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Block Unblock Installed Apps Remotely

You can remotely block and unblock installed apps on target mobile phone device

With Google Play, The Apple App Store and Windows Store in the mix, there are approximately 5 million apps floating around the internet for your child to download and use to his or her heart’s desire. These apps are not limited to social media apps, some of which can certainly be the very means through which they could bully their peers or themselves get bullied by their peers, spread teen on teen hate and participate in other things that may have grave implications on their life and their future, but also include apps that contain adult content for free as well as dating apps and apps that allow your child to completely hide the apps they have been using. This is not something that any concerned parent would want their child to be doing, is it not?

Too Many Apps to Play With: Cut the List Short!

When we live in a time where the divorce rate is quite higher than the rate of people getting married every single day, we need to be conscious of the fact that the internet and the mobile apps floating around it are perfectly capable of giving someone the chance to cheat around on their spouse or the person they are in a relationship with, with them having no clue of what is going on. Something like that is never going to fare well for you and your relationship, now would it?

  • The list of apps installed on the target device.
  • The ability to look into the app
  • The ability to block the app and then unblock it if you feel like it.
  • The ability to even delete the app if you feel like it.

Apps That Give You a Veil of Privacy

When you are a business owner that has to look after hundreds of employees at any given time, then an app that would provide your employees with the opportunity to slack off at work or even leak the company’s trade secret is never going to play in your favor now is it?

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

Benefits for parents

None of the aforementioned scenarios can turn out to be a good thing for any concerned and responsible parent. Parents do not only cares about their reputation but also feels compelled to protect their children and they need to get hold of TOS. TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable spy apps in the market today and that one app that can help you combat with every single app there is. TOS can help parents to protect teens from an in appropriate content.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual can use TOS block/unblock app tool on your loved one device in a funny way all the time and you can get her/his time whenever spending too much time on the apps that are quite fascinating. You can remotely block/unblock apps remotely on your loved cell phone device whenever you want to using mobile phone tracking app feature remotely block or unblock apps.

Benefits for Employers

TOS can even allow you to temporarily put an app on hold when your employees are supposed to be to be concentrating on something rather important so that they would not be distracted by, say a game or the messaging they are getting on their social media accounts and get their work done in time. It means it would help you out to raise your productivity and lastly prevent time wasting activities of employees from apps installed on company’s owned devices.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?