How to Monitor Your Employee’s Phone Remotely?

monitor your staff remotely

Do you want to know how to monitor employees’ business cell phones? Smartphones are more portable than computers. You can access conversations, locations, emails, and messages on business phones. So, it depends on the employee monitoring solutions to keep tabs on phones. Before discussing anything, you need to know the legitimacy of tracking business devices. Before discussing any solution to track cell phones, let’s discuss legitimacy.

What Are The Legalities And Advantages Of Monitoring Employees’ Cell Phones?

You will learn about the legitimacy and benefits of monitoring the company’s phones. It could be a very controversial thing to do. Tracking employees’ cell phones has become a practice at business organizations. But you need to know about the legitimacy and then about the benefits:

Legal Employees’ Cell Phone Monitoring Activity You Need To Know.

If an employer has provided a phone to an employee, then phone data belong to him. Cell phone data, like voicemails, text messages, calls, IM apps, and emails. Employers can review data like browsing history, GPS location, and voice calls anytime. Michael Trust, a certified mediator, says employers can monitor phones. Cellphone data belong to the company, and employers can review the device anytime.

Why Do Employers Need To Monitor Employees’ Cell Phones?

Cell phone monitoring of employees is a beneficial activity. Here are the following reasons employers can track on business devices, like smartphones:

To Monitor Employees' Illegal Activity On Business Phones:

Employers can rouge employee’s actions on business phones. Likewise, business professionals can monitor emails, data breaches, time-wasting, gambling, and online scams. Employers can determine inappropriate disciplinary activities on business devices.

To Protect Data Security On Company’s Cell Phones:

Companies have to secure their digital assets on business devices. So, employees must keep an eye on business data and trade secrets. Employee cell phone monitoring lets you see how disgruntled employees breach business privacy. Catch the employees involved in sharing content with malware and other illegal things.

To Track Your Employee's GPS Location:

You know that contemporary GPS tracking technology is available on phones. Employers can track location, location history, and route maps with employee monitoring software. Cell phone tracking of employees is necessarily working at different locations. Work from home is massive these days, and companies allow their employees for hybrid work.

To Spy On Workforce Business Productivity:

Employers need to track the productivity of employees during working hours. Cell phone usage monitoring has become the need of the hour. You can check your employee’s conversations, chats, and emails with customers.

Applications & Usage Of Data On Business Smartphones

Employers want to see what their employees are doing on business phones. So, they want to prevent unproductive workforce activities on mobile. Likewise, monitor long incoming and outgoing personal calls on business phones. Further, they track mobile data usage for downloading movies, games, and other things.

Litigation And Protection

Do you know business firms are regulated industries? So, they adhere to the legal guidelines for using business-owned phones. They have to deal with healthcare and financial services. Employers can look forward to seeking litigation. Businesses can do their legal protection via cell phone data usage.

To Protect The Company’s Reputation:

A company’s reputation is significant. Business-owned devices allow employees to dent in the image. So, Employers have no choice but to monitor the business-owned devices. They use employee monitoring software. Business professionals have to spy on their emails, voice messages, and Voice calls. They could track calls, and others to protect the company’s reputation.

What To Consider Monitoring Your Employee’s Cellphones?

You being an employer, you have to make use of technology. Opt for cell phone monitoring software. It would help you to keep tabs on your employees during working hours. You have to get legitimate spying software. Get your hands on the best app that monitors cell phones for the following mentioned things:

Monitor Calls & Messages Of Business Phone

Use tracking software for phones that give quick access to calls and text messages. Use a legitimate phone surveillance technology like TheOneSpy. It helps you record live incoming and outgoing calls and monitor phone numbers, names, emails, and call durations on android. You can listen to the recorded calls via its dashboard.

Users can view all the sent and received text messages on the target device by the employee. It also ensures access to iMessages that iPhone users send and receive only on iPhones. Employers need to have applications that work on android phones without root, and monitor iPhone with Jailbreak.

Track The GPS Location Of Your Employees

Location tracking includes extra features like spotting the target person. You can mark specific places as safe and unsafe and others via Geo-Fencing. The company can get to the location history, like weekly and daily of employees. So, employers can determine the location of the employees during day and night shifts.

The TheOneSpy tracking feature provides information about the employee’s whereabouts and activities. Business professionals can see the location of their employees via Google Maps. Further, receive notifications when they leave or enter the electronic fence.

Monitor Internet History On Business Cellphones

Many organizations have concerns when it comes to the use of the internet and searching. It empowers you to check the internet history. Employers can see browsing URLs and what the employee has been doing on the internet. It is relevant when a few employees work remotely from home. They can also spy on bookmarked webpages on business phones.

Spy On Their Social Media Apps Chats & Messages

Social media addiction has eaten out everyone, and none remained unaffected. Employees spend the first few hours on the internet and social media apps when they come to work. Companies got to keep an eye on their social media activities. Employers can view the installed apps list and read chats, messages, and shared media. TheOneSpy can track apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and online dating.

Record & Listen To The VoIP Calls Remotely

Employers can stop waste time on messaging apps via Voice calls. They can use the VOIP call recorder feature to record and listen to one-sided Voice calls. They can listen to IM calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype. TheOneSpy offers services, like android spy solution that allow users to spy on IM VoIP calls without rooting the business owned phones.

Block Time-Wasting Apps On Business Phone

Block every time-wasting application on business-owned phones. Employers can use TheOneSpy app for employee monitoring on any business-owned device. It empowers users to block applications from 1 hour to 12 hours. So, employers can stop employees’ unproductive activities on business phones during work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. TheOneSpy is one of the few spying apps for cell phones that support android and iPhones. It does need to root the business android device to keep tabs on employee’s activities. But its iPhone spy application works on jailbreak devices. So, you must jailbreak your business iPhones before spying on your employees.

No. You cannot monitor and track business devices remotely. But you can do it after the installation of the TheOneSpy app. To install the monitoring solution, employers must get physical access to the business android or iPhone device. Further, you can remotely track your employee’s activities without the target device.

Yes. TheOneSpy surveillance solutions for cell phones have a feature that captures passwords. Employers can use a password chaser to see the digits, pin, and pattern password on any business cellphones. It does not crack the thumb password. Moreover, you can also use the keystrokes logging feature to record and capture password keystrokes on a business device.

Yes. The monitoring software for android and iPhone devices is hidden. TheOneSpy can hide its apps’ icons on your business phones, leaving no clue for the employees. It is one of the few legal cell phone spy apps for business. It encourages legal tracking and spying activities on business devices.

No. Let me tell you that free spying and monitoring products for cell phones are risky. Business devices are usually full of data, and complimentary services will leave your device empty. So, avoid data breaching, and always prefer a legitimate and responsible spying service for cell phones, like TheOneSpy app.

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