10 Best Myths about Phone Tracker App You Need to Know

top 10 myths about mobile spy app you need to know

For most people, to spy on a mobile device is a dream. Over the years, we used to see movies where secret agent involves in surveillance and keep looking into the enemy’s lines to gather confidential information. Nowadays, having a phone tracker app is a piece of cake, but still, you have to get your hands on the one which is user–friendly and enable you to get the target phone information to the fullest.

Parents, employers, and loved ones respectively are struggling to set parental control on kids, to keep a check on employees, and for strengthening the relationship. Search on the web, and you will find out hundreds of mobile phone tracker apps are fluctuating. Suppose you have bought a surveillance tool for cellphones, and now you are unaware of its proficiency and how fruitfully it works. Despite the labeled information about the application still, you have to deal with some common myths that you need to know.

The following are the common quires at users’ end no matter which cell phone tracker software they are using. We will cover the top 10 Myths users have in their mind all the time while doing the monitoring of target cellphone devices.

Myth No.1: Can we install Phone tracker app on the target the Device without access?

can we install phone spy app on the target the phone without access

There is no such phone tracker app yet discovered that users can install without having physical access to the target device. The monitoring applications floating on the web demands to have physical access on the target device to setup.

It is impossible for a user and even for manufacturers to spy on a mobile phone device without installation or without touching the target device.  It is impossible for the people who think that they can monitor and track any cellphone (Android or iOS) device without using the software on the target device.

Final Verdict: Don’t believe in such methods that claim to monitor all the data of a target cellphone without installing the app. However, there are several techniques present on the web that enables you to spy on any cellphone device without installing a spying application, but not available for everyone.

Myth No. 2: Is it illegal to use a Tracking app on cell phones?

track the target phone with a mobile number without installing spy software

It is debatable because the usage of mobile spying apps is legal and illegal as well, but it depends on in which state you are using them at the moment. There are plenty of counties worldwide where surveillance on digital phones for legitimate reasons is legal such as digital parenting, employee monitoring, and keeping an eye on loved ones.  Some states demand consent of the target cellphone users otherwise, it considers illicit and intrusive spying. So, you have to follow the law of your state or country to spy on someone.

Final Verdict:  You cannot spy on someone’s mobile phone unless you have the consent or the target cellphone device belongs to you. TheOneSpy is one of those applications that reserve the right to suspend the license if someone finds in illicit and intrusive surveillance. You have to provide the written consent of the target device user to use it on someone’s phone. It does not encourage to breaching people’s privacy at any cost.  

Myth No.3: Can we upgrade the cellphone spy app without access to the target device?

can we upgrade the cellphone spy app without access to the target device

Most people want to upgrade the cellphone tracking application similar to they do with the apps on the play store by receiving updates from the manufacturers.  You cannot upgrade the phone tracker app without touching the target device again, whether the updates are available from service providers. If they want to update the cellphone tracking app, then they have to re-install the application on the target device having physical access.

Final Verdict: If you want to upgrade the mobile spy app on the target device, then you have to touch the target cellphone device and re-install the application on the phone. Otherwise, you cannot do that remotely via the user control panel.

Myth No.4: Can We Track the target phone with a mobile number without installing spy software?

is it illegal to use a spy app on cellphones

It is irritating for everyone receiving random miss calls from an unknown person. It is happening these days with young teens whose number got leaked, and anonymous faces try to bully them via cellphone calls and messages. So, parents, in general, want to track the target phone with a mobile number without using a mobile phone spy tool. You can’t monitor and track the target device with a mobile number unless you have used mobile tracking software.

Final Verdict: It is unheard of, and you cannot track the target cellphone device by using a mobile number only. If you are suspicious about someone, then you can install TheOneSpy on the target cellphone device, and it is capable of tracking location through SMS, view the location history of the phone, and track location without GPS.

Myth No. 5: Can We Listen to live phone calls after installing a phone spying app?

listen to live phone calls after installing theonespy

Numerous call recording apps claim that they enable users to listen to live phone calls, but that’s not true. You cannot record live cellphone calls, but spy apps are used to record live cellphone calls and then deliver the data to the user control panel where they can listen to the recorded calls. Call recorder software does record live phone calls, but at first, deliver the data to your private control panel. Users cannot listen to the live cellphone calls at the time it starts at the user’s end.

Final Verdict:  spy apps are unable to make users listen to the live phone calls because they record live calls on cellphones and then delivered the calls data to the dashboard. Later on, users access the web portal and use the recorded data and listen to the live-recorded calls.

Myth No.6: Is it impossible for spy software to spy on the phone at Airplane mode?

is it impossible for spy software to spy on the phone at airplane mode

Almost every phone spy software user has heard fake stories from fraudsters that their application can track and monitor the target phone at Airplane Mode. It is a half-truth because Airplane mode put your device service off and network service on the phone unable to receive anything like phone calls, messages, and other activities. It means mobile tracking apps unable to do surveillance on cellphone device until the device is on Airplane mode. However, social messaging activities and other stuff that require internet access only get monitored.

Final Verdict: TheOneSpy would like to guide you that every phone has two types of operating systems. One is between you and your device, and another one is between your phone and cellular networks. The Airplane mode turned the cellular network off while Wi-Fi internet-connected stuff remains active, and cellphone surveillance app will track the device.

Myth No.7: Is a phone spying app a Trojan?

is a phone spying app a trojan

The consumer-based spy apps are not Trojans at all because Trojan is not a common thing that everyone can get their hands on. The anti-virus companies used to bring false accusations on cellphone surveillance apps and label them as malicious malware. The malware does not require the consent of the target device users and uses it for digital parenting and employee monitoring solutions.

Final Verdict: Tracker apps like TheOneSpy are one of those users –friendly applications that provide monitoring solutions to struggling parents and employers worried about kid’s online activities and business productivity.

Myth No. 8: Is it possible to spy on iPhone without Jailbreak?

spy on iphone without jailbreak

There are plenty of iPhone spy apps that claim to monitor iOS devices without jailbreak, but I hope we could do that.  Numbers of monitoring apps are spreading this myth or rumor and let users buy their software, and later on, reality comes out. You have to jailbreak the iPhone device first, and then you can install spy software for iPhone to track the activity on the target device.

Final Verdict: You can spy on iOS devices, but you have to jailbreak the iPhone. It is not possible to track the iPhone without jailbreak. TheOneSpy provides jailbreak solutions starting from iOS 11 to 13.5.

Myth No. 9: Is it difficult for user to install cellphone spy app?

is it difficult for user to install app

Well, it could be difficult for spying apps to install on the target phones because they may have a complex piece of technology. There are applications on the web that claims something else about the installation process, and users used to think they have to become tech-savvy first to complete the setup on the target device. However, most of the tracking apps take a few minutes to get installed on the target device.

Final Verdict: Apart from fraudsters, mobile phone spying apps like TheOneSpy require three steps and a few minutes to complete the setup on the target device.

Myth No.10: Does TheOneSpy require root for Android phones?

install app without root the android phone

It has dozens of features that users can use on the target cellphone and tablet devices. Apart from a few, it has features that don’t require rooting, and you can spy on non-rooted android phones to the fullest.

Final Verdict: TheOneSpy has come up with exclusive features that you can use without root. Users can retrieve WhatsApp messages without rooting.  Users can record VoIP calls of social media apps and monitor social media apps without on non –rooted phone.


TheOneSpy has taken the initiative to address the spy apps consumers and guide them about the myths that are frustrated, inaccurate, and are untrue about TheOneSpy and other applications. It further addresses users to get rid of the technical issues they used to face, and we will guide you about myths and reality to the fullest.

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