installed application list

Installed Application List

Remotely view installed applications list on the target device to know about the nature of activities

TheOneSpy monitoring tool for mobiles is software which provides users with monitoring features which are absolutely necessary in order to keep track of others. Along with other features offered by TheOneSpy, the monitoring of installed applications list is another which has been released by the software. This allows users of the software to know which applications have been downloaded and installed on the target phone by an employee or by your child/spouse. Not all applications are suited to every individual and at times, they can prove to be quite risky for the phone and the data which may be stored in it. Due to this, the monitoring of installed applications list is important. With this feature, you will be able to monitor new apps which have been downloaded by the monitored phone and these may include games, social networking apps or others from the varieties which are now available for download.

How TOS Installed Apps List Spy

Using monitoring of installed apps list of TheOneSpy, you will also be able to protect your child and/or employee in case you come across any app which may have been installed and which you know is not appropriate for them to be using. How you can get your hands on a list of installed applications? Well, this can be done simply through your own control panel.

Phone monitoring software by TheOneSpy provides each of its users with their own personalized control panel through which this list of installed applications can be viewed.

One might ask what the purpose of such a feature can be in terms of monitoring a targeted device. The answer to this is quite simple.

With the number of apps which can be found for downloading, not all are safe and harmless. There are some which may cause tremendous risks to your phone’s security and this could lead to an increased risk of data being compromised as well. By making use of this feature offered by TOS spy app, you can easily gain access to the list of applications which have been installed on the device by your child or employee and thus you can take the appropriate action if a need arises for that.

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Benefits for parents

Parents are the ones who are always desperate to know what sort of applications kids and teens are using on their mobile phones. Cell phone these days are highly modern and kids and teens are not less than piece of tech. They know how to install and remove applications and how to hide it from the parents. They get used to of using social media application, online dating applications and last but not the least apps that contain in appropriate consent. So, parents can use TOS app installed application list feature and can remotely view all the installed apps on children phone.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals that are used to of using plenty of apps on personal mobile phones and sometime forget to uninstall sort of apps from their mobile phone devices, they can use TheOneSpy to view installed apps and even about the removed apps. They can keep the record of all the apps installed on their mobile phones using TOS online dashboard. However, they can do the same on someone else devices but with mutual consent or they own the device.

Benefits for Employers

Employers are desperate these days to spy on their employees in order to protect their business entities to the fullest. Therefore, they prefer plenty of security applications on their devices to avoid viruses, malwares and time wasting social media applications. So, they can remotely view using TOS monitoring software web control panel  all the installed apps that they have been recommended for their employees and as well as for the ones they have warned the employees.

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