youtube screen recording

YouTube Screen Recorder

YouTube screen recorder enables user to record all the activities performed on YouTube social site through cell phone device

You want to track YouTube social app on someone’s cell phone device and even you want to know visited videos, comments, personal channels of target phone user, uploaded videos and others. Then you can record screen of the target cell phone when target person is using YouTube. You just need to use Live YouTube screen recording app. it empowers you to record videos of the screen that you can see visiting TOS app online dashboard.

TheOnespy screen recorder for YouTube enables a user to view all the activities performed on YouTube through a smartphone device. The users can view YouTube recorded activities such as what sort of videos target phone user is watching, what sort of videos target user is uploading and what sort of comments target phone user is making on YouTube website.

  • Watching videos
  • Uploading videos
  • And other activities

How Does TOS YouTube Screen Recorder Work?

Initially, you just have to install the TOS software on the target smartphone device and when installation gets complete. Then activate the software and then log in to the dashboard of the screen recording app for YouTube and visit the settings features and activate the YouTube recording. You will be able to monitor and record the YouTube surfing on target cell phone device by using TheOneSpy YouTube screen recorder. The user can view what sort of Youtube content target user is visiting and upload by using the cell phone.

How YouTube Screen Recorder Helpful?

Parents can view the activities on YouTube of kids and teens when they are using it on their phones. They can come to know both kids and teens listening to music videos, informative videos or content which is inappropriate for them. On another hand employer that is worried about the productivity of their business, they can put their worries to rest by using the TOS YouTube recorder. Most of the time employees waste their time on YouTube watching different kinds of videos within the working hours and show their bosses that they are concentrating on an assigned task.

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Benefits for parents

Parents got worried when kids and teens are watching YouTube all day long at meal time, bed time, walking on the roads and last but not the least secretly. If you want to discover why kids and teens are so much obsessed with the YouTube videos then you can perform live screen recoding for YouTube. It record live YouTube activities on target phone by making short videos of the screen that you can see through TheOneSpy electronic web portal.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals can also get to know what their target person is doing on their mobile phones in terms of YouTube activities. You can track YouTube videos watching and further stop someone who is doing waste of time, get access to inappropriate content or plenty of other reasons. You can simply use YouTube screen recorder spyware to get the job done.

Benefits for Employers

Employers don’t bear waste of time within the working hours especially when employees are watching videos on company’s owned devices in terms of cell phones and gadgets. So, if you being employer want to know what exactly they are doing on your devices and YouTube in particular you can perform YouTube screen monitoring secretly. It empowers you to see real –time activities on YouTube and you can take decisions accordingly.

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