voip call history

VOIP Call History

VOIP Call History – Monitor Voip Call Logs / History of Popular Social Network Messengers

VOIP call history monitoring feature empowers you to get VOIP call history logs of an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook messenger, Imo, Telegram, Kik, and as well as Line with time and date stamp.

Spy on VOIP Call Logs with TheOneSpy Messengers call Log Feature.

TheOneSpy Voip call logs tracking app is capable of spying on target cell phone device installed social media app such as Line, Vine, and WhatsApp. Furthermore, it certainly enable user to do surveillance on Voip call logs history of the instant messaging apps mentioned above.

voip call history tracker app for android empowers you:

  • Track WhatsApp Voip call history
  • Get Viber Viop call history with time stamp
  • Spy on Line Voip call logs history
  • End user can get trendy instant messenger Voip call history using voip call logs history surveillance app

How to use Voip call history feature?

Simply you need to install TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software on the target device and once you have done it successfully then you can get the Voip history logs of all the major social messaging apps that empowers user to send VoIP calls. Users can ingress to the VOIP call history with complete time stamp without facing hazels.

  • Install phone spy app on target device
  • Get ingress to target phone remotely
  • Track WhatsApp Voip call history logs
  • Get access to Line and Vine call history logs

Why you need this feature?

Are you concerned parents, employers and an individual? You want to monitor each and every single activity happen on WhatsApp, Line, and Vine instant messaging apps activities including Voip call history of these instant messaging apps. Therefore, you should have a high –tech tool that empowers you to get the Voip call history logs. So Use TheOneSpy phone tracking app to get rid of all of your concerns.

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Benefits for parents

Parents often show concerns of over the social media activities of the children. So, when it comes to the VOIP calls of trendy social media apps like WhatsApp, Line and Vine parents can get the Voip call history logs by using mobile phone monitoring software. They can remotely get access to the VOIP call logs history within no time and get to know to whom kids and teens are sending with time stamp schedule.

Benefits for individuals

If you want to monitor someone’s cell phone installed instant messenger’s voip call history logs without them knowing then you should use cell phone tracking software to get the job done. No matter at what time and place your target person is sending Voip calls you can get the VOIP call history with time stamp remotely using voip call history tracker software.

Benefits for employers

Business organizations provide company’s owned devices to employees to get productivity. However, o the other hand employees get used to of using devices for personal reasons especially social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line and Vine that empowers them to send VOIP messages. This kind of activity may become the reason of time wasting or to leak out sensitive information within the working hours. So, employers can stop this time of time wasting and fishy activities and further can monitor VOIP call history logs remotely sitting in your office using mobile phone surveillance software.

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