How To See Other Phone or Computer Screen Without Knowing Them?

how to view screen remotely

Seemingly, it is impossible to view and watch cell phones, PC, and computer screens remotely. However, technology has become advanced and anything possible these days. People love to know what is happening on another phone and pc screen for many reasons. Everyone wants to see other phone screen without knowing them, like kids and employees.

Technological advancement over the last decade enabled us to track every move of your loved one and safeguard business entities to no time ever before. Manual efforts are difficult to watch; what is your target person up to on their phone and PC; you may break your trust with the person. Before we view another device screen without physical access, discuss the legalities.

Why & Who Want To See Other Phone Screen or (PC) Computer?

We have discussed earlier that parents and employers are desperate to view phones and computer screens. Do you know why? Do you? They want to protect kids from online vulnerabilities, and business professionals are facing data breaches due to internal and external threats. Employers want to see what employees are doing on computer, tablet & phone screens. So, parents want to spy on cell phones and computer devices for the online safety of their children and employers want to keep tabs on the computer screens to prevent the following:

Parental Control Reasons:

  • Parents want to protect children from online predators
  • They want to prevent kids from privacy breaching on phones
  • Kids are obsessed with the adult content using mobile screen
  • Social media obsession is on the rise among kids
  • Online dating causes date rape incidents in teens

So, parents want to see what kids and underage teens are doing on mobile and PC screens no time ever before. They are in desperate search of the best monitoring software for cell phones and computers.

Business Safety Concerns:

  • Employers often face internal & external threats to their business
  • They want to monitor employee’s activity on business computers
  • Employers want to increase the business productivity
  • Business professionals want to prevent time-wasting activity
  • They want to prevent rogue employees from breaching business data

So, business professionals have no way out, and they have caught in the middle. They have no other option but to view screens of business devices, like cell phones, tablets, PCs, and computers using TheOneSpy software.

Choose Spy App To See Other Phone Screen or Computer

Do you want to get your hands on the spying app for Android and computers? Before you get monitoring software, you need to consider a few things given below:

  • Feature-rich application & easy to use
  • Non-rooted for cell phones & compatible with PCs
  • Pack with screen recording software for phones and computer
  • Takes a few minutes to configure on the target mobile and PC
  • Should have screenshots capturing tools for smartphones & laptops
  • Remote monitoring ability after the completion of the installation
  • The application that can work in stealth mode on phones & PCs
  • Chose a hidden, and undetectable spy software
  • Separate online dashboard for tracking mobile phone & computer monitoring solutions

Is It Legal To View Another Cell Phone Screen Secretly?

No, watching someone’s cell phone screen without their knowledge is an illegal act and a breach of privacy. It is legal to monitor activity on a phone screen unless the target phone belongs to you. Moreover, getting the consent of the target person to see on the phone screen makes it legal. Parents can monitor on kids devices and view what they are doing on the phone or computer screen. Employers can monitor business phone screens without consent to protect business privacy.

Best Spy App To View Another Computer Screen

TheOneSpy is one of the few spying apps that empower you to see and track computer screens. It can capture screen images using its screenshot feature. The application allows users to record a series of back-to-back videos on Windows and MAC laptops and desktop screens in real-time. It delivers the recorded videos to its online dashboard, and users can watch real-time computer screen recording to view every activity. It is one of the best parental control and employee monitoring solutions in the web market.

Can I Track The Android Phone Screen Remotely & No Root?

Yes, you can monitor the android phone screen without getting physical access to the target device. However, you need to install TheOneSpy Screen recorder having one-time access on the target cell phone and configure the application. Moreover, you can use its powerful e tool to record live videos and send the data to the dashboard. You can watch the videos and monitor your target android phone remotely and with the no-root option.

Is Viewing Phone & PC Screens Remotely Via TheOneSpy App Possible?

Yes, you can view mobile and computer screens remotely by using TheOneSpy software for cell phones and PCs. TheOneSpy is the one that allows users to monitor and record target device screens in real-time, whether a phone or PC. You don’t need to use multiple tracking solutions to watch mobile and computer screens. You can get your hands on the best Android spy and computer monitoring solution to monitor screens single-handedly. It enables users to capture and control the target device and access a computer and cell phone screen. Further, you can spy on screens to keep tabs on the target PC and cellphone.

TheOneSpy Features To Monitor Phone & (PC) Computer

You can use the following features to do surveillance on your targeted phones, and computing device screens. Moreover, you can track every activity with the schedule.

Top features for cellphones monitoring

  • Screen recording
  • Surround recording
  • Screenshots
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Social media spy
  • Browsing history
  • GPS tracking
  • Filter websites
  • Email spy

Top monitoring tools for Computer

  •  Mic Surround Recorder for PCs
  • Camera Bug
  • Screen Recorder
  • Capture screenshots
  • Block websites
  • Surround recorder
  • On-demand screenshots
  • Activity logs
  • Keylogger
Advantages To View Other Screen Remotely You Need To Know

Here are the following advantages of watching target phone and computer screen remotely.

  • Keep an eye on your kid’s online activities on mobile and PCs
  • Watch your employees during working hours & analyze their productivity
  • Protect your kids from online dangers like cyber predators
  • Prevent your teens from sexting and from breaching privacy on cell phones
  • Supervise your workforce & catch disgruntled employees on business devices
  • Protect your business intellectual property & prevent time-wasting activity
  • Set parental control on kids and keep tabs on kid’s activity on social media networks
  • Back your business data and save your business trade secrets from online attacks

TheOneSpy is the best spy app for android phones and allows you to monitor and track computing devices using computer monitoring software for windows and MAC. The application has several products for phones and PCs that you can use to view screens remotely. Use it for setting parental control and for business safety. Why not today!

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