How Are Vlogs Spoiling Teens?

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Going viral on Vlogs can set up the potential for brutal consequences. Let’s discuss how vlogs spoiling teens and they don’t have any ideas about this.

It is necessary to keep your kids safe and protect their vlog experience. Teens these days are creating YouTube Vlogs, and Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram Vlogs. Teens also access live video streaming apps, like TikTok and their channels.

They go online to stream themselves live with the online public. Young girls have got a lot more freedom online, and they can get away with potential dangers. Teens love to go viral on social networking channels and live-streaming apps.

What Is Vlog?

Vlogging or video blog is a website or social networking account. Users create videos using digital devices and share them with the audience. YouTubers are the best example of vlogging. Young teens make video vlogs and share videos with text, voice, and video.

The Scary Part of Teen’s Vlogs

Your daughter or son may have a vlog. Do you know teens love to make videos themselves? Do they share them on their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat Vlogs? Teens worship other social media young sensations who tried their luck for Vlogs. Teens get to spoil themselves by watching other celeb teens. They try to copy the activities of popular YouTubers and others. In this post, we discuss many ways social media Vlogs of teens are inappropriate.

9 Ways You Should Know How Vlogs Spoiling Teens

Here are a few reasons that we discuss that Vlogs of teens can spoil your teen. It influences other kids watching their video blogs.

1) Vlogs Increase the Screen-Time of Teens

Vlogging over the recent years has prevailed among teens. They love to watch and create Vlogs following their favorite YouTubers. Young teens love to watch online channels on social media apps, and it increases their screen time. The social media consumption of teens is on the rise.  They spend hours and hours on FB, SC, Insta, and live streaming platforms.

  • Young kids ages 13-18 in the U.S spend 9 hours on their phone screen due to social networking and video blogs.

2) Social Networking Addiction

Young teens are more likely to become addicted to social media apps and websites. They use many social networking platforms.  Teens male chat, voice conversations, and share media on their Snapchat Vlogs. They use cellphone front and back cameras and then record live videos. Teens love to share videos with the audience without thinking about the consequences. Teens are breaching their privacy and filming their private life moments. They discuss issues and post on their Facebook Vlogs. Kids become addicted to social media apps and their online channels.

  •  Almost 92% of teens go online daily, and 25% remain online on social networks
  • Almost 52% of teens use Facebook, 66% on Snapchat, 59% on Instagram, and 33% use Twitter

3) Seductive/Provocative Vlogs

Video blogging is increasing day by day. Every teen wants to become a famous YouTuber, Instagramer, and Snapchatter. It is normal to become famous. But teens share seductive, provocative, and emotional pieces of content on their online channels to get more views and likes. Teens create nudes and spread sexually suggestive possess. The motive behind this is to attract a young audience and push them to subscribe button.

4) Pranks & Violence

We all know social media networks and video blogging are full of pranksters. They share videos full of fun and often film those incidents in which they make people fool. Thousands of videos get viral every day consists of violence. It promotes violence among the people that love to watch vlogs of their favorite stars.

5) Promotion of Dangerous Online Challenges

Every teen has got the influence of social media challenges. The video blogger teens often share the dangerous social media challenges. They share social media challenges on their Facebook, YouTube, and other channels. Teens used to make Vlogs to follow the social media challenges. Several teens got injured and lost their lives due to potential risky challenges on social media.

  • Burn & scar challenge
  • Salt & Ice challenge
  • The Ice Bucket challenge
  • The chocking Challenge

6) Viral Videos Get Editing

Teens share their videos on their YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Vlogs. The semi-nude videos of the teens can exploit by the editors. Their videos become popular after editing and become the talk of the town. People sexual edit teen’s videos. It may increase the fame of the teenager whose video gets viral. But teens have to face shaming, bullying, and name-calling increase.

7) Social Influence of Teens Due to Vlogs

Young teens who gain popularity overnight get social media influence. They can educate young fellows, but they spread inappropriate content. Young teens are more likely to share trendy things. Spoil teens love to watch inappropriate content on social media channels. You Tubers are more likely to create and share such content that becomes viral overnight.

