Web Filtering Blocks Websites that Seem Adult, Inappropriate, Addictive & Others

Filtering/Website blocking app empowers you to block websites that seem x –rated and inappropriate on phone browsers. You can remotely put the URLs & keywords of the websites. Would you like to prevent phone users from inappropriate content on phone browsers? You can use an Android filter/Website blocking app and remotely block the particular websites by putting the URLs and keywords related to websites into TheOneSpy filters using a web control panel.

How is Website Blocking/Filtering for Android Possible?

You can filter web browsers at any time unless you have configured TheOneSpy on the target device. Here are the ways that empower you to block websites on phone browsers.

·         Block websites by URL

·         Block websites by keywords

What Is Website Blocking/Filtering for Android Supported Browsers?

TheOneSpy web filtering tool can filter following browsers from inappropriate, adult, social media, gaming websites, and many more.

  • Default browser
  • Firefox Focus
  • Brave
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

TheOneSpy Website Blocking/ Filtering is Helpful to Whom?

Website blocking on any cell phone device is in demand. Teens can access inappropriate and x-rated content, online dating, adult, and social media. Cell phone browsers allow kids to access nasty and inappropriate websites.  Business professionals face huge backlash since they have allowed workers to use business devices for browsing activity.  They waste time and compromise their devices by visiting malicious web pages and losing business data. TheOneSpy web filtering comes in handy that can block all the web browsers.

Block Websites on Rooted Phones Only!

No. TheOneSpy enables users to filter websites on any rooted and non-rooted cell phone device. You can use android spy software on your target phone, and filter websites that you believe are inappropriate for the target person.

rooted non rooted android

Website Blocking is the Best Feature of the TheOneSpy App

TheOneSpy has many features that you can use on your target phone. Web filtering has many benefits & helpful for users and services exceptionally well.

Block sites on phone browsers

Block websites on all phone-supported browsers.

Block sites via URLs

Filter websites by putting URLs into the filters.

Block websites by keywords

Users can filter websites using keywords or names.

Block websites via the dashboard

Activate the web portal and use web filtering on the target phone.

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Choose TheOneSpy subscription

You need to visit the TheOneSpy webpage, choose a subscription plan, and receive an email instantly with credentials.

access sign

Get physical access to the device

Users can get physical access to the target device to install and configure the application.

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Use dashboard to monitor phone

You can use the login password and ID to use features, like web filtering and many more.

Install TheOneSpy to filter phone browsers

Users can install android spy software on any cellphone device to monitor and filter web browsers. Here are the steps you need to do to install TheOneSpy.

User's Review

boy sign

Andrew Travis

TheOneSpy has the best parental control tools, and web filtering is one of them to protect kids from adult content.

girl sign

Suraksha Tondon

I can block and filter every website on my cellphone that is inappropriate, time-wasting, and full of predators.

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Jack Patrick

TheOneSpy web filtering allows me to enter the website name and URL to block any website on a teen’s phone.

girl sign

Hillary Raquel

I am an entrepreneur, and TheOneSpy can easily manage my employees who waste time and try to become over-smart.