sms screen recorder

SMS Screen Recording

Do SMS screen recording of your target phone device and dig out all rabbit holes

Short service messages or SMS activities are very common among the mobile phone users and today it is a tool of communication in terms of text messages sending and receiving. Now you can spy on SMS messages on the target phone remotely. You can perform SMS screen recording in real –time when target device user send/ receive text messages you can make short videos of the screen.

Now you can record each and everything when target user seems busy on SMS, a user can do SMS screen recording and can view sent and received SMS on the target smartphone device by using the TheOneSpy best SMS screen Recorder. It will let the user make short videos of 1 minute until the target user stop texting and you will be able to know who target user sending and receiving SMS along with the contact number.

  • Sent or received SMS
  • Receiver Contact number
  • Content in the SMS
  • Complete SMS conversations

How does TOS Live SMS Screen Recorder Work?

First of all, a user just needs to install the tracking software for cell phone on the target smartphone device compatible with the app. When the installation process got completed, a user has to visit the dashboard of the monitoring app and then activate the best screen recorder for SMS of TheOneSpy remote screen recording app. Then you are free to do SMS screen recording and view what is going in SMS sent or received messages by the target phone user.

How is TheOneSpy SMS Screen Recording Useful?

SMS sending and receiving is very popular among the teenagers. Parents usually get worried when kids and teens spend so much time on sending SMS to friends and even some time strangers. Parents can record SMS screen and keep their eyes on kids and teens SMS activities on the mobile device TOS best screen recording app. They can make the back to back short videos and get to know what type of SMS they are sending and to whom. Parents can protect teens from bullies, stalkers and child abusers having SMS screen recording software.

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Benefits for parents

Now parents can remotely track all the sent received SMS on their mobile phone provided to their children. They can make themselves updated regarding  to whom kids and teens are talking through SMS and what are the objectives behind spending too much time on text messages using their mobile phones. Parents just need to install TOS app for cell phone monitoring on target phone and perform SMS screen recording in real –time to record short videos of the screen when SMS activity is in process.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals can also get advantages with the use of SMS screen recording tool that empowers user to remotely get access to the target device. It further records screen in terms of short videos of sent received SMS on target device screen. So, individual can use it for loved ones to know about their communication activities and even can use to build trust on each other by using on their each other devices to simply strengthen relationship.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can get to know to whom their employees are having communication via SMS on company’s provided cell phones and gadgets and further employers can read the SMS messages. Employers can stop their employees wasting time within the working hours, stop from personal use of the device and prevent information leakage with TOS app SMS screen recording software.

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