5 Secret Decoy Apps for Android and iPhone (Updated 2024)

Decoy Apps Hidden Dangers on Teen's Phone

As a concerned parent keeping a close eye on the kid’s activities is essential. In past years kids used diaries to hide their secrets, but now they have moved to secret decoy apps with technology. These apps are designed to hide photos, messages, and other content. The popular apps are calculator, flashlight, and vault may be installed into your child’s device. Further in this article, you can read the queries about what parents need to know about these hidden apps.

What Are Secret Decoy Apps and Why Should You Care?

Decoy or vault apps are designed to hide sensitive content like photos, videos, messages, and web history on a device. As a parent, you should be concerned about these apps because these can be disguised as ordinary apps like calculators, voice recorders, or photo galleries. Your teen can easily download them to conceal inappropriate content and activities from you.

The hidden content is password-protected or encrypted, so even if you find the app, you may be unable to access what’s inside without your teen’s passcode.

Since the content is hidden, disguised apps pose risks like cyberbullyingprivacy threats, and online predation. Your teen may feel more comfortable engaging in risky behaviors if they believe the content will remain private.

Usage of decoy apps for iPhone and Android indicates that your teen wants more privacy than necessary or appropriate and may be engaging in deceptive behaviors. Open conversation about responsible technology use and setting clear rules is essential.

Popular Decoy Apps Used to Hide Content

The popularity of hidden apps among kids is increasing. Children are likelier to use this software to hide sensitive data from their guardians. The list of secret decoy apps for iPhone and secret decoy apps for Android used by teens to hide content includes:

Secret Calculator App

Disguised as a calculator app, it hides photos and videos behind a password. This decoy app disguises itself as a calculator but contains a secret photo vault. Your teen can hide private photos behind the calculator interface. It prevents any third person from accessing the specific content.

Private Photo Vault

This app is a private photo album and also a decoy app for cheaters. This app uses encryption to hide photos and videos from anyone accessing your teen’s device. All the data will be hidden behind the password. It also provides a private browser where users can browse and download the app directly from the internet.

Gallery Vault app

The Gallery Vault app is usually used to make fool friends, family, and close ones. This app has been designed with hidden qualities to store photos and videos and has many other unique features. This app unlocks with the permission of finger touch and face ID as a decoy app for iPhone devices.


Vaulty is another decoy app disguised as a music player but contains a secret vault for hiding photos, videos, documents, and other content from parents and guardians. It organized all the sensitive content into different folders. Encrypts and hides photos, videos, and files behind a password or biometric authentication. Users can capture pictures directly from this application and hide them in a separate folder. This is simple cheating secret decoy app for android.

Double App

The double app is also an application that has the ability to hide photos and videos from others. Additionally, this decoy app for Android and decoy app for iPhone enables users to hide their message conversation from their loved ones, parents, and friends.

Private Photo Vault Keepsafe

Keepsafe is one of the most famous decoy apps for hiding private photos and videos. It appears like a basic photo editing app but contains a secret Keepsafe Vault for encrypted content storage. Encrypts and hides photos, videos, and files behind a password or biometric authentication. You need to convert to its paid version to use its advanced features.

How To Find Decoy Apps On Android And iPhone

If you are looking for the list of apps from Android and iPhone of your loved one’s phone as suspicious. The app will be a secret calculator, private photo vault, and many others indicating something secret and personal. It is clear that the person has something secret in their secret decoy app, but do you know how to find decoy apps on Android and iOS devices? If not, read below!!!

Hidden Decoy App for iOS

  1. Unlock the phone and go to settings services
  2. Then go to click the General tab
  3. Click on iPhone storage
  4. The general list of apps then looks at suspicious titles or apps like the calculator app, secret private photos vault, double app, gallery, etc. These kinds of apps will show that others hide from you

Another Way

  1. Open AppStore from the iPhone
  2. Then open the built-in menu, select the updates, and click on it again. It helps you to find if there are any strange apps and the ones you try to hide.

Find the Decoy App on Android.

  1. Open the settings from the app list of devices
  2. In settings, select the storage tab, and then you’ll see a list of used apps. check if you see the built-in apps taking device memory. If you find any suspicious apps, it is worth checking.

Another way

  1. Is to open the play market from an Android phone
  2. In the play market, the general menu is shown; view my apps & games from the list of downloaded apps; here, you can easily find the list of hidden and suspicious names and words.

It may not be a good idea to find the apps from targeted devices, but it’s used to check your kid’s use of suspicious and secret apps to protect them from upcoming threats and secure them from getting into trouble.

How To Spot Decoy Apps On Your Teen’s Phone

To determine if your teen may be using hidden apps to hide content on their phone, inspect their device regularly for suspicious signs.

Look for apps with generic names like Calculator or Flashlight that seem redundant. Your teen likely already has a default calculator and flashlight app, so that additional ones could be decoys. Open these apps to ensure they function as advertised. If there are any issues accessing or using the app or the interface looks off, it may be a decoy.

Check for apps with padlock icons or names implying privacy or security, like Vaulty or Private Photo Vault. These are designed specifically for hiding content and are red flags.

Notice if your teen receives notifications from unknown apps. These apps often push notifications to help users remember the decoy passcode to access the secret content.

Review your teen’s app usage and see if unrecognized apps consume large amounts of data or battery life. This can indicate the app is syncing or backing up hidden media content.

