Types of Parenting Styles VS Parental Control

parenting style vs parental control

Types of parenting styles matter a lot these days. How much your child weighs? What does she think about herself? Parenting methods do support the growth of your child. The manual efforts of parenting these days are struggling to ensure how you can raise well-rounded, strong, and successful kids. Most parents are strict, few are lenient, many are ignorant, and others are distant. No matter what your parenting style the use of parental controls becomes necessary these days. Today we compare the manual types of parenting styles VS parental control with the use of technology.

We would suggest to parents how important these days to use technology alongside their parenting methods.  It helps you understand that the modern world needs traditional parenting styles, but technology has revolutionized the responsibilities of the parents.  

4 Types of Parenting Styles & Comparison with Parental Control

Here are the different types of parenting styles that parents adopt to raise their kids. Let’s compare each parenting style with the parental control solution:

  • Authoritarian
  • Authoritative
  • Permissive
  • Uninvolved

Every method has different tactics to raise kids, and you can identify them among parents by watching their characteristics. On the other, the parental control application may consist of several high-tech features and enable you to perform parenting and digital parenting. Let’s compare below to know which type of parenting style is suitable with parental monitoring technology.

Authoritarian Parenting VS Parental Control

Do you have any one of these traits in your parenting style?

  • Parents want their kids under their radar but not listen to them
  • Parents dictate to kids on their terms
  • The parents Who doesn’t consider the feelings of their children
  • Parents who make kids feel sorry all the time

This type of parenting style is authoritarian parents. Authoritarian parents make their kids follow their rules without any argument. They won’t allow kids to ask the question behind the roles. They don’t negotiate with kids and make their kids obey all the time. However They don’t indulge kids in problem-solving matters. Parents announce rules and alarm kids about the consequences. They believe in punishment and don’t make kids disciplined.

Consequences of Authoritarian Parenting:

  • Kids become hostile & have behavior issues
  • Kids have self-esteem issues
  • The Kids are more likely to become a victim of bullying & cyberbullying
  • Kid’s got trapped by strangers as a friend
  • Kids start sharing their problems with friends online
  • The Kids under authoritarian parenting are great liars

Parental control of kids under the supervision of authoritarian parents is necessary to protect their real-life and digital space. Authoritarian parents can use applications that empower them to set parental monitoring on their kid’s mobile phones.

It enables parents to know what kids are doing in their absence because of their strictness and how they behave online using their mobile devices. Mobile parental controls can monitor the text message, chats, and social media activities of the children.

Parents can track the GPS location of the children and monitor browsing activities. Young kids under the influence of authoritarian parenting more likely to adopt bad habits like social media addiction, access to inappropriate content and become friends with strangers online. Parents lose the trust of their children because of strictness. There is no better option for them to use parental spying software on their devices in secret.

Authoritative Parenting Style VS Parental Control App

Do you have the following traits in your parenting style?

  • Parents try their best to have good relations with kids
  • The Parents describe the reason behind every rule
  • Parents do implement rules but also consider the feelings of the children

If you have the traits mentioned above, then you are using an authoritative parenting style. It is one of the best types of parenting styles. Parents with this style of parenting enforce rules but negotiate with their kids. They make kids follow their rules but give respect to their kid’s opinions as well.

They spend time with the children and solve their kid’s issues. They encourage their children and do believe in the reward system. Young kids under the influence of authoritarian parenting style become confident and responsible kids.

Consequences of Authoritative Parenting:

  • Young kids are more responsible because of authoritative parents
  • Young kids become confident adults in future
  • They love to express their opinion

Authoritarian parents can protect children from all kinds of real life and online. Parental control tool has become necessary for every parent because your kids may do well in real life but struggle online. Your kids may have several encounters with stalkers, sex offenders, and bullies on the web.

So, phone parental monitoring enables you to see what they are doing online and to whom they are talking. Your authoritative parenting style makes your kids understand the dos and don’t of the digital world. You can take kids into confidence and can install mobile phone tracking app on their phones with consent.

