How Employee Monitoring Can Be Helpful?


Surveillance is something we can find all over the place. In terms of monitoring in the workplace with the use of employee monitoring apps, the question of whether such monitoring should be conducted or not is extremely important and has relevance to the topics of efficiency within the workplace, safety as well as security which ultimately tends to have an impact on the environment and surroundings of the company.

While employee monitoring through the use of employee monitoring software is something which is beneficial, it is also seen to be having a different side to it in the form of a debate on the topic of privacy, human rights and ethics. American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute conducted a survey on this matter which revealed that 66% of companies monitor the internet activities of their employees. The survey also states that employers are constantly on the lookout for websites which may be accessed by employees while they are supposed to be working. Approximately 1/3rd of employers who said they monitor their employees also stated that they had ended up firing employees on the basis of what they had found.

Instead of monitoring what the employees do online, there are various other ways through which an employee can be monitored. There are a number of ways to monitor an employee, one of which includes the use of TOS employee monitoring software however what should be kept in mind is that a fine line exists between disallowing them to have privacy and violating their rights. Whatever type of monitoring is conducted and regardless of the way this is done, this line is something which should never be violated. Because this line is so fine and employers need to proceed with caution and care, using an employee cell phone spy app is the best option available as it ensures that employees are tracked and monitored, something of which they have knowledge which ultimately allows them to be efficient.

Seeing this from the point of view of the business and the employer, the usage of an employee monitoring app can allow business transactions to be conducted; can help in avoiding liability and conduct investigating which can aid in mitigating any possible risks and liabilities. Monitoring can also be helpful by providing feedback regarding employees and discourage any behavior which is considered inappropriate, unethical or even illegal.

Employees, on the other hand, have rising concerns regarding the usage of such apps which are used by employers to monitor anything that they do. Employees aren’t always connected to their desktop PC at work anymore which is why they have devices which they even tend to take home so that they can be connected to work all the time. The traditional work hours are no longer found in most companies which have caused monitoring to become ubiquitous. Business leaders need to also understand how difficult and how much of a problem it can be and how constant monitoring can be unreasonable and perhaps even cause the employees to become frustrated. Some of the ways it can pose to be a problem includes reducing employee morale, leading to employees sneaking around and suspiciously trying to get their personal work during office timings, invasion of the expectation of privacy by the employee, opposition due to unhappy employees and struggle of employees to adapt to new technologies due to fear.

Due to these reasons, a balance needs to be maintained by the company in terms of well being and protection of employee privacy, a matter which is very fragile and as mentioned lies on a fine line. Three purposes around which an employee monitoring app ought to be used are business purposes, in order to avoid any kind of liability and for investigations to be conducted with regard to business matters.

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