The Kind of People You Need To Keep Away From Your Children

If you are a new parent, it might be slightly hard for you to understand a fact as strange, yet just as important, that there are people around you that might want to harm your child in incomprehensible ways. That news necessarily is not a shocker but the person who might be responsible for an event just as this may give you quite a shock. The person behind it all may not just be your traditional sex offender, kidnapper or pedophile who might, as you’d already expect, but people just like us may be responsible for harming your child. Again, it is hard to contemplate such a fact, and of this magnitude, yet all of it is not going to keep the evil from harming your child, even at this point. It is necessary that you know this early on who might be the people you need to watch out for when it comes to keeping such notorious people at bay. There might be a few on this list that you may already know, but there are some that may shock you. A few of these seedy individuals are as follows:


Yes, presumably, they may not belong on this list, but little you may know, this loss would be incomplete without the ever-helping healers of the modern society. It might be hard for you to remember right now but let us jog your memory. Haven’t you ever heard of a doctor, a dentist especially, who has been caught getting a tad bit handsy in the most inappropriate of ways with their patients, who are under the influence of anesthesia. Given that not all doctors are like that but still it is for your own benefit if you be on your guard when it comes to your children and the friendly doctors.

Teachers and Tutors

Again, no one would agree to this but more often than not it has been reported that teachers and tutors alike have been taking advantage of their pupils by promising them things like a better grade and shortcuts to achievement if they agree to have sex with them. Such people certainly bring shame to their profession, yet the threat of losing their job is usually not enough for such people from backing off so be wary of them.

Men of Faith

It wouldn’t be the first time and it wouldn’t be the last when a priest has been caught getting handsy with the altar boy and the children of the families that come to their church under the guise of a helping hand which the family would gratefully allow into their homes. An event like this was the reason behind a lengthy investigation lead by The Boston Globe, which should be enough to keep your guard up around pervert who might be hiding under the cloak of an angel.

Their Peers

While adults might be the ones you need to be the worry of, sometimes a child’s own peers are more than capable of stirring up more trouble than the most notorious of adults can possibly come up with. Add to it things like cyber-bullying, grooming, cat fishing and what not, the age of technology has made it all the easier for children to avenge themselves in the worst sort of ways. Ways that an adult cannot even begin to contemplate.

Family Members

The seedy people we have talked about up top belong to families as well, which puts the kids in their own families in the path of danger as well. With that being said, it is enough for you to know that if you have family members that are getting a bit too close to the children in your family in inappropriate ways, you need to be on the lookout for them and keep them at bay.

The Bottom Line

For any parent, it is hard to keep track of what their children are doing and who they are with at any given time of the day. Thus, just like you use baby monitors to monitor your child when they are babies, you should, as any responsible parent, invest in parental monitoring application to help you keep your child safe. The various features offered by TheOneSpy app can act as additions eyes and ears and help you in keeping your children safe.

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