Remotely Lock / Unlock Device to Protect Your Data & Privacy

None of us would like to lose our phone or leave it somewhere idle. No need to scare anymore! You can lock unlock your cell phone device remotely. Locking and unlocking your phone would give you an edge to protect your phone from data breaches and from going your phone into the wrong hands. The presence of phone spy software can deal with unauthorized access if you have forgotten your device anywhere.

Lock/Unlock Your Target Cell Phone Remotely Using TheOneSpy App Feature

You may find a way to secure your mobile device and store data on the phone. You can install TheOneSpy and remotely lock and unlock your device at the time and points you could face without a mobile phone.

What is the TheOneSpy Remote Lock Unlock Phone Feature?

TheOneSpy is cell phone monitoring software that empowers you to secure and protect your phone and stored data from anyone when you have forgotten your phone somewhere. It enables users to lock and unlock the device remotely in crucial times by using the Phone spy software feature to lock and unlock phones. You can get rid of issues, like access to the gallery, confidential documents, and many more incidents that could take place after losing or leaving your cell phone at any time.

Lock Unlock the Device Remotely Feature Beneficial for Many

Parents get scary feelings when young teens capture inappropriate and compromising photos and store them in phone galleries. Moreover, teens could secretly save nudes while they are using social media. Parents can protect teens’ dignity and private data on the phone when they leave the cell phone at any place. They can lock unlock the device remotely with TheOneSpy. Business professionals can protect their business devices with business trade secrets provided to employees. They can protect the loss or theft device remotely to prevent thieves, and others try to temper with cell phone stored data.

Lock & Unlock the Android Phone Remotely without Rooting

You can access any cell phone device without rooting, and you can lock and unlock your target device remotely with TheOneSpy phone monitoring software. It is a non-rooted application that can lock and unlock your phone without physical access.

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Why TheOneSpy is the Best and Successful Remote Phone Lock Unlock App?

It is the advanced cell phone spying software that is well-built and well-equipped with the features that can remotely lock your cell phone to protect it from third party access. Here are few things that have made it best in the business.

Lock your phone remotely

You can lock your cell phone with remotely with spy app

Unlock your phone remotely

Users can unlock the cell phone with spy software

Protect your business data

Users can protect data from lost/theft cell phone

block unblock internet remotely

Perform activity via dashboard

Use TheOneSpy dashboard to activate lock unlock

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Get TheOneSpy license

You have to subscribe to TheOneSpy plans and visit the webpage on your phone or PC browser. You will receive an email and get login credentials.

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Physical access on the phone

Users need physical access on the phone and complete the installation process successfully and activate TheOneSpy.

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Access to the web dashboard

Users can log in to the dashboard with a password and ID to use features like lock unlock the device remotely.

TheOneSpy 3 steps installation Guide

TheOneSpy is an easy-to-install and operates application that only needs 3 minutes to complete its setup on the target device. Here are steps that you need to perform:

User's Review

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Sara Susan

I can protect my phone’s data from going to the wrong hands by locking unlock the device remotely.

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Mark Robert

TheOneSpy makes cellphone safety to the next level, and I am pretty sure my cellphone data is safe than ever before.

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Jack Dennis

Lock unlocks remotely facilitate me to leave my phone anywhere in my office because I can lock it remotely.

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Virginia Julie

I can lock and unlock my child’s phone whenever I want to prevent him from browsing activity.

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

TheOneSpy is the only phone spy software that allows you to lock and unlock your phone. Do you know? It has the best phone lock and unlocking tools without physical access on the phone. You need to install phone monitoring software on the target phone and access the dashboard for remote locking your target device.

Parents are often worried about data stored on teens’ phones. Young teens are more likely to save compromised photos, videos, and much more inappropriate stuff on a cell phone and become scarred after losing their phone. Parents can prevent teen’s letting their phones get compromised using TheOneSpy. It enables you to lock and unlock the target phone remotely.

Technical Questions

Remote lock and unlocking phones have become possible. You can install spy software on your target device that could have a feature like a locking device remotely. TheOneSpy is one of the few phone monitoring apps that empowers you to lock your phone without physical access all the time on your target device. It enables users to lock the phone using the web control panel.

You can install a cell phone tracking app on your target phone and a successful process, activate it. Further, you can access the dashboard, and use features like remote locking unlock device tool. It will allow you to lock the phone, and nobody has access to it. You can remotely lock your target mobile with a dashboard of a phone tracking app.

Yes. Android spy app can protect your cell phone data on any cellphone device. You can safeguard the android data when you lose your phone and theft. TheOneSpy allows you to lock your target device, and no one would be able to temper your cell phone data.