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Viber Spy App – Secretly Spy on Viber Chat, Voice Calls and Shared Pictures

Viber Spy Software Works with Both Rooted & Un-Rooted Android Phones

Spy on Viber instant messenger is vital presently, young kids are obsessed and employers waste their time on Viber. Ultimately it would be a great deal of danger for kids and the negative sign for employers.


Spy on Viber Conversations

Viber spy app is an application of TheOneSpy to track Viber calls and chats without having physical access from anywhere anytime and at any place. Being parents you are very concerned about your kid’s excessive use of instant messenger and employees are using at an as entertaining tool, TheOneSpy is the Viber chat monitoring software you can blindly trust on.

TheOneSpy Viber Spy is Capable of

  • View complete Viber chat list and take a look at recent activities
  • Spy on Viber chat and see conversations
  • User can view time logs & chatting logs
  • User can view call logs information in detail along with the complete time stamp
  • Get your hands on all call logs and Viber IMs logs through a dashboard.
  • Record Viber chat screen with TOS Viber screen recording feature.
  • Secretly spy on Viber chat logs on Android cell phone and tablet devices

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How to Spy on Viber Chat, Voice Calls and Shared Photos Via TheOneSpy App Dashboard?

login to TheOneSpy dashboard

TOS login

Just pick up your cell phone device open the browser and write You will get access to the TheOneSpy Viber tracker control panel. A page will appear soon and you can see “MY services” on top of the screen. Tap on “my services” and then visit the dashboard page. Navigate a bit to the left side of the menu and go to IM’s logs. Now set Viber from the drop down menu and you will be able to see conversations, messages, and chats.


Spy Viber Chat & Conversations

Don’t worry if you did not understand yet to monitor Viber chat. You can see graphical representation of spying on Viber chats. Just visit the Viber logs and tap on viber chat tracker tab then you can view all conversations properly.


Viber Voice Calls

You can listen to the Viber Voice calls; just hit the given tab of Viber Voice in after getting access into the logs. You will be able to listen all calls happened on Viber instant messaging app.

Why is TOS Viber Spy App Necessary?

  • Instant Messaging apps like Viber are safe havens for cyber bullies and online predators for a personal one-on-one interaction.
  • Stats show that Viber instant messaging app is popular among more than o.8 billion users. It means that your kids and teens are may be using Viber social messaging app and get used to of calls, text messages to strangers.
  • Therefore, parents should stop their kids to use instant messengers on which sexting and carnal content is floating.
  • Employees who have company’s owned cell phone devices along with the fast internet connectivity might be wasting time during the working hours and do calls and texting to their friends and colleagues.
  • TheOneSpy Viber tracking software enables user to get their hands on messages sent/received on the target device and make sure you that your employees will do their job quite honestly.
  • TheOneSpy empowers a user to monitor and hunt the workplace bullies while using the Viber social messaging software.
  • Being an employer you will be able to make a check on all communication tools and activities especially on Viber and rest of the IM’s apps.

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