Search online for lists of known decoy apps to cross-reference what is installed on your teen’s phone. Some well-known software include:

  • Calculator Photo Vault
  • Private Photo Vault
  • Vaulty
  • Private Photo Vault Keepsafe

The risks of these disguised apps are serious. They can hide inappropriate or dangerous content from parents and encourage risky behaviors. The most effective way to prevent their use and ensure your teen’s safety is by installing a parental control app like TheOneSpy. This will allow you to view call logs, messages, browsing history, and application usage. You’ll gain complete visibility into how your teen is using their device.

Risks And Dangers Of Decoy Apps For Teens

By using decoy apps for android and iPhone, your children can pose serious risks and dangers that parents must be aware of. These hidden apps are designed to keep content private from parents.

Privacy & Security Risks

The data saved in such software are not private or safe. The apps themselves can access anything stored within them and their account passwords. This means personal information, photos, and more are at risk. Some decoy apps have been found to contain malware that can steal data or gain access to devices.

Exposure To Inappropriate Content

Within hidden apps, teens can store and share inappropriate content with others. And parents have no way of monitoring or restricting this content on disguised apps. This includes explicit messages, photos, and other media that are not age-appropriate. Teens may feel pressured into sharing this type of content with others.

Cyberbullying & Online Predators

Teens who hide their messages from their parents have many chances that they can fall prey to cyberbullies. The predators try to communicate with kids through these apps to befriend your teen. After gaining trust, they start bullying them. And without the supervision of the parents, the kids can be at serious risk of victimization.

Addiction & FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Decoy apps can be addictive to teens. They constantly check the app to engage with other users or share content. The content they consume online and the hidden nature of these apps can cause FOMO (fear of missing out). This can impact teens negatively, and they start thinking pessimistically about their selves.

Lastly, these apps facilitate a lot of dangers by allowing kids to hide content. Parents should look for these apps on their kids’ devices and uninstall them. This way, they can endure the safety and security of their kids online. Monitoring technology like TheOneSpy also helps prevent and identify dangerous apps on their child’s device.

How To Prevent Your Child From Using Decoy Apps

It would be best to take proactive measures to prevent your teen from downloading and using such apps. Monitoring their phone usage and setting clear rules can assist in keeping their online safety.

Monitor Phone Activity

The most effective way to know if your teen has hidden apps installed is to monitor their phone activity. Use a parental monitoring app like TheOneSpy to track the apps they download, view photos and videos saved on the phone, see messages sent and received, check browsing history, and pinpoint their location. Look for apps with generic names like Calculator or Flashlight that could hide private content.

Set Clear Rules

Sit down with your teen and establish rules against downloading apps without your permission. Explain your reasons for monitoring their phone use, emphasizing that it is for their safety and well-being. Let them know there will be consequences if they break these rules, such as temporarily restricting phone privileges. Be open to answering any questions they may have to help them understand your position.

Review Phone Regularly

Make it a habit to check your teen’s phone regularly, not just when you suspect something is wrong. Look for any new apps downloaded and go through the phone as described to ensure no decoy apps are installed or questionable content saved. Your teen may protest what they see as an invasion of privacy but stand firm in your decision to monitor their phone for their good.

Consider Mobile Tracker App

If needed, you can set mobile tracker parental controls on your teen’s phone to block the download of new apps altogether. Most smartphones allow you to enable restrictions that require a password to install apps. You can then keep that password private to control what goes on the phone. Parental controls and the other steps above will help deter your teen from using decoy apps to hide things from you.

With close monitoring and open communication, you can prevent your teen from downloading secret decoy apps and help guide them to more responsible phone use. Establishing and consistently enforcing rules is key to keeping your teen safe in today’s digital world.

Monitor Your Teen’s Phone with TheOneSpy

Decoy apps seem like other innocent apps but can contain dangerous malware. Users can save inappropriate content in it. It is the most significant danger for kids, so parents should always look for disguised apps on their devices.

One of the best solutions to prevent these dangers is by using TheOneSpy. It is the top monitoring app that can effectively monitor your kid’s device. It can help reduce the risk of hidden apps. It provides every necessary feature that needs for effective tracking. It gives parents the following features:

  • Monitor messages
  • Enable users to view the installed app
  • Access the private gallery
  • Track media files
  • Screen activity recording
  • Restrict access to inappropriate content
  • Mic bug surround recording

Using TheOneSpy monitoring app is an effective way to prevent the dangers of disguised apps. It provides parents with every feature that needs in today’s technology.


Decoy apps have become increasingly popular among teens in this digital age. It is pretty challenging to spot these apps on the device. It is also challenging to access its data because it is encrypted. But when you have proper information about these hidden apps, you can easily detect them in your kid’s device. This way, you can make sure their well-being in this digital world. Using TheOneSpy is one of the best methods to restrict your child from using disguised apps. With the vigilance and monitoring app, you can allow your child to enjoy the digital world safely.


Detecting decoy apps from teens’ devices is challenging, but there are ways to check the app from teens’ devices by installing TheOneSpy app or manually checking from the app’s settings.

Decoy apps are not illegal, but the legality depends on how they are used. It can be used to protect sensitive information and ensure security. But it’s illegal when a child uses it to hide their suspicious activities.

Decoy apps work on Android and iPhone devices by on-time installation. After that, user can store their data to ensure safety.

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