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With the rise in the number of people making use of smart phones, children, and teenagers, in particular, parents have begun to worry a great deal. Along with smartphones come a number of applications for download, not all of which are appropriate for children. It is in such instances that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure no such app has been downloaded onto their child’s cell phone which may be inappropriate for them. Going through the child’s phone is often not a possibility and even if it were so, snooping around on the phone could lead you to get caught which could cause serious damage to the relationship you have with your child.

Using the TOS app, you will be able to:

  • Gain access to the list of installed applications on the target device
  • Get details regarding which of the apps is made use of the most by the user
  • Check to see which of these apps has inappropriate content
  • Uninstall and delete the apps which you feel are inappropriate for the user of the phone
  • Get all the data uploaded onto your user control panel which you can then access later on as long as an internet connection is running

With such benefits associated with the use of such features, it is surprising to know that a number of individuals still question how this particular feature can be of use to them. Here’s how:

For such purposes, a number of monitoring apps have been introduced, one of them being TheOneSpy. The TOS spy app has a number of monitoring features which can come in handy for parents who wish to check up on the activities of their child’s phone or even spouses who wish to monitor their partner’s phones. Employers have also been making use of such apps to ensure the loyalty and efficiency of their employees. Lately, the TOS app has released a new feature for Android phones, one which allows users to remotely uninstall applications on the target phone.

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Benefits for parents

Have you ever wondered what your child does while he/she is constantly glued to his phone? Do you worry that he/she may be using apps which contain inappropriate content, media, and videos which shouldn’t be viewed at his age? Now parents can TheOneSpy remote uninstall tool and remove all the apps remotely that parents think that are in appropriate for the children usage.

Benefits for Individuals

Similarly, an individual can use TheOneSpy on its personal mobile phone device and in-case you have forget, lost or get theft your personal mobile phone device. However, the mobile phone that you have been lost was not password protected. So, you have private conversations on particular social media apps and you don’t want to unveil it. You can remotely remove or uninstall such applications from your personal phone and protect your conversations on it and plenty of data as well remotely using TOS app web control panel.

Benefits for Employers

Do you worry that perhaps your employees are constantly engaged on their work phones using apps during office hours instead of doing work assigned to them? Such questions can easily be answered using this feature provided by the TOS app. By logging into your user control panel, you will easily gain access to all the information you need regarding the apps installed onto the target phone, which ones are used the most and which are inappropriate. Once you have access to such data, you can then take the decision of remotely uninstalling them from the target phone without the user eve being aware of you doing so. This will allow you to have control over the target phone to ensure that no inappropriate apps are being used.

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