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Web Filter/ Blocking

Web Filtering empowers you to block websites seems X –rated or inappropriate on phone browsers remotely by putting the URLs & keywords of the websites

If you don’t want to let the target cell phone user visit some sort of inappropriate content on their cell phone supported browsers. So, you can use an android web filter/blocking app and you can remotely block the particular websites by putting the URLs and keyword related to websites into TheOneSpy filters using a web control panel.

How Does Web Filtering for Android work?

Once you have set it up TOS app for android phone on target cell phone device then you can get access to the electronic web portal. Now you can visit dozens of stat of the art monitoring tools and you need to choose the one “web filtering”. You can make a tap on it and then you can further put the URLs of the particular websites that you can want to filter and as well as you can use the keyword that define a website put it into the filters and get the job done. Target phone user won’t be able to visit the websites that you have been blocked.

Block or filter websites through following methods:

  • Block websites by URL
  • Block websites by keywords

Web Filtering for Android Supported Browsers

Cell phone supported browser to block websites:

  • Default browser
  • Firefox Focus
  • Brave
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

How Web filtering/blocking comes handy for the users?

Blocking or the filtering of the websites on target mobile phone supported browsers would be helpful for various types of users these days. Mostly, it would be very helpful for the working moms and dads who don’t stay on their children’s head to see what real there are watching on their cell phone browsers using different sort of websites. Beside, employers in business organizations don’t let their employees to use company’s devices for the sake of entertainment stuff visiting websites that decreases productivity. Let’s get to know, how it would be helpful for certain group of peoples.

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Benefits for Parents

Youth these days are porn addict and they use to of using plenty of adult websites on their mobile phone browsers and ultimately got addicted to it. However, at the end of the day, teens also got health issues and obsession to watch nudity. Now parents can put their worries to rest and they can remotely block all the websites by putting the URLs and keywords of the websites into the TOS app wen control panel filters.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual can use this tool on their devices they owned or they need to get proper consent of the target device user. However, at education institutes lab assistant can use this tool to prevent the access of certain websites during the lectures. You can simply fill the web filters with URLs and keywords of the websites to avoid kids from wasting time and focus on their studies. This would be very helpful to keep the class in a class rather than to make it internet café.

Benefits for employers

None of the employers would recommend or allow their employees to visit certain websites on companies owned cell phone devices that decrease productivity by wasting time and to download malicious scams and malware. Therefore, employers can remotely filter all the time wasting, malicious websites by using TOS web filtering/blocking tool.

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