How to Record Facebook Messenger Calls Secretly?

record facebook messenger calls

Social media apps have made our lives easier, no time ever before. I am sure that you have used Facebook voice and video calls. It is helping us out to connect with friends and family sitting on the other corner of the world. However, a stable internet connection enables you to get the job done. You may want to record Facebook Messenger calls all the memories of sorrows and happiness.

Facebook Messenger empower you to have fun with your friends, loved ones, and with others all the time. It is all about to remember someone special that is no more in your life or want to have evidence while talking to someone on the phone installed app.

However, you may want to do that to set parental control on teens’ social messaging app activities to make sure they are not interacting with strangers and online predators. Well, no matter for what purposes you want to record IM’s calls, but your wish is about to come true. We are going to guide you on how to record Facebook Messenger calls?

Why to Record Facebook Messenger Calls Secretly?

Individuals have different reasons and objectives to record and listen to the messenger voice calls. There are plenty of people out there who want to know what sort of conversation is happening on the target cellphone installed Facebook Messenger. Parents, business professionals, and loved ones are to the top of the list that want to record social messaging app calls for parenting, employee monitoring, and for many other purposes.

Why do Parents want to Record Facebook Messenger Calls?

As we have mentioned above that parents want to monitor on kids to make sure safety online and to prevent wrongdoings. The stranger danger is the main element that produces concerns in parent’s minds. Instant messengers like FB enable teens and young children to interact with strangers online as sex –offenders, stalkers, and sexual predators. Teens are pimping out teens on social media platforms, and Facebook is popular among tweens.

In the past, parents were able to get the logs of messages, chat, photos sharing, video sharing, and voice logs. The only thing left unattended was VoIP calls, and it seems impossible for parents to record and listen to the FB voice calls. Technology has come up with the scope and has provided easy Facebook Messenger call recording, no time ever before.

Teens FB Use statistics: Pew Research Center

  • Almost 95% of teens have access to the cellphones & 45% say they are constantly online
  • 51% of the teens spend their time on the instant messaging app
  • S teens ages 13 -17 say they use Facebook all day long
  • Almost 87% of the online bullying incidents happen with teens on Facebook
  • At least 1 million children bullied on the social media website and app
  • FB online bullying happen via messages, photos, video and via voice calls

That’s why parents want to know what teens and children are up on FB. They were able to set parental control on all the activities that happen on the social media app. However, they have to left the IM’s VoIP calls unattended because they did not have the technology to record voice calls on the instant messaging app.

Why do Employers Want to Record Messenger Audio & Video Calls?

facebook call recording app

Currently, companies worldwide are doing the practice of employee’s social media activities by recording and listening to the voice calls on business-owned devices. The reason behind doing surveillance on employee’s social media voice and video calls is to prevent secrecy of the business. Employees used to waste time on FB in private voice conversations and at the end of the day lacking with the productivity.

Time Wasting Habits in Employees: Social Networking & Internet

  • Almost 4% of the employee admits that they use social media on business devices
  • 35% of the employees waste time on social messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp
  • 43% of the employee says they do text and voice chat with the friends on the instant messaging apps
  • Nothing is safe on the internet, so messenger calls may compromise company’s secrecy
  • Social media activities usually distract employees from their assigned tasks

Messenger’s voice and video calls, chat, text messaging is a common practice among employees in working hours that can become the factors of goldbricking activities. That’s, employers have to keep employees under constant surveillance when they are using social media activities on business devices in working hours.

Why does an Individual want to Record Facebook Messenger Calls?

personal fb call recording

An individual may have multiple reasons to get their hands on every activity performed; they may want to record Facebook messenger calls. Anyone could love to save the life memories that happened on the social media app with friends, family members, and with the loved one.

Now the question arises, is it possible to record Facebook VoIP calls on cellphone devices? Over the years, people could have saved the text messages, chat, multimedia shared in threads, but when it comes to the voice and video calls, it is impossible.

However, technology has discovered numerous technological tools that enable an individual to record and listen to voice calls of FB on a cellphone device. Let’s discuss how to record messenger VoIP calls on Android without rooting without root.

Is it Possible to Record Messenger Calls on Android Phone?

record fb call on android phone

You may want to record voice calls happening on Facebook, but you may face difficulties, because of cellphones running with different OS platforms. However, there is a single one in the tech-business that can record FB calls on android without rooting the device. Users can use a Facebook call recording app on personal, children, and employee cellphone devices without root.

It is compatible with the Android up to OS version 10 and on the latest 14 OS. Users can install VoIP call recording app on the target device and activate the Facebook voice call recorder. It certainly, records and lets you listen to the voice calls of the instant messaging app in real-time. Usually, these kinds of tools require rooting to perform any activity, but it does not root at all. You can use it on your children, employees, and being an individual to record messenger VoIP calls.


Facebook Messenger call recorder app is the only tool of its kind that enables anyone to record and listen to the voice calls on the FB app. It does not require rooting of Android mobile device and record (One-sided) VoIP calls on messenger in real-time.

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