Screen Time: An Evil Diet for Young Digital Prisoners

screen time an evil diet for young digital prisoners 1

Screen time we spend every day and night on the phone, tablets, and other digital devices connected to the internet. Do you know? Screens are continuously recruiting young digital prisoners who love to consume screen time. It is an evil digital diet our kids have pounded with, and they spend time behind closed doors. Cell phones, pads, tablets are branding the root of all evils. Screen time is frequently rotting our children’s brains, bodies, and behavior overdo.  Therefore, it has become necessary to keep tabs on kids’ screen habits from early childhood. Your kids could indulge in passive screen time habits like too much browsing websites, gaming, social media, and inappropriately streaming themselves. Learn how to cut down or limit their screen-time no time ever before.

Too much screen time using phone screens due to video games and social media affects kids’ cognitive skills. It can disturb sleep patterns, and social life of kids according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

How is The Digital Evil Diet (Screen Time) Ruining Our Kids’ Lives?

Screen time is creating a perfect storm of stress and anxiety. Apart from health issues, social issues among teens and children are on the rise, and today parents could face things that cannot imagine.  Here are the top 5 evils among teens & kids due to excessive screen time.

1) Kids Fascinating Encounters with Online Predators

online predators

Passive screen time on cellphones and tablets connected to cyberspace could lead teens to have fascinating encounters with online predators. Social networks are popular among teens these days, and they love to download them on their phone desktops. They use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and ephemeral social networking app Snapchat. So, the social media apps have glued teens with phone and tablet screens no time ever before. Teens could face fascinating and magical encounters with online predators. Cyber predators, like cyber bullies, sex offenders, children abusers, and stalkers are more likely to contact teens in terms of online friends, lovers, and well-wishers. They can trap your child for a blind date, abuse verbally, and could body shame your child.

2) Social Media to Live Streaming Obsession in Lingerie

live streaming in lingerie

Young kids use social media at a young age like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and later download live-streaming apps and start flaunting themselves from bold dress-up to lingerie. Screen time is shaping our teen’s minds into digital prisoners and unable to think of what is good and bad for them and follow online trends without knowing the consequences.

  • Social media gradually creates an urge to share filtered photos and videos to get more likes and appreciation.
  • Later on, teens try to maintain their social media image and do nasty and risky things to get more and more followers, no matter if they have to strip online.
  • Teens love to use live-streaming apps, like TikTok, Bigo live, and many more.

3) Screen Time Leads Kids to A Disney Way to Porn.

disney way to porn

Cartoons are the best entertainment for kids, but sadly, they are leading kids to a Disney way to porn. Cell phone browsers pounded with cartoon adult material. The adult entertainers create masterpieces of cartoon adult content with mild adult material to attract young phone users towards hardcore porn sites. So, Disney cartoons are also prepares our kids for adult life that is not appropriate. Parents should look after the screen time of the kids, tweens, and teens before it is too late.

4) A Gaming Obsession Could Turn into Aggression

Researchers believe that Video games are responsible for raising the thermostat of aggression in young kids. Video games that are full of violence are as toxic as substance abuse. Online games are addictive, and they could also transform behavior. Video games prevent kids from physical activities, and they spend hours and hours on phone and computer screens no time ever before. Logically, screen time leads young kids to increased aggression via online video games.

5) Health Issues Due to too Much Screen Time in Teens

screen time health issues

Digital devices time has integrated with our DNA, but negative effects of screen time for kids and teens are on the rise. Too much screen time or passive screen time is dangerous for kids’ health. Here is the following problem underage kids are dealing with no time ever before.

  • Obesity
  • Sleep problem
  • Neck & back pain
  • Behavioral issues
  • Eye side
  • Anxiety & depression

Therefore, parents have to make a strategy to limit or unplug screen time in young kids. Otherwise, kids would get affected with health problems that leave nothing but disappointment.

Tips to Reduce Kids Screen-Time

Do you want to cut down your kid’s screen time to protect them from digital vulnerabilities? You can reduce the screen time of your kids. Parents need to adopt some habits to prevent kids from spending too much time on phones, tablets, and computer devices.

Be With Your Tweens During Screen Time If Possible

You can spend time with your kids, tweens, and teens on digital devices. It enables your child’s preferences in the digital world. Parents will know what they want to do on their devices and web browsers.

Sit With Them When They Play Games or Social Media

You can make a healthy bond with your children. Further, give them a reasonable time to play online games and social networks. You can guide them about profiles, what to share and what not to share.

Don’t Let Them Use Apps & Games Without Permission

Parents should search and allow violence-free, educational videos games and applications on their phones and tabs. Need not allow your child to play games and use apps that are inappropriate for their age group whatsoever.

Be A Role Model for Your Kids

Parents should be role models for their kids, and they need to portray well-balanced activities in front of their children. Always spend reasonable time on screen, and practice active screen time rather than passive. Your kids will follow in your footsteps.

How To Schedule Screen-Free Time For Adolescents & Teens?

Struggling parents can easily unplug children and underage teens from screens unless they have the best screen monitoring software –TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy is the best cell phone tracking app that offers plenty of features to monitor, control, and record phone screen in real-time. Further, you can use the following features to prevent kids from excessive screen time.


The TheOneSpy screen time feature enables users to block target phone or tablet devices for a specific period. You can add time interval and screen day remotely from the TheOneSpy dashboard and press send button. Cell phone users could not access any application active on the phone unless screen time got ended. Further, users can also set hours to block their phone for apps usage. TheOneSpy allows you to set screen time from 1 hour to 12 hours. So, you can schedule screen-free time for teens and tweens.

Live Screen Recording

Screen recorder empowers you to record short videos on the screen and send them to TheOneSpy dashboard. Users can download the videos remotely and watch kids’ activities on the phone screen in real-time.


Parents can also schedule screenshots on cell phone screens to capture back-to-back screenshots and send them to the web control panel. You can download the captured images and know what teens are doing on their phone screens.

Theonespy Other Features to Unplug Teens from Screen-Time


Screen time is undoubtedly a wild beast that continuously recruits young digital prisoners to spend hours and hours on the mobile screen. You can protect your teens and underage tweens from an evil digital diet (screen Time) with TheOneSpy kids monitoring software. It enables users to restrict and block apps used on the target device. Further, you can monitor activity logs, like call logs, social media logs, browsing history, and filter inappropriate websites.

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