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Facebook Voice Call Recording - First without Root Spy App for Messenger

TheOneSpy is the World’s First application that has come with Facebook Call Recoding Feature

None of the cellphone monitoring app in the world has introduced VOIP calls recording of messenger yet, but TheOneSpy has come up with exclusively new and unbelievable feature. You can use it on Android mobiles and tablets without rooting the device. So, you can record and listen to inbound and outbound FB messenger voice calls in real-time.

Facebook call recording app to record messenger VOIP calls on Android without Root

Now record & listen to all FB incoming & outgoing VOIP calls

Facebook Messenger is one of the most demanded and full of exclusive features instant messaging app. You can see the social messaging app on everyone’s mobile device. It enables a user to make audio and video calls installed on the cellphone device. FB audio and video calls feature is the most commonly used feature among the people. Most of the cellphone tracking software is only able to provide FB audio video chat logs, but TheOneSpy has got the breakthrough.

Now you can use messenger call recorder software to record and listen to inbound and outbound VOIP calls without rooting the android device. Once you have ended up with the recording of Facebook instant messaging app calls you can save the data to TheOneSpy online web portal.

How to use a messenger call recorder on Android without rooting?

If you want to record and listen to the Facebook VOIP chat conversations then you have to install Android monitoring software on the target device. Once you have installed it on the target mobile device then complete the setup and get access to the web portal where you can get your hands on the FB call recorder app. You can activate this particular tool and it will start the recording of audio calls when it is running on the social media app and send the recorded data to an online dashboard. You can get access to the web portal data and listen to the recorded and get to know what it is all about.

  • Install TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app on Android
  • Activate the Facebook call recording software Feature
  • Start recording of messenger’s incoming outgoing voice calls
  • Recorded calls sent to the web portal automatically
  • Get access to the online dashboard and listen to the recording

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Who wants to record & listen to Facebook voice calls?

Generally, there are plenty of groups, government organizations, and people on the corporate sector in particular and individuals have been in the search of tracking instant messenger’s calls. However, over the years it was not possible yet, but TheOneSpy android tracking app has got the breakthrough and now it can exclusively record and let you listen to the VOIP calls of FB without rooting the device. There are the following ones who are desperately looking to track Facebook live calls.


Social media apps are popular among children and FB social messaging app is no exception. Even the messenger is the most widely used among children that could lead them towards stranger danger. Young teens and children often got trapped online by online predators. Apart from messaging, text chat, Facebook VOIP calls are leading teens towards digital nightmares and social media addiction. So, concerned parents can use call recording app for Facebook to record and listen to audio conversations of teens using TheOneSpy. So, parents can get rid of their concerns about secret voice conversations of teens on social media app.


Business organizations equipped employees with digital devices including cellphone devices. The FB voice calls using internet connection certainly made employees make the call on FB connect with a colleague sitting on the other side of the world. However, employees use business provided mobile installed social media app to have fun with friends all the time in working hours. Moreover, they do voice chat with friends and also outsource other companies to share business secrets. Now, TheOneSpy is about to make your wish come true because we are going to enable you to record FB messenger calls. So, you can listen to their secret call to make sure business safety and to prevent time-wasting activities.


Technology has made people get ingress to the instant messaging apps activities, but the recording of FB messenger calls always was a dream. Now you being an individual can make your dreams come true. So, you can record some of the great treasure moments of your loved one without rooting the android device. You can secretly record your loved ones, friends, and family member calls to surprise them, but to use it for breaching someone’s privacy unless you owned the target cellphone device. Use TheOneSpy to get the job done.

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