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SIM Change Notification

Sim change notification give you alerts that Sim card has changed on target phone

TheOneSpy spy software for mobile phone has now gotten a new feature which is known as the Sim change notification. It enables the users of this software to know every time a Sim is being changed on the target phone. Getting the alert for a Sim change means a number of things; it could be possible that the user of the target phone no longer has his phone and someone has change the sim card.

It could also mean that the user of the phone is wishing to engage in certain communication but doesn’t wish to do so with his regular number suggesting perhaps that he may be in trouble or may be trying to hide his activities for some reason. The best part about this new TheOneSpy feature is that it will continue to monitor the target cell phone even if the Sim has been changed.

How TheOneSpy cell phone spy app works on target device?

TOS software works independently on the Sim card which has been installed thus allowing the user of the software to continue monitoring the phone and keep a track on the calls, texts, emails, and contacts present on the new Sim card even if the phone were to get stolen. The software also gives details regarding when the Sim was changed and what the number of the new Sim is thereby allowing its owner to be tracked down.

  • Tracking cell phone calls of target device
  • Monitor text messages on target phone
  • Spy on emails sent/received
  • Track contacts stored on target phone
  • Social media monitoring of target device

TheOneSpy do sneaky activities on target device

The owner of the phone would never be able to guess that his phone is being monitored while you can continue your efforts in tracking down the lost phone. Lastly, what’s great about this feature about TheOneSpy is that once installed, it is hidden and cannot be detected by the user of the target phone. This software is one which constantly runs and can continue the process of monitoring while remaining hidden. No visual activity will cause the owner of the phone to become suspicious about being monitored and try to search his phone for nay app which may be monitoring his activities, which is why this app is perfect for the purpose of monitoring and gets the job done.

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Benefits for parents

If parents have already installed TOS mobile phone monitoring app on the target device and on the other hand kid have changed the cell phone sim card, then parents will get instant alerts. In addition, parents will get to know kids and teens are using more than one sim card. However, Parents will also empowers to get the activities of new sim card remotely and instantly and parents will get to know what they are doing using new sim –card on their mobile phone.

Benefits for Individuals

People who use more than one sim –card on a single mobile phone device they will lose most of the data pending on the cell phone volatile memory.  However, if they have installed TheOneSpy on their personal phone and change sim –card they will get alerts and further the data stored on cell phone and contacts and social media activities would not go anywhere and they will have a backup in terms of TOS online control panel no matter what how many times they have changed the sim card.

Benefits for Employers

Employer who have provided devices in terms of cellphone and tablets to their employees they can remotely get to know if employees have changed the sim –card owned by the company. Employers will get to know what sort of activities they do on company’s owned device using another sim –card.

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