mic bug

Mic Bug Surround Recording App

Secretly Turns On Microphone to Listen to Conversations

This Spy Mic highly innovative feature allows the user to listen to and record the conversations and sounds for up to 45 minutes. The user can send multiple bugs to be executed sequentially.

How Spy Mic Bug Remote Sound Recording Help You?

Want to make sure with spy audio recorder that your child or spouse is not engaged in any wrongful activity behind your back? Wish to keep an eye on your employees, to be certain that they are not indulging in any mysterious and suspicious acts that may be detrimental to the reputation of your company?

It is quite obvious that we can’t be with our loved ones at all times. Why worry yourself sick, thinking about your child being victimized at school or your spouse being exploited at work. With TOS Spy Mic, you can monitor hidden microphone activities and shed off your fears.

Right away from home, this way, you can make a fair guess at what has been going on and rush off to them in times of need to ward off any unpleasant consequences. Similarly, when it comes to your employees, trust, and respect for mutual privacy is of vital importance.

With TheOneSpy Mic Bug, you can:

  • Take control of the microphone
  • Save voice recordings to an online account
  • Send multiple spy bugs to record voice

Why you need our Mic Bug/Surround Recording feature?

There are plenty issues for certain group of people when it comes to the use of technology such as digital parenting for parents, to have a check and balance on employees at work place and for individuals. Let’s get to know in the following why parents, employers and individuals need this.

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

Benefits for Parents

Parents do not need to stick with their kids and teens anymore all the time. Now they can remotely get to know at what place kids and teens are hanging out, doing what and they are talking to whom at the moment. You may think I am talking about magic, not at all, I am talking about TheOneSpy MIC bug app. it enable parents to take control over the target device MIC. Furthermore, user can record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations visiting the online control panel of the TOS app.

Benefits for Individuals

People who really want to build trust with someone they love or with someone who don’t have faith in you. You can simply suggest using MIC Bug software on each other’s cell phone having mutual consent in order to record the surround sounds and conversation at any point of time. Furthermore, an individual user can use it for many other activities like that in order to remotely get to know what is happening in the surrounds of the target mobile phone user.

Benefits for Employers

Employers often got deceived by the employees especially when they are outside the premises of the firm. Employees feel free to waste time on company’s owned devices and to make gossips and conspiracies with other employees within the absence of their boss. So, business owner can install phone spy app to record surround sounds and conversations of the employees to make them accountable wasting time within the working hours rather than to perform productive work.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?