Child Molestation: How to Know When Something Is Wrong?


It is a sad fact to know that 96% of the time the person who has sexually assaulted your child, based on the reported cases, are the people your child or you know intimately. They maybe your sister, your brother in law, your next door neighbor, a work friend, your child’s nanny, babysitter, your housekeeper or even their own father. Unfortunately, that is a very true, yet devastating, fact that 16% of the time it is your own husband or your child’s father who is responsible for traumatizing your child and scaring him or her for life.

Thus, instead of looking closely at the bookstore owner the next time you pay them a visit, look closely at the people who live in your own home. They might be the very people you need to be aware of.

What can you do?

Whether you are a concerned dad or a very simple mom, reading something like this must be pretty hard for you to even comprehend, but imagine the consequences of something like this happening to your own child? Without a doubt, if you are a concerned parent, things like these definitely keep you up at night. Fortunately for you, there are ways to learn such occurrences beforehand, such as;

· Watch Closely

It is one thing to watch your children closely but it is an entirely different matter to keep a close watchful eye on the people they surround themselves with. Thus, it is for the best if you keep a close, watchful eye of people around you. One can tell a lot about a person by watching their gestures and the way the fidgeted. If someone hugs your child for too long, remains close to them in a way that makes your child fidget nervously or your skin crawl, you need to watch out for them, until and unless you have hard proof.

· Be Your Child’s Shadow

It is rumored that only one’s shadow knows that person best. Thus, by being your child’s shadow, you can know what is going on. Children under the age of 11 are innocent and faultless. Unlike adults, they cannot hide their emotions or how they may feel. One way or another you are going to notice a change in their behavior if something is up with them at all and it is so, it should be taken it into consideration and something should be done about it, even if it is merely done to show your child you are there for them.

· Teen Watch

While teens are capable of looking after themselves and voicing their concerns, it does not under any circumstances means that they are any less vulnerable to this threat. Teens between the ages of 13 to 17 are the most vulnerable to being molested and more often than not such teens do not tell their parents what had transpired with them. Thus, if you use a TheOneSpy parental monitoring application in order to see what your teen has been up to by looking closely at their browsing history, social media accounts, text messages, chats and phone calls which can provide you with an insight into what goes on in your child’s head.

Furthermore, their behavior and activities can also be a way for you to get something is wrong. If your child is snappy, eats too little and plays with the food on his or her plate and keep to themselves unlike how they used to act before, then all of that spells trouble for you.

· Talk To Their Teachers

While we recommend the use of TheOneSpy application as a last resort when nothing helps, even though it is highly recommended, the second best thing you can do is talk to your child’s school teacher. If something is wrong with them and they are not talking to you, then the person they are most likely to share their problem with is their teachers.

The Bottom Line

With all sorts of inappropriate ailments that the world got rid of a long type ago coming back to haunt us, the best thing parents can do is keep an eye on their communications. If the teen is not talking to you, he or she certainly is using the portal to vent. Thus, by using TOS children monitoring application not only can help you look out for them but you can also make sure that their children don’t earn an experience with the potential to traumatize them for life forever.

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