How to Monitor Your Employee’s Phone Remotely?


Monitoring regarding spying applications refers to spying the whereabouts, activities, calls, messages and even the social media astray of a particular person. When it comes to monitoring the employees remotely, though it’s very much possible and convenient too; it includes some sensitivities and complexities. The post addresses the queries like can we actually monitor the employees, how can we do all this, what can we monitor and is it possible to track them without their information.

Monitoring employees are really possible, but there must be a concord in black and white that permits the organization or company owners to monitor their employees as per the legislations of the local states. A spying application is installed on the smartphones and other devices in the possession of the employees, and those are reviewed regarding various activities. In case, the employer wants to track locations of his employees he can do it easily if another wishes to keep eyes on social media whereabouts, that’s entirely possible as well and even when is the need the owners or companies can remove specific applications from the device of employee remotely.

TheOneSpy monitoring application lets the users monitor their employees conveniently and accuracy without letting the target user smell it. What are the features that can monitor the employees is listed below? The first and foremost thing to consider is getting permission, installing the app by getting the target user’s device in physical access and then enjoy monitoring happily.

Here are the best features that revolve around and target the employee for spying. Let’s have a look at these:

Monitor Calls and Messages

The built-in feature of the application gives quick access to checking the calls and text messages or even iMessages and Blackberry pin messages of the employees. The user will visit the dashboard of TheOneSpy account to review all the incoming and outgoing calls with more details like phone numbers, names, emails and call durations. The calls can be recorded and listened to later on as well.

When it comes to messages spying, the user will be in a position to view all the sent and received text messages on the target device by the employee. Meanwhile, it also ensures to give access to iMessages too that iPhone users send and receive only on iPhones.

Track GPS Location

Tracking location includes additional features like spotting the target person at a certain moment of time, marking specific places as safe and unsafe and others as well. The company can get to the history of a whole day or a full week to check where their employee has been, where did he go, what was his location at night, etc. TheOneSpy tracking feature gives full details regarding the whereabouts and activities of the employee.

Monitor Internet History

Many organizations have concerns when it comes to the use of internet and searching. This feature lets you enjoy comfortable monitoring of the internet history, browsed URLs and what the employee has been doing on the internet too. This is relevant in the context of when few employees work remotely from home and company doesn’t have any information whether they were available at a particular time to serve the clients.

Spy on Their Social Media Apps

Social media addiction has eaten out everyone, and none remained unaffected. When the employees come to work, they spend first few hours on the internet and social media apps. Companies got to keep eyes on their social media activities. In the event, when you find an unwanted app that the employee spends most of the time and is not favorable for company’s benefits, that app can be checked, removed, deleted or stopped for a certain amount of time as well.


The listed features provided by TheOneSpy application serve to a greater extent when it comes to employee monitoring. These are the general features that can be deployed for spying the staff and workers. The purchase and installation of the application will realize the dream of spying employees. Nevertheless, if you manage an international business with supporting workers in many areas, they can be monitored through company provided devices after the written agreement is completed.

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