8) Harsh Comments & Trolls

Young teen YouTubers who have Vlogs on other social networks face harsh comments and abusive trolls. They face trolls because of inappropriate content and videos based on Gold diggers, unfaithful girlfriends, and nudes. There are cases where famous teens got to attack, like kindle ginner, because of their inappropriate content on their social networking vlogs.

9) New Bies have to Create High Volume Content

Young teens that look forward to creating an online Vlog on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and other networks have to create high-volume content. In such pressure, teens start creating harmful content for themselves to engage the audience. Teens take risks, and they could create dangerous and adult videos for the viewers.

How Parents & Guardians can Deal with Them?

Parents can deal with excessive screen-time, social media addiction, and teen vlogs full of pranks and violence. Is your child is a Vlogger? You need to follow the tips given below to prevent teens from social networking addiction and prevent them from spreading content on their video blogs based on violence. 

  • You can discuss with the child about their Vlogs
  • You can set aside screen-free zones if your child uses phones, PCs, and desktop devices all the time.
  • Parents can become role models for kids, and they can discuss what topics they can choose to create video blogs.
  • You as a parent can keep tabs on kid’s social media networks using TOS kids phone monitoring applications.
  • Parents can chase passwords of their social media vlogging accounts with TheOneSpy application.
  • You can discuss the good, bad, and ugly sides of social media apps and about the Vlogging activity.
  • Parents can watch teen’s videos by subscribing to their channels and sensor all the inappropriate videos of teens

Protect Kids from Filming Dangerous Social Challenges

Parents should consider about to keep an eye on their activities on phones, tablets, and social media channels. It enables you to protect teens from filming dangerous social media challenges, pranks, violence, and inappropriate videos for their YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat and for other Vlogs.

  • Sign up for TheOneSpy monitoring app.
  • Install the parental control app on your teen’s device.
  • Activate the dashboard and use features to track your teen’s location.
  • Watch videos they are uploading on their social media Vlogs
  • Use screen recording Feature to record live videos of a teen’s cellphone screen.
  • Track live locations to find out the hidden whereabouts of teens when they are filming potentially dangerous social media challenges for their Vlogs somewhere.
  • Read chats, conversations, and media received by your teens on their Vlogs in real time.

Is Your Teen Want To Become A Vlogger? You Know Is It Safe?

Are your teens looking forward to join the wave of pre-teens vlogging? You need to make sure that what may come across your child and what are the risks.

Consider the Following Questions before You Allow Your Teen to Make a Vlog

Here are the following things parents should know before they green light to teens to create Vlogs on social networks.

Young video bloggers can produce videos on products and social issues.  It impacts positively on the young generation. Parents should encourage kids to such content that educates other teens and provide people product reviews. Young teens can generate income out of it, and it is a good sign for teen’s Vlogging activity.

The isolated teens don’t interest in peers because of shyness. They can build their confidence via vlogging. They can create YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking channels and build their online audience to have a sense of connectedness.

Parents can suggest and guide teens on how they should create content for their Vlogs. Teens have to follow the community roles and regulations of social networks.  Parents prevent teens’ content that becomes spam, hate speech, and inappropriate.

It is addictive somehow, but it is rewarding as well. The content sharing, chatting, and response to the viewers are addictive. Video bloggers have to share their videos on multiple platforms to get feedback. Sometimes teens feel embarrassed and depressed due to criticism and online bullying from their viewers.

Teens adopt plenty of inappropriate ways to get their video viral on YouTube and other social networks, like Instagram and Facebook. They share adult and nudes to become famous. Parents can guide teens on what to share and what not to share on their Vlogs. You can encourage teens to share informative, user–friendly, and character-building content on their channels.


Vlogging itself is not an inappropriate activity. Video blogs are best for information, education, and entertainment. However, vlogging becomes brutal at any moment for teens. Parents should act fast for the digital well-being of teens. TheOneSpy Android monitoring software is the best tool to keep an eye on video blogs of teens. It enables parents to keep tabs on kid’s shared videos on Vlogs using its powerful tools.

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