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TheOneSpy Browser History Monitoring Software

Since TheOneSpy web browsing history logs spying app lets you monitor your target phone’s web activities, you can find out their Chrome, Explorer, Fox, Opera Mini or Safari surfing activities in an instant.

How TheOneSpy Browsing History Monitoring App Works?

  • Check all the different sites that are being visited
  • Have a look at every single URL that is opened on the target phone
  • See how many times a site is opened by the target user
  • Get the precise time and date of every URL visitation
  • All this information is conveniently stored on your online dashboard. All you need to do is log in to find out whatever has been going on in your target user’s browser!

How TOS Browser Spy App is Useful for You

The Internet is an entire world in itself. That’s why a person’s web activities can tell you a lot about them – their social media networking, their surfing trends, their contacts, and lots more. Your monitoring experience is incomplete if you cannot view a person’s browser history – and you could be very surprised to see what you would find out in there. Let’s discuss about the benefits for the users particularly mentioned below.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can easily get to know what their kids and teens are up to on their mobile phones browsers. They can remotely get to know about the type of websites they have visited with complete time stamp. Moreover, Parents can see the bookmarks websites on the web browser of a mobile phone. TOS cell phone spy app empowers parents to see browsing activities of children in order to know whether they are visiting appropriate or in appropriate websites on their cell phone browser.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals who used to visit plenty of websites on their mobile phone browser due to some odd reasons, now they can view the browsing activities of someone else using TOS web control panel. They can use TheOneSpy on someone else device and remotely get to know what sort of websites and content they are visiting. However, they can use it on their personal cell phone to keep the record of visited websites once they have removed the browsing history from their mobile phone device.

Benefits for Employers

Employers these days have equipped their employees with company’s owned devices for better communication and productivity. However, employees Uses Company’s owned devices for visiting entertaining websites, social media websites and plenty of others alike to waste time and to have a fun within the working hours. In addition, employers can remotely get to know employees are doing on company’s devices web browser. It means they can make their employees accountable if they are wasting time within the working hours using devices web browser. TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software remotely tells you about the browsing activities of the employees with complete time stamp.

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