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Cell Phone Data Backup

Create a back-up/export of your phone data on your TOS control panel and retrieve or remotely remove it from target device lost or theft

TheOneSpy phone backup app facilitates you to back up the data on your smartphone, safely and quickly. This can be done by installing the application on your very own device. By doing so, all the previous contents of the phone, as well as any incoming and outgoing data, can be automatically transferred to your TOS online control panel. Moreover, user can remotely retrieve or remove from the target mobile phone lost or theft instantly. This is how you can do it with TOS:

How can Data Backup of TheOneSpy Help You?

There is nothing more precious to us than the memories that we want to cherish forever. In fact, it could be very distressing to lose them, be it a photograph of your child’s first day at school or a video of the memorable family trip last year.

The Android phones act as virtual memory banks, storing our photos, videos, favorite playlists, contacts, messages and so much more. Who would want to be robbed of such precious accessories? But the truth is that the world out there is not a very reliable or safe place. Thefts and robberies are rampant and quite unpredictable. Moreover, factory resetting your handset, in emergency situations, May also cause you to lose all the data you have on your phone. It is therefore very important that you keep the data on your phone backed up at all times.

With TOS android data backup app, this no longer remains a far-fetched possibility. With your data secure on your remote control panel, you can finally lay your worries to rest. All it takes the backup android phone to PC and a smooth internet connection for you to easily reconnect with your memories and data.

How to Use the Data Backup Feature to Protect Your Personal precious information

Here is the complete list of steps to follow to protect your personal information over your cell phone and degital device. i.e. SMS, Contacts list, Photos, VIdeos.

  • Install TheOneSpy software on your personal device that could be a mobile or a tablet.
  • Activate the app and it will start getting data backup of your device.
  • Data transferred automatically to your user dashboard, by connecting the device to a stable internet connection.
  • Access the data remotely i.e SMS, iMessages, Instant Messages, Contact Backup and keep it safe forever.
  • Retrieve all the data from lost device.
  • Remotely remove data from theft phone device.

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Benefits for Parents

Parents are fully aware of the fact that teens and tweens are doing celebrities job. I mean they get used of capturing inappropriate photos and then save it over the cell phone memory. Moreover, they use social messaging apps, online dating apps and get involved in plenty of harmful activities. So, parents can use data backup app to get all the data related to their cell phone activities using Toss app online control panel. However, parents can remotely remove the sensitive data of teen’s lost or theft mobile phone device remotely.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals who use mobile phone devices and save all their confidential stuff into their cell phone memory such as credit cards recites, password on cell phone device folders and others sort of data that could be exploited. Individuals can install data backup software on their cell phone devices and can remotely retrieve or remove once the mobile phone got broken, lost or theft. It means it is very beneficial for saving all the crucial things that you get used to store into your smartphone memory.

Benefits for employers

Business organizations usually highly equipped with the digital devices in terms of android mobile phones and tablets. So, employees store multiple types of files and data into the cell phone memory regarding their company. In-case of lost/theft and broken down the company’s owned device ultimately employers have to suffer with heavy losses. Therefore, business owners have to create data backup for their devices in order to protect the data stored into the device memory. Employers can retrieve and remove having incidents like lost or theft and as well as broken down the devices to prevent data losses.

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