Is Social Media Making us Unsocial?

social media making us unsocial

Currently, in the human history, the world is continuously progressing and changing no time ever before than we imagine. People are also changing who do day to day routine. The modern society has become excessively more and more obsessed with technology in the shape of cell phones, tablets, and many others tech creatures. The most frequent question often asked by the people that how technology has changed us over the years, even important for the better or worse. Social networking has transformed the way we interact and met with others. However, it is the very threatening situation to a most of the people that due to the addiction with the social media websites and apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, and many others, we are losing interaction in real lives with other people who even are very close to us. According to some researchers, people who are less than thirty usually have an obsession of social media platforms. Following are some facts and figures which can be determined that how much and how people turning less social through the usage of a digital world.

According to Findings of the New Survey:

The youngsters who have to open their eyes in the early 21st century and reaching young adulthood named as “millennial” spend their time all day long on social media platforms. That’s the reason why they are happening to be less social in their real lives. According to the study held by Flashgap, people most of the time missing their conversation even sitting in front of each other just because their cell phone distract them while having a conversation. Furthermore, 54% social media users said that they always have a fear of missing out not checking digital world. Almost 3000 people were asked by the researchers what viewpoint they have regarding social media in social lives and finally, females are the most frequent users of the online world. The study showed that almost 76% females check their social accounts 10 times when they are hanging out with friends and 54% males were found addicting. The co-founder of FlashGap Julian Kabab reportedly stated that people are more concerned whether young kids/teens and adults under 30 to social media especially when they are out at some place and they forget to do the social interaction, he said that.

People miss the conversation with their real life friends because they must want to see themselves on social media platforms and make selfies even add filters into their photos, he added while talking with the CNBC.

The similar study has been conducted by the FlashGap since 2014, researchers stated that smartphones making people non-social and compromising the social conversations face to face. According to the Virginia Tech University, the cell phone devices have the influence to prevent any individual from face to face exchanges.

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Obsession with Social Media Creating Issues in Millennial Lives:

At the moment the world has become fully dependent on the technology most importantly the smartphones and social media. These technological creatures have developed to serve mankind, but its excessive use really creating serious issues in our lives especially in a younger generation. There are following genuinely threatening issues which need to be eradicated.


It is actually a term for those peoples who are addicted to the social networking through their smartphones and happens to busy on tech-gadgets when connected the digital world. They don’t bother while they are using cellphones what really is coming in their way keeping their heads downs at look at their mobile phone screen like robots. Sometimes they got accidents and lose their lives.

Health Issues:

According to the researchers, people in the modern world spend almost 4 years of his life just gazing on smartphones screen and it may cause them health issues mentally and other physical issues. Cellphone addiction causes them depression, anxiety, lack of cognitive growth and many other problems.

Cyber Bullying:

Young social media users who don’t know how they should use the internet and what precautions they can make using multiple instant messaging applications. Resultantly they got multiple accounts on social messaging platforms and become the victim of cyber bullies. Online bullies harass them, use abusive language and threaten them too. Ultimately, young and innocent teens don’t know what exactly they need to do.


It is the very common issue in the modern world; young millennial usually send some sort of explicit text messages and photos through smartphone device. They don’t realize this kind of photos can be too risky in case someone viral them on social media. Their plenty of cases have been reported where sexting really damages one’s personality.

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Social to Less Social:

When people got an obsession with the usage of online world on their mobile phone gadgets they start ignoring the people to make an interaction in real life and always stick with the artificial world. So, social networking is the biggest factor behind distracting conversations, interaction in real life and lacking with emotions and feelings among the people.

Can we spontaneously make a conversation with the person in real life or our future restricted to the Emojis and 140 characters?

No doubt the world is changing with every passing moment just because of technological inventions and rapid adoption of the technology by the people in the world. We can restrict and guide to those people who have addicted to the social media most importantly the young generation. Parents can really perform a positive role to save a generation and to make generation who knows that how to use the digital media and to what extent. Parents can use cell phone spy software which enables the user to monitor all possible activities happened on the devices. If you are worried that young kid/teen always using multiple messengers on the smartphone device all day long. Parents just need to use the IM’s Social Media of the smartphone monitoring software; it enables you to see IM’s logs, media files, voice messages and all type of Emojis sent and received. Being busy parents you don’t have time to track all the activities then use the screenshot and get all the information with the help view multimedia files of mobile phone surveillance app. It further allows you to see photos in the phone’s gallery, view their videos and also listen to their voice recordings. We often seen young teens do text messages frequently if you want to know whom they texting all the time. Then you can spy on messages through text messages spy, iMessage monitoring BBM chat messages with the help of mobile spy program. Parents even can remotely keep an eye on their young kids and teens that are addicted to the social media. Parents can use remotely phone controller, it allows you to block the internet while drivin
, block strangers incoming calls remotely, view installed apps, and you can set your monitoring preferences and block texting while driving. It allows the user to view all the browsing history and all visited websites and bookmarked URLs.


The social networking for young people is very useful, but they need to use it for the specific time of period. Obsession with the social media no doubt makes people less social. Parents should use monitoring app to view activities of kids/teens and guide them to encourage for real life conversations and interactions.

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