It enables you to protect your kids from cyberbullies and other online and real-life predators. Parental tracking of kids provides you social networking and messaging app logs and lets you know your kids share online.

Parents can keep a hidden eye on kids using mobile parental tracking app when they love to spend time on the web and with their peers in real life. You can monitor your kids in real life and on the web. You can chase passwords and capture keystrokes of the conversations they made online.

Permissive Parenting Style VS Parental Control Software

Do you perform following things in your parental responsibilities?

  • Parents set rules but often forget to implement
  • You don’t give out consequences very often
  • Parents punish kids very often
  • Parents interfere in issues of children

If you have these traits, you have a permissive parenting style. These kinds of parents are forgiving, and they know very well that “kids will be kids”. They don’t punish kids when they are violating the rules. They are friendly with the kids and often forgive the misdeeds of the children. Permissive parents always play a friend role rather than parenting all the time. They listen to their kids and don’t discourage them. This type of parenting style may cost your child on the web and in real life as well.

Consequences of Permissive Parenting:

  • Kids become academically weak
  • Some Kids become digital citizens without their parents knowing
  • Kids have behavior issues
  • Kids start breaching their privacy online
  • Young teens date with people online & in real life
  • Kids have health issues
  • Kids are at high risk of an encountering with sex-offenders

Parents should have parental control app at their disposal because kids rise with permissive parenting styles often spend time on digital devices. They perform social media dangerous challenges, date with strangers, and often use cell phone devices for inappropriate activities. A parental tracking app monitors social media activities and protects the privacy of kids. It enables parents to unveil social media chat, internet history and lets you block internet access on mobile phones. You can use the parental spying apps to listen to kid’s surroundings and GEO-location.

Uninvolved Parenting Style VS Parental Control Solution

Do you perform the following parental activities?

  • Parents don’t bother to ask their children about school & homework
  • The Parents don’t care about their kid’s location
  • Parents don’t spend time with kids

It is one of the most dangerous types of parenting styles. Parents do nothing for the betterment of their children due to various reasons known as uninvolved parents. Uninvolved parents may not have time for parenting. They don’t teach kids how to live in this brutal world?

Consequences of Uninvolved Parenting:

  • Kids abuse drugs with peers
  • Teens do believe in one nigh-stand
  • Teens do blind dates
  • Kids become the victim of child abuse
  • Social media addiction is a common
  • Date rape happens due to uninvolved parenting
  • Teens do believe in sugar daddy activities

Cell parental control solutions are necessary for the safety of children. If you are a single parent or don’t have much time to spend with kids, you can monitor and track your kids in real life and on the web using TheOneSpy digital parenting solution. It enables users to record live phone calls, messages, chats, VoIP calls on social networking apps, and GPS location. Busy parents can record the live screen of a kid’s mobile phone and listen to the surroundings from a distance.

Digital Parenting Styles to Protect Kids Online:

Parenting styles may differ from one another but parental control apps in the technological world have become necessary. Parents can use types parenting styles, but you have to perform digital parenting to make sure the safety of the children.

Different Digital Parenting Styles are Listed Below:


They are the ones that allow parents to use digital devices whenever they want because every family member loves to use phones and PCs. Parents make kids responsible for their screen time. Parents these days are digital enablers that are dangerous for kid’s online safety.


Digital limiters are opposite to enablers, and they are very strict and try to stop kids from spending their time on mobile phones, social media, and the internet. It is annoying you cannot prevent your child like this because they can secretly do activities you won’t believe.


Digital mentors are modern, and they do believe in a balanced life. They cooperate with kids but also keep check and balance of on kid’s using parental monitoring apps.

Final Verdict:

What types of parenting styles you have chosen for kid’s real-life safety. What digital parenting styles you have for kid’s online safety. Technology has evolved to the next level, and parents are responsible for the safety of kids. 90% of kids have cellphones, and you need to install parental app on kid’s cell phones. You have to perform digital and traditional parenting no matter if you are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, submissive, enabler, limiter, and mentor parenting by using TheOneSpy parental control software.

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