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Empower yourself with TheOneSpy’s state-of-the-art Mac spy software that allows you to monitor activities performed on your target device. This ultimate and solid MAC monitoring software is perfect for parents and employers. Earlier knowledge of these dangers gives you an advantage.

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Unmatched MAC Monitoring Software for Exceptional Features for
MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iPad.


Listen and see surroundings by Remotely activating the microphone and camera of the target device.


Track the current GPS location and history of the target device

Live Screen Recording

Remotely record the screen of the target device and see their activities in real-time.


Screenshot the screen of the target device anytime.


The user can track the installed apps and browsing history of the target device.

App Report

Generate the report of the app’s activities on the target device.


See typed passwords and messages on the targeted


Network Connection

This feature allows you to check the network connection status.

computer monitoring software for kids

Keep Your Kids Safe with Mac Spy Software.

Having TOS spy software, parents can record all surrounding sounds and conversations by sending commands on the target device. This way, parents can provide a safer environment for kids.

Mac Monitoring The Key to Unlocking Your Business’s Potential

Monitoring software for MAC devices enables employers to prevent their workers from engaging in unproductive activities during working hours. It helps in improving security risks and data breach issues.

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MAC Monitoring App for Individual

Mac spy software also helps individuals protect their sensitive data. If their device is lost, they can track its GPS location and watch the surroundings.

TheOneSpy Powerful Available Features For MAC Monitoring

TheOneSpy provides you with all the powerful features for Computer monitoring software that help fulfill your monitoring requirements.

mac spy sync settings

Sync Settings

The MAC monitoring software allows users to “ON” and “OFF” all the features of TOS tracking software remotely by using the Sync settings feature. Whether you are a parent or employer, you just need to visit the control panel and then visit the sync setting feature of the TOS MAC monitoring software to get a hold of all the features by making a single click on the Sync settings ON and off button and start or stop the function of every single feature.

remotely block websites on mac

Website Blocking

Block access to all inappropriate websites, and set your preference with the help of the website filtering feature of the MAC monitoring application. It will allow you to block all media content and images on particular filtered websites. The user just needs to visit the dashboard of the MAC spy software, make URL settings of all inappropriate websites, and block them. Website filtering feature allows users to block all the media and images of the searched websites.

mac spy screen recording app

Screen Recording

Through computer monitoring software, the screen recording feature gets screen recording of your targeted MAC device device for a short time, along with an accurate schedule. Once the MAC spy software is installed on a targeted device, Parents get screen recordings of kids, and teens, and employers can also view what is running on their employees’. Parents and employers can perform screen recording by sending commands on their targeted MAC device and using the screen record feature.

mic bugging feature for windows spy app

Mic Bug

TheOneSpy MAC monitoring software features MIC bug, which allows the user to bug all conversations and surrounding sounds on its MAC target device along with real-time stamps. First, you must install the monitoring app on the target device after completion and then use the MIC recording feature.

mac spy camera bugging app

Camera Bug

TheOneSpy empowers user to get to know who is up to on the targeted MAC laptop; you just need to use the Mac Camera spy app and capture images. User can turn on the mic and camera of the targeted mac device and monitor their surroundings.

mac keystrokes monitoring app

Key Strokes

TheOneSpy lets user know the exact keystroke applied on the targeted MAC device by your kids, teens, employees, and loved ones. The monitoring software lets users know what type of password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, email keystrokes, and SMS keystrokes your target has applied. As a parent, you need to use the keylogger feature of the MAC monitoring apps to know what kids and teens are doing in the digital world and whom they are interacting with on social messaging apps.

mac spy screenshot

Screen Shots

Remotely capture screenshots of every single activity happening on MAC using the MAC monitoring application. Furthermore, user can capture the number of remote screenshots on MAC computers using the TheOneSpy online control panel. You can capture screenshots remotely and upload screenshots to the dashboard. The user needs to visit the MAC Tracking software dashboard and tap on the screenshots feature. It will instantly get started screenshots of activities performed on the target MAC computer device remotely.

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