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Line Call Recording - Non-Rooted Line Call Recording & Spy App.

TheOneSpy world’s No. 1 application has come up with single stand out line call recording feature

Cellphone monitoring software is the first application in the history of the business that has introduced the first-ever line call recorder software. None of the mobile tracking apps have come up yet to provide IM’s call recorder high –tech tool, but TheOneSpy has got the breakthrough. So, you can record and listen to incoming and outgoing VOIP calls of line social messaging app. Now TOS has made it possible for you to report instant messenger calls on mobile devices running with Android OS 10 and on the above versions. Moreover, it has made effortless for user to record social messaging apps voice calls happening on contemporary mobiles.

Line Call Recording App to Record Line Voice Calls on Android Phone without Root

Now record & listen Line VOIP calls on cellphone devices

Likely to other IM’s, line enables users free messaging services whenever and wherever. It means the user can send free one-on-one group text, to your family, friends, and people to whom use met online anytime anywhere. It further empowers its user to make free voice and videos call to your friends and family. Now come to the point, all the activities of the social apps on android were easily trackable, but when it comes to Voice calls none of the software on the web was able to do that job.

However, TheOneSpy line call recording software empowers you to record the voice calls on the non-rooted target cellphone. You will not restrict to social messaging apps logs only, but to record VOIP calls conversations to the fullest.

How to use Line messenger call recorder software on Android mobile without rooting?

If you want to record and listen to IM’s calls then you have to get your hands on TheOneSpy. Therefore, go and visit the TOS webpage using a cellphone browser. Once you are on the webpage then get the license and credentials having access to your email. Moreover, get access to a cellphone and start the process of installation. End up with the installation successfully and activate it on the targeted device. Use the credentials and activate TOS online dashboard. In addition that gets access to its powerful features and activates Line’s voice calls recording to get the job done.

  • Install TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring software
  • Get Physical access on target device
  • Get access to the web portal account
  • Activate the IM’s VoIP calls recorder

Note: You can TheOneSpy IM’s call recording software on the latest Android OS version 10 and above.

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Who wants to record Line voice calls on Android cellphones?

The government organizations, private business sector, and peoples like parents and individuals would love to get their hands on the line VOIP calls on android. However, there was no high –tech tool left for people to record voice conversation of instant messaging apps, but TheOneSpy yet again comes forward alongside the exclusive and explosive news of recording IM’s voice calls including line messenger application. Now you can install it on the target cellphone device and get the logs of all the activities to happen on the social messaging app and further record incoming and outgoing calls on the instant messaging app. So, there is an important opportunity for people who were exciting to have it.


Unlike other cellphone surveillance software, TOS has introduced a new feature that can record voice conversations on the social messaging app. It is reportedly one of the best opportunities for parents who were looking into social media app activity logs on kid’s android devices. Now they can get access to the target mobile and further record IM’s voice calls by using a line call recording app for android. Now parents can get to know to whom kids and teens are talking on the social networking app. So, it would be easy for parents to protect teens from online bullies and stalkers and to safeguard teens from stranger dangers.


Business organizations have allowed their employees over the years to use the instant messenger like Line for free communication with each other in working hours on business-owned devices. However, employees, on the other hand, turn to use the social networking app for private activities. Moreover, they can make chat conversations, send and received text in the group, and even share the multimedia and business documents. Therefore, due to many incidents, employers have to keep a hidden eye on the employees’ social media activities to prevent time-wasting, stealing of intellectual property and many other inappropriate activities in working hours. Now employers can listen to the VOIP calls on line social app and get to know why they are making voice calls on instant messaging apps and to whom.


There are plenty of individuals out there in terms of people in a relationship, and many more that want to protect someone or protect themselves. They can easily get access to someone’s Android devices and further get to know about all the activities on social media apps including line. You can get the logs of the instant messaging apps and further you can record all types of VoIP calls using messenger call recorder app. In addition to that, you can upload the recorded Voice conversations data to TOS online control panel.

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