Pornography Abusing Teen’s Online – Infographic

pornography abusing teens online

It’s very hard to believe that teens and tweens these days watching porn online. However, it is a bitter truth and parents are very concerned about it no time ever before. The CNN reported that almost 42% of the internet users between the ages of 10 to 17 view porn online. On the other hand, the thing that shook up the parents, 66% of the teenagers says that they have seen porn accidentally, and they were not looking for it at all, according to the study by the University of New Hampshire and published in Pediatrics. Moreover, Elizabeth Schroeder a sexuality expert who used to work with parents, teens, schools and even with the organizations says parents don’t be shocked if children have sought out porn, but to take action to make sure teens and kids online safety.

How Teens Perceiving Pornography?

  • Almost 90% of teens are encouraging, accepting, or stay neutral while having discussion about the pornography with their friends
  • Only 25% of adults do believe that porn online is wrong
  • 27% of teens used to of receiving sexts via cellphone or social media
  • 15% of teens are involved sending sext material online to others
  • 57% of teens do search for porn online at least once in a month
  • 51% of male teens and 32% female teens accidentally or willingly watch porn
  • children first exposure to pornography is an average age of 12 years old

How Teen’s Accidentally Got Trapped to Pornography

34% of teens who use internet experience unwanted exposure to porn via:

  • Pop –up ads
  • Miss Directed links
  • Miss directed emails
  • Social Media sexually explicit profiles

How Pornography Harm Teens?

  • It increases rate of unwanted teenage pregnancy issues
  • Porn addiction hinders in sexual development in teens
  • Pornography addict teens cause depression and behavior issues
  • Porn obsession in teens cause low self –esteem

Stages That Leads Teens Towards Pornography

  • Sexting on cell phone
  • Online blind dating
  • Self –Obscenity
  • Porn

The Hegemony of Porn Over The Web

Per second:

  • 2858 users are watching porn including teens
  • $3075.64 spend on porn videos online
  • 372 people type “adult” queries on web

Per Day:

  • 37 porn videos are created in U.S only
  • 5 billion Emails sent/received along with porn material
  • 68 million searches queries about porn
  • 1116,000 queries occurs related to child porn

How Pornography Effecting Americans

  • Almost 200000 Americans are porn addict
  • 40 million U.S citizens visit porn regularly
  • 35% of downloading is all about pornography
  • 1 in 5 cell phone searches about adult content

Alarming Observations About Porn Addict Youth

  1. Male teen porn addicts become cold blooded towards women
  2. Rape Crime seems less serious for youngsters
  3. Non marital sex seems reasonable
  4. Get involve in non –coital sexual practices oral and anal sex
  5. Young porn addicts get interest in extreme & deviant form of porn
  6. Become less satisfied with actual partner
  7. Sexual infidelity become habit
  8. Male lose interest to have kids
  9. Female don’t want to have their own baby girl

Steps for Parents To Battling Pornography Online

  • Keep electronic devices off at certain time
  • Put the computer screen at wide areas with no doors or privacy
  • Install TheOneSpy parental control app on phones, tablets and computers
  • Monitor social media activities, text messages and phone calls and browsing activities




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