Using Spy Applications the Right Way


Once upon a time, the use of spy applications was unthinkable by the ordinary people. In their minds, such technology only belonged on spy movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible. But, the dawn of the digital age has made the use of a spy application quite common. Not because it is the access of people now to use such apps, but because advancement in technology has made things like smartphones, tablets, laptops and household computer equipment.

With teenagers and children as young as six years of age having access to such tech, the need for safety and precautionary measures are at an all-time high. While parents use the said spy apps to monitor their children and teens in order to keep them out of harm’s way, employers use them to keep an eye on their employees to make sure that their work productivity is at an all-time high and to prevent a deceptive scheme from transpiring within the office walls against the business owners that might result in a corporate and legal nightmare.

Although using spy applications in some instances in legal, there are some ethical and legal boundaries associated with it. Such limitations may seem like a mere hassle in the bigger scheme of things but ultimately, yet it may turn out to be the reason behind strain in emotional relationships. For instance, if a child catches their parent spying on them to ensure their safety, even though it was done out of good intentions, it may cause the child to lose trust in his or her parents. Therefore, before you decide to keep a digital eye on the people close to you, here are a few things that bearing in mind would do good for you.

• Tell Them You Are Monitoring Them

If you have decided to track your employees or your kids using cell phone spy apps, it will be in the best interests of everybody if you decide you to inform them about it. This way, instead of them finding out eventually through other means that might complicate the matter further and destroy any relationship you might have with them, you’d have a chance to explain for yourself the reason behind the use of the said spy app. This way you’d not only keep the respect they hold for you but also earn it furthermore. Additionally, using a spy app is a delicate matter. Thus, always try to stay in the legal sphere of things when you are contemplating using them.

• Keep the Information to Yourself

By law, an employer is allowed to spy on his/her employees by using spy apps, as long as employer uses such apps of company hardware and not employee’s personal belongings. Most information collected by spy apps is of delicate variety, and such sensitive data can be quite compelling. As an employer who invests in spy apps should keep in mind that no matter what happens, he/she spent in spy apps to protect his/her business, not exploit employees’ privacy. Therefore, it is in their best interest that they protect the data provided to them through the spy apps.

• Don’t Pry

All Digital Surveillance tools, whether they are as simple as audio and video surveillance or as complicated as spy applications, they give the user a lot of control upon the target device.  Such control is always followed by loads of temptation. This sort of temptation may take hold of even the best of us, yet it is a temptation we have to overcome. Informing employees that they are being watched is one step but making sure that the information being collected by such monitoring software is not being used to take a sneak into your employee past or things they would want to surface is both unethical and immoral. Such behavior, whether you are an employer or a parent, will result in your downfall alone.

Spy applications certainly have their uses and benefits, yet they come with strings attached. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the user of spy apps to keep the knowledge of their use out in the open and go the right way about using it.

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