cell phone gps location tracker

GPS Location Route Map Tracker

GPS location route map tracker enable user to see live route of target person on the MAP

TheOneSpy phone tracker empowers you to track the location route MAP of the target person from the starting point to the endpoint. It provides you the finest way to monitor someone’s GPS location route but you need to install route MAP tracker software on the target person mobile device. Once the user has to install TOS on someone’s cell phone then you can get to know the route of the target person virtually on Google MAP using the TOS web control panel.

How Route MAP Tracking app helps you?

  • It empowers you to track Someone’s location on the MAP in terms of complete route
  • Get details of all GPS location route of a person on the dashboard
  • Get to know about starting point, endpoint, and duration end time and distance
  • Secretly monitor location route of target person instantly on Google MAP
  • Target person routes could be seen on the MAP of TheOneSpy dashboard
  • Track all the hidden routes of your target person with mobile phone tracker
  • Get to know about current GPS location alongside route MAP

How Route Map Location Tracker Works?

Live route map location tracking feature is a blessing for worried parent, employers, and partners.

TheOneSpy live gps location tracker can record each and every movement of the target device on a map layout and safe it online for surveillance and monitoring purposes. TheOneSpy makes this feature more easy to use for non-tech savvy parents and making its UX/UI more user friendly.

You just need to visit the dashboard and click on the route-map section under the left menu and it will show all the locations and route maps histories of the monitored device. The user can check the whole location and route map data by Day, Date and Time.

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Benefits for parents

Parents don’t need to worry anymore about kids and teens’ hidden whereabouts and their regularly changed routes coming from the school. No matter what if your child is on a bicycle, on the bus or with someone on the vehicle. TOS route map tracking app enables parents to see kids live movement on the MAP and further delivers GPS location with route MAP virtually on the TOS dashboard. Parents can trace out children’s hidden whereabouts and unveils their hidden routes or paths which they use to hide with friends for secret activities without giving clue to their parents. Now, parents can protect children from abduction, drug abuse and teens hookups with strangers.

Benefits for Individuals

Most of the people having adventures traits such as hiking and hunting used to visit such places where they can split from each other and lost. Now they can use on each other cell phone devices to track their route MAP and GPS location using route MAP tracking software. It will help them out to know about each other’s locations and routes they have chosen while on an adventure. They will be able to find out each other in an emergency and enjoy their adventures to the next level.

Benefits for Employers

Largest multinationals worldwide have to know route maps of their suppliers and the employees deployed on the supply often change their routes while delivering goods without having the consent of their executives. Now, business owners can remotely track the GPS route MAPS-of their suppliers with a complete time stamp and in real-time. They can use the phone tracker app on employees’ mobile devices and will get regular updates regarding visited routes virtually on the MAP using the online control panel. Employees cannot dodge their superiors anymore because employers can monitor their routes on the MAP using the route map tracking app.

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