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Short Message System (SMS)

SMS keystrokes logging app delivers end user all the keystrokes applied in term of SMS or short messages system on target device sent or received with complete time stamp using TOS app web portal

The Short Message System (SMS) is one of the basic needs of all of us. Despite the cheapest calling rates, the SMS is preferred. As it is one of the fastest ways to communicate to one another. But at times, there are some anonymous senders, who send annoying and obnoxious messages to our loved ones. When those loved ones are teens, they usually get emotionally trapped in those circumstances, and fall towards replying those anonymous senders. To evade such situations, TheOneSpy keylogger introduced the SMS Keystroke Logging feature. Besides the SMS monitoring, the SMS Keystrokes Logging is even a great support to the parents, employers, and partners.

How TOS SMS Messages Keystroke Logging Works?

To use TheOneSpy SMS Keylogger, you need to have:

  • TheOneSpy account of premier app
  • A smartphone or a Tablet with internet
  • A computer system will even do but should have the internet
  • TheOneSpy Dashboard app installed on the targeted smartphone or the tablet

After the TOS whole installation procedure is over, TheOneSpy SMS keylogger will start working. The app will monitor the SMS activities of the person spied. When anything is enter into the SMS, whether it’s a text or a number, will be displayed to the admin. In case the admin is not present at the principal device, the logs will be stored in the control panel for future considerations.

TheOneSpy SMS keylogger also supports:

  • Email’s KeyLogger
  • Password KeyLogger
  • Messenger keylogger

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How much is TOS SMS Keystroke Logger Helpful?

TOS SMS keystrokes logging is one of the finest help to the digital parents. Teens usually hide or delete their messages, so that none of their family members could see them. But TheOneSpy Keylogger for SMS to spy on text messages can still see them. It keeps the parents updated about everything their children did use their SMS. The Employers and the partners even get the benefit of this feature. With the SMS Keystroke Logging, they are able to reach to the messages of their employees and spouse respectively. In short, TheOneSpy cares for you!

Benefits for parents

Parents over the years have heard of sexting through texting and short messaging service of cellular network of a cell phone is happens to be a route cause. Young teens and tweens have started sexting and used to of using sneaky texting codes using SMS. Therefore, parents really want to protect teen’s texting in terms of sext. So, TheOneSpy SMS keystrokes logging is the best and effective tool to see kids and teens SMS conversations and keylogger tool empowers them to get all the SMS keystrokes applied instantly.

Benefits for Individuals

Anyone can track SMS sent received keystrokes applied on the target device no matter what. Individual can spy on their loved ones and can build their trust on each other by tracking SMS keystrokes on each other cell phone device having mutual consent. User can use TheOneSpy online control panel to view the SMS keystrokes monitored data and get to know the reality within shorter span of time.

Benefits for Employers

Use of company’s owned mobile phones and tablets mostly prohibited at workplace at least within the working hours but there are employees who can do it when employers are not present on their head. Therefore, user can remotely track the SMS sent received on the company’s provided devices to stop their employees for wasting time to boost productivity. They can use SMS keylogger software in order to seek information delivered or received via SMS through company’s digital devices. Employers can stay updated regarding all these sort of activities.

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