Sexual Obsession in Teens: Is Social Media Driving Factor

Social Networking sexual obsession teenagers

The contemporary technological world has been empowered every human being to grasp the whole world in a single hand having the internet. Now the availability of internet on smartphone tech-gadgets hit the storm to the whole world. The modern technology in the shape of smartphones has also introduced plenty of platforms to communicate to the whole world through instant messengers and networking applications. However, having the access to internet, pornographic, social networking and dating applications, today teens have infinite ways to interact sexually with the one whom they like. The social messaging applications such as Tinder, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Vine and many others alike enable young kids and teens to interact with each other for the purpose of “hooking up”. Some teens are used to of sending semi-nude photos or even some time make adult videos and then share it over the digital media. Through IM apps, technology creatures; sexual obsession is on the rise and it is no longer mysterious for most of the teens. Therefore, a modern tech-sexual revolution might be a wonderful for adults to express their desires, but on another hand, it is alarmingly dangerous for young teens. Young teens are getting addiction through online sexual exchanges with the help of instant messaging apps which they are using frequently on regular basis.

Issues Associated with the Online Romances:

Modern technological creatures have opened up a gateway to a wide world of potential romances and sexual experience. Young teen starts adopting artificial ways of getting sexual intimacy, which is making teens feeling devalued. The standard of the online sexual experience is only based on appearances. No one bothers about nothing but you how you look.  According to some reports related to Tinder application, a girl who had a break up with her boyfriend, finally, have a got interaction with the online stranger and intimate with him online. Later on, the girl posted a status on dating site Tinder blog about the difficulty of she is facing about finding love.

Pornographic Effects:

The excess of modern media in the shape of an internet and social networking and plenty of instant messaging applications are infusing sex itself as less satisfying for most of the teenagers. Because when they had sex with their opposite gender they prefer in a pornographic way, finally got less satisfaction and try to find some fake ways to fulfill their sexual needs, “according to the girls interviewed for Vanity Fair, young boys always demand nude pictures through social media from girls and if they don’t get they move forward to get from another girl.

Sex Without Intimacy:

The most devastating consequences which the internet and the digital media are spreading is sex without intimacy, which has become premium among young teenagers. Kim Goldman, who is running teen’s counseling service, stated that.

“we have come to know that the internet and social media platforms are contributing plenty of social issues such as cyber bullying, stalkers, pedophilias, Narcissism and feeling of isolation among the users of the internet and social media.”

Having access to sexual imagery and stimulation can come to the commodification of the female body: even cases have occurred in one of Goldman’s schools in which young teens have found doing sexual activities by making some money. The young teens even are involved in online bullying and slut shaming if they take part in digital sexual behavior.

Health Issues:

Sexual obsession in teens due to the excessive usage of internet and danger social networking tools may cause serious health issues. Young teens are running with deep depression, anxiety and plenty of psychological issues. Therefore, sexual obsession may lead young girls and boys towards many health issues. According to the Departmental Management of the USDA, almost 38% of men and 45% women having sex addiction usually have several diseases as a result of the behavior.  The unwanted pregnancy is very common issues in young teens, according to a survey, 70% of females got one pregnancy as a result of having the sexual addiction. It can lead people towards psychological effects such as generating the feeling of shame, inadequacy, and emotional distress. Sexual addicts usually have mental issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and many other issues regarding impulse control and emotion deregulations.

Social & Moral issues:

  • It can lead a person towards the decline in personal relationships, social and family engagement.
  • It decreases in efficiency, concentration, and productivity at workplace.
  • It can lead a person towards Physical problems such as sexual dysfunction or sexually transmitted disease STDs.

It is a fact that not only young girls are suffering from the surge in digital, become easy to get access towards sexual material through technology in the shape of smartphones and the online media. The young boys might desire for sexual experience when they use the platform such internet and dating apps. The young males are sweepingly romantic, hot and epic according to Sales’ female interviews.

How Should Parents Protect Teens from Sexual Obsession?

The social media is no doubt hit the world by storm and a driving factor spreading sexual obsession in teens. Now young teens have easy access towards sexual content through the internet and social networking. The modern world has also come with the tools which help out parents to protect their young girl and boys from all online worlds’ dangerous issues such as sexual addiction. Parents need to use the cell phone monitoring software which allows parents to track all the activities they’ve done on their smartphones. It enabled parents to view browsing history and what sort of websites they are visiting, and all bookmarked websites along with the complete time stamp. If parents think that their teens are using multiple instant messaging applications then they can use IM’s Social media of the spy software. Parents can see all IM’s logs, IM’s chats and media sharing in the form of photos, videos, emojis and voice messages. If parents want to clear all the suspicions regarding their teen’s activities, then they can use keylogger. It empowers parents to know all the keystrokes applied on the device such as password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, email keystrokes and SMS keystrokes. Parents who are busy in their daily work usually have less time to take action on their teen’s activities, that’s why the mobile tracking app enables them to take screenshots remotely, look at their photos and videos remotely through view multimedia files. Parents who came to know that their teens access carnal content by visiting websites, they can control them remotely easily. They just need to use remotely phone controller of the cell phone surveillance software. They will be able to do remote monitoring of young teens; they can set their monitoring preferences, they can completely block the Internet when they are visiting inappropriate websites and the user even view all the apps installed on the target device remotely.


Social media is a driving factor creating sexual obsession in young girls and boys which could be dangerous for them. The mobile phone spy app allows parents to control their inappropriate activities on their digital devices.

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