VoIP Call History Feature to Monitor VoIP Call Logs on any Social Media App

VoIP call logs monitoring feature enable users to monitor instant messaging apps active with instant messaging apps performing voice and video calls. You can get to how voice calls cell phone user has made and received on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, IMO, Kik, Telegram, and many more. You can get the schedule for every VoIP call made on popular social networking apps.

What is the TheOneSpy VoIP Call Logs Spy App?

It is one of the best features of a phone spy app. It can track and monitor verbal and nonverbal communication logs on instant messaging apps. It is an application that can monitor VoIP call logs of popular social messaging apps. Further, users can also record and listen to the one-sided VoIP history of social networks. TheOneSpy empowers you to monitor sent and received voice messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more.

How to Spy on Voice & Video Calls on Messaging Apps?

You can use VoIP call recording Apps like TheOneSpy that you can use on any cell phone device active with the social networking apps to monitor audio and video VoIP call logs. You can monitor voice calls history as well.

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How is VoIP Call Log/History Monitoring App Helpful for Users?

Social media voice calls enable teens and children to communicate with friends, family members, and strangers.  Parents can get rid of the reservations by tracking voice call logs with schedule and getting to know to whom teens have made and received voice calls. You can safeguard teens from sexual predators, cyber bullies, and stalkers. VoIP call logs monitoring is helpful for business professionals during working hours because they can monitor social media call logs to prevent time-wasting and breaching of business secrets via voice calls.

Monitor any Social Messenger Voice/VoIP Call without Root

Yes, the spy app for cell phones is one of the few monitoring tools that empower you to monitor voice call logs on android without a root option. It works on both rooted and non-rooted cell phone devices and remains hidden and undetectable.

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Why is TheOneSpy The Best Spy App to Monitor Social Media Call Logs?

The spy software for cell phones has the following things that make it the ultimate monitoring app to monitor social networking VoIP chats:

call logs

Monitor VoIP call logs history

Get VoIP call history on WhatsApp

Spy on Voice logs with schedule

See audio video call logs of Facebook

Track VoIP calls made/received

Watch incoming & outgoing call history of Skype

Popular social networks VoIP logs

Get social networks voice & video call history

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Login to TheOneSpy Application

Register yourself with TheOneSpy by getting a subscription by visiting the official webpage and credentials.

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Get Physical access on cell phone

You have to get the target device into your access for once only to configure the application on a cell phone.

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Use Credentials to activate the dashboard

Activate the web control panel using password and ID and use powerful features to monitor VoIP call history logs of social networks.

TheOneSpy User-friendly Installation Guide

It is easy to install phone spy app and takes 3 steps and few minutes to complete its setup on the target device: Let’s discuss the installation process below!

User's Review

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George Lenin

Good work; I thank this spy software that enables me to track my social media account.

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Marina silver

An excellent VoIP call recording app enables me to track my son’s child’s conversation.

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Marshal Atherton

Amazing app! Remotely record VoIP calls of my children that help me too well aware of my kid’s activities.

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Tracy catholic

I feel okay choosing this spy application for secret monitoring of my kids that help me too well aware of their conversations.

You can Ask & We will Tell!

Do you want to know detailed information about cell phone spy app? You can ask any technical and general question; we are here to answer:

General Questions

Yes, you can monitor the VoIP calls history logs on any cell phone device active with the trendy instant messaging apps using the best VoIP call history tracking app. It is an application that empowers to access cell phones running with social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, and many more. You can track the Voice call logs history of inbound and outgoing social messaging app’s logs with the schedule.

No, you have to use legitimate spy software for cell phones that empower you to access any cell phone device remotely after installation. Free spy apps cannot get the logs but steal your private data, and damage your phone. Therefore, use monitoring software that takes care of your cell phone data, and allow you to monitor VoIP call logs on cell phone active with messaging apps.

TheOneSpy is undauntedly the most reliable and result-oriented phone spying app. It is a hidden, undetectable, and non-rooted monitoring solution that can track Voice call logs with the schedule. It also tracks text chats logs, shared media files, and many more. The application lets users analyze the activity logs of messaging apps via an online dashboard.

Technical Questions

It is a solution that has the power to ingress the cell phone territory from a distance, but you have to configure it to have one-time physical access on a target cell phone. Further, it monitors the social messaging apps and Voice and video calls activity. Users will get WhatsApp voice call logs, Facebook voice chats, Skype messenger call history logs, and many more. TheOneSpy is the best VoIP monitoring software that allows tracking trendy social media apps voice and video call logs.

Yes, you can track and monitor social media voice and video calls without rooting your target device unless you have non-rooted and undetectable android spy software. You can access the phone in secret and monitor the Voice call logs history of popular social networking apps with the schedule. VoIP call monitoring app enables users to supervise audio and video call logs on any cell phone device with no root option.