheOneSpy, this preconceived notion turns out to be a fallacy. Now you can fix their driving habits and channelize them in the right direction. You can virtually suppress their desires to violate the rules and ensure they remain safe.

Just Install the application on their smartphones and curb their internet usage, right from your very place.  The application detects the vehicle acceleration and blocks access to the internet as soon as the car exceeds a certain speed. The process reverses as the car slows down. This prevents any mishap on the road due to web distraction.

With TheOneSpy, you can:

  • Block access to the internet remotely
  • Set speed limits for restricted web connectivity
  • Shut down all incoming/outgoing emails
  • Freeze all instant messaging services including WhatsApp and Skype
  • Halt web surfing including search queries on Google and access to audio-video media files.
  • Barr off the connection to social media networks such as Facebook.
  • Activate this parental control feature from your personal online control panel awarded to you by TheOneSpy. This can be done at any time, place and from any device as soon as your child hits the street.

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

Benefits for parents

Youngsters are passionate, aggressive and a bit inexperienced to make quick and wise decisions behind the steering wheel. They are quite vulnerable and fall easy prey to peer pressure such as the compulsion to over-speed for the sake of fun. They love adventure and can go to dangerous limits for the sake of a little thrill. It is common for the parental body to remain fear stricken and constantly pray for their children’s well-being, especially when they are driving around town with their friends. Now parents can make sure teens safety behind the wheels when they are using internet. They can remotely block internet access using TOS block internet while driving.

Benefits for Individuals

Distractions on road are a major cause of car accidents and loss of human lives. Where external sources of distractions can be hardly controlled, in-car diversions due to habitual mobile and internet usage can definitely be kept in check. With TheOneSpy, you can make sure that your loved one refrains from using the internet while on the road and drive more carefully and responsibly.

Benefits for Employers

Employers or business executives often seems busy in business related stuff all the time even when they are behind the wheels using internet. So, they can control themselves with the usage of TheOneSpy block internet feature. They can simply use it before they are going to drive a vehicle in order internet activities on their mobile phone device rather than to risk their lives.

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