Bigo Spy App to Monitor & Record Bigo Live Screen Activities

Bigo Live monitoring app tracks the targeted user’s live videos and sound stream. You’ll be able to see what they are doing and the people they are connected with. It gives you complete insight into what type of content they are consuming. You’ll get all this monitored information with duration, date, and time.

See All the Live Broadcasts of the Target User

TheOneSpy Bigo Live Monitoring App lets you observe any live video or sound stream. You’ll check everything that your targeted person sees on Bigo Live. You’ll see what they are doing, who they are connected with, and what content they consume. Moreover, you’ll see each live broadcast’s duration, date, and time. You’ll also connect or leave any live broadcast or group chat the target user is involved in on Bigo Live.

Record and Save Any Live Video or Audio Stream

With TheOneSPy Bigo Live Monitoring App, you can record the live video stream of the targeted user. These recordings will automatically be saved on the online dashboard. You can download it and replay it at any time. You’ll also be able to capture screenshots of any live action the target user is doing on Bigo Live.

See the Comments, Likes, Gifts, and Fans of the Target User

With TheOneSpy Bigo Live monitoring App, you’ll be able to see the comments, likes, and fans of the target user on Bigo Live. You’ll see what other people say to the target user, their popularity, and how much cash they are making or investing in Bigo Live. You’ll be able to see each user’s profile and points of interest interacting with the target users.

Block or Unblock Any Unwanted or Inappropriate Content or User

With TheOneSpy Bigo Live Monitoring App, you can block or unblock any unwanted or inappropriate content or user on Bigo Live. You can prevent the target user from watching or broadcasting harmful, offensive, or illegal content or user. You can also unblock any content or user you think is safe or suitable for the target user. You can also set alerts for suspicious or harmful activity on Bigo Live using the App.

Why is TheOneSpy Best for Bigo Live Monitoring?

Send Alerts

Set alerts for any suspicious activity

Record their activities

Users can record the activities of the targeted person.

Restrict inappropriate content

Block them to get access to harmful content.

100% safe and secure

All the data will be secure on the dashboard.

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Get TheOneSpy license

Visit TheOneSpy app and register yourself by receiving an official email.

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Download and install the App

The user can follow the instructions on the screen to download the app to the target gadget.

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Access the online dashboard

Users will see a dashboard that shows them the summary and statistics of the target user’s Bigo Live activity.

The installation process for the big live Monitoring App

By following these three easy steps, you can install the app into the device.

What Our Customers Say About TheOneSpy Bigo Live Monitoring App

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Maria William

I used TheOneSpy. It helps me to keep an eye on my teenage son, who is active in Bigo Live. I can, moreover, limit his usage and block any destructive content.

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Lisa Joseph

The Bigo live monitoring app is useful. I can monitor my workers using Bigo Live. It is a fantastic app for employers.

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Kevin David

I was stressed because my daughter spent too much time on  Bigo Live. Now, I can track her Bigo Live activity and limit her screen timing.

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John Richard

I used TheOneSpy. It is an incredible app for guardians to protect their kids from online threats. I block negative or spammy users and content from her account.

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

The Bigo Live tracking App is a spy app that empowers you to remotely monitor any Bigo Live action of the targeted user. You'll track and control their live broadcasts, messages, calls, fans, and more on Bigo Live.

Concerned parents and employers can use the Bigo live monitoring app. It simply gives you access to every activity of the targeted person. You can control their Bigo live account and restrict their access.

The benefits of using the Bigo Live monitoring app are that you'll be able to see and record everything they do on Bigo Live and block or unblock any content. It also sends you alerts about any suspicious or destructive action.

Technical Questions

You need physical access for a few minutes to install and configure the Bigo live tracking App on the target device. You need to download the App from the official site. After that, you can start monitoring.

To get to and see the Bigo live monitoring app dashboard and reports, you must log in to your dashboard from any web browser on any gadget. You will see a dashboard showing the summary and statistics of the target user's Bigo Live activity.