Christmas Holidays & Rise in Screen Time – Infographic

christmas holidays rise in screen time

No matter how the world has been influenced with the modern technology and no matter what how much the contemporary technology has served the man kind. Human life should not go against the nature. The Christmas season or holiday season is an annual recurring period that is recognized in many western or western influenced countries. The holiday season usually starts in November to early January. Festive season basically consists of Christmas and New Year celebrations. So, the young kids and teens having cell phones and gadgets connected with cyberspace got plenty screen time. It means Christmas Holidays rises in screen time of children. So, young kids and teens should be encouraged for real-life activities rather than to gazing screens of the digital devices especially at Christmas and New Year celebration. Let’s discuss how children screen time is on the rise, what the factors, parental concerns are and how parents can prevent or decrease their screen time.

Children Screen Time on Christmas & New Year Festivals

  • Average child watch 60 movies in a holiday festivals
  • Average child spend 150 hours on video games
  • Average child spend 6.5 hours on screen at Christmas & New Year

78% of Parent’s are Media and Technology Role Models of Children

Parental Concerns on Christmas Holidays

  • 38% too much screen time such as cellphones, gadgets and on computers
  • 56% Obsession with the technology & 38% sharing personal data
  • 36% access to in appropriate content

Progeny’s Digital Diet of Children Neglected & Health Issues

  • Too much screen time decreases sleep well hormones “Melatonin” up to 30% in children (6 -12 year old)
  • kids loss up to 26% of their physical sharpness due to too much screen time
  • Kids got 9% of memory and attention problem due to excessive time on phones and gadgets

Expert’s Opinion About Screen Time of Children

  • 77% says screen Time influences on children mood
  • 62% of parent struggles stop children leaving gadgets
  • 100% experts says screen Time in terms of movies, social media, and video games effects children cognitive skills

Screen Time How Much is Too Much?

  • 3 -7 years children: 0.5 -1Hour
  • 7-12 years children: 1 Hour
  • 12 -15 years children: 1.5 Hours
  • 16+ kids and teens: 2 Hours

Santa wants Kids & Teens to Spend Their Christmas Holidays Differently

3 Ways for Parents to Reduce Children Screen Time

Parents have to stop their kids, tweens and teens to use the cellphones, tablets and computer devices connected to the cyberspace in bed rooms especially at night. Moreover, parents can stop children from the excessive use of technology at Christmas and New Year holidays. They can rather encourage young kids and teens for physical activities such as sports and other multiple activities that keep them sharp and healthy. However, they can use parental control app for cellphones and computer machines in order to monitor their screen activities by using the live screen recording tool.

christmas holidays rise in screen time infographic

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