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Device Lock / Unlock Remotely

Scared of Losing Your Device and Having All Your Personal Data Exploited? Put a Lock on it!

Are you forever scared of the idea that when you lose your phone, what will happen to the messages you have stored up on your device? How the person who steals it could possibly exploit the device and the phonebook contacts and media files that are present on it. It is a worrisome ordeal whose intensity can only be understood by the ones that have suffered through it. Whether it is your child’s phone that has been lost, your other half’s or the phone that was given to you by the company that you work for, each and every one of those scenarios have grave consequences in one is not too careful.
Thus, be smart and do not be the next individual to suffer through this. Get hold of the TOS Device lock option and protect your privacy.

How Device Lock/Unlock Helps You?

Here are a couple of options who help to protect your privacy and safe your cell phone data.

  • Lock the device and make it inaccessible to anyone.
  • You can lock the device through push notification.
  • Lock the phone even when you don’t have physical access to the device, as long as the device has internet connection and is turned on.

What More Can This Feature Do For You?

Additionally, this feature from TheOneSpy can also be quite useful in helping you out with a few more problems such as;

  • Restrict users from using a specific set of apps only.
  • Restrict users from accessing games and other similar apps that could potentially distract them from the work they have at hand.
  • Keep the user of the target device from changing the system settings on the device.

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

How Can This Feature Be Useful?

There are many ways in which this feature can prove to be useful to you whether you are a parent worried about their children, an individual or a business owner in the following ways;

Benefits for parents

For parents, this app can turn out to be their one medium through which they can restrict their child from using social media apps that they deem unfit the moment that their child accesses that app and block it immediately. The same goes for them when they are trying to access an adult app where they shouldn’t have been in the first place. The same could be done for gaming apps that they frequently use, even when they have homework to do, tests to prepare for or any sort of work that is overdue.

Benefits for Individuals

Dating apps are the bane of their existence for any couple that they discover one on the phone that belongs to their other half. Thus, the best think they can do to keep their other half from cheating and putting an end to their relationship is by blocking their access to dating apps.

Benefits for Employers

This feature is excellent for business owners if they run a business that requires them to provide their employees with office hardware. They can very easily restrict them from downloading and using apps on those devices that would keep them from concentrating from their work